Overcoming All Obstacles

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Chapter 1: Return

Yuka blinked her beautiful brown eyes with enthusiasm, when she sees me coming back. She was wearing a dark blue jacket with a white medium tank top and dark blue jeans. Also, her cheeks were completely reddish, when she looks at my new appearance. I'm now wearing a black thick jacket with a green jersey with white stripes on my arms, wearing a white shirt underneath, black jeans with a belt buckle wrapping around it and white sneakers with black socks.

"Wow! Look at you, Matthew-Kun. You look so…cool."

I felt very flabber-gastered at Yuka's comment about my new look. "Hey, thanks. Besides, meeting and helping with a pretty angel like you is the least that I can do."

Her eyes had sparkled upon hearing my nice expression to her as a soft smile loomed over her face, while her cheeks were tinted red. "Oh, Matthew-Kun." Then, she threw her arms around my neck in a nice embrace, as she looks deep into my blue eyes. "You can't imagine of how long I've waited to see you, again." She rests her head against my chest, as I too made a smile on my face.

"Definitely, Yuka-Chan. Which reminds me, did you win the V.G. tournament?"

As she heard my comment about the event that took place after I've left, she widened her eyes and looked straight at me. From there, her expression had changed for some reason. "Oh, about that. When I've entered it, there were some speculations and therefore, it's now been put on hiatus once again."

"What?! Now, don't tell me it's all about those new changes for the loser. Is it?" I said to her.

"No, it's the opposite. Someone has sabotaged it."

After she explained to me about the events that have happened from the V.G. Tournament, I totally gasped in shock. "S-Sabotage? Who on earth would do something so cruel?"

She shook her head in disbelief. "I'm not sure. But, I'm getting a very bad feeling about this. It almost feels like the worst threat in my life is upon me."

"That's odd. In all of your battles, I never heard you say that. Anyways, since when can we choose things on what's right and what's wrong?"

"I don't know on how to answer that. Still, do you really know why we fight?"

I made a small laugh to myself, as I answered to her. "It's simple, really. The reason that we fight is for what we believe in and for our future. That's what makes us different. We have to follow on our own path to the light, instead of being succumbed to the darkness and render defeat. I've had that issue before, because I almost did the unthinkable and that would be…committing suicide."

A few tears had filled up Yuka's eyes. "You…almost killed, yourself? But, why?"

I continued. "My heart and body have been consumed with hate and anger for so long. Yet, I hadn't noticed on how painful it was when I kept having the same nightmares. Just when I thought that I would throw my life away, I met a young doctor who was able to help me relinquish my anger from the inside and out. At first, I keep doing the same procedure, until I've finally realized that I've been hurting the one individual that I've kept on doing for the past life and that would be…myself."

She gasped after she listened to my harsh comments about my rough problem involving with my anger. "That's awful. Are you better now?"

I smiled, as I clasped my hands with Yuka's and stared at her cute brown eyes. "I am. After all, if it weren't for meeting a pretty woman such as you, I wouldn't even be here. Besides, you're my best friend, Yuka-Chan."

"Matthew-Kun, that was so sweet of you."

"No problem. Anything for you, that is." I wrapped my arms around her lower back, while she threw hers around my neck. As we lean closer, our lips have met in a nice feeling. I felt Yuka's tongue exploring into my mouth, while she felt mine exploring through hers as we both moan together. It was a pure bliss. We were having the time of our lives, until we broke up the kiss. Yuka's cheeks were once again tinted red, along with mine as we were having the time of our lives. After that, we broke the kiss and hold on to each other until I tell Yuka about something.

"By the way, did I forget to mention on how I've been able to free you when Miranda's spirit took over your body?"

She shook her head. "Please tell me."

I explained to her. "After I've accomplished a new attack in a fiery form of an eagle, my hands were filled with ice. I don't know how this occurred to me and I had no choice but to use it before that old wench, Miranda tried to take over my body when she took over yours. Fortunately, I did whatever I could to stop her from accomplishing her true intentions. And if you still don't believe me, just watch this." As I begin to concentrate and focus my energy, I closed my eyes, crossed my arms and my hands became icy blue like the last time I fought with Miranda. I opened my eyes and shout out, these in-famous words while I was standing at a nearby lake: "Arctic Breath!"

A huge gust of ice came from out of my mouth and froze the entire lake. It became very icy, when I showed Yuka one of my cool attacks. She became very surprised after I've observed my ice moves.

"That is amazing! I've never would've thought that you would acquire something like this."

"Most likely. So, care to skate?"

Yuka complained. "Are you crazy? I don't have any skates on and it's not even winter! How do you expect that we should skate?"

As I raised my eyebrow and made a small grin on my face, I picked her up bridal style where she became surprised. Then, as I aimed at her feet and with another icy breath, I transformed her shoes into ice skates. Afterwards, I carried her to the ice itself and placed her down carefully. She managed to keep her balance, but immediately fell when she slipped on the ice. When I was done transforming my shoes into ice skates also, Yuka cried a little bit about the fact that she doesn't know on how to skate.

"How can I skate like this? I can't do it!" she cried.

"C'mon, since when does a virgin goddess like you starts giving up? Here, let me help you."

As I took her by the hand and held onto it, I gradually skated across the rink with her. Yuka felt a little better that I'm teaching her of how to skate properly. At first, she was about to fall again but I was able to catch her by holding onto her waist and thus, we continued to skate on the icy lake. I did some slow dancing and then, I lifted her over my head before I placed her back down. Later, I tell her to do a spinning axial but she cannot because she never tried. I tell her to just do it. So, I watched her to perform a spinning axial and was able to land on her feet until she was beginning to lose her balance. I caught up with her, before she fell for the third time; only this time, she fell on-top of me and as a result, we both fell.

When we got to our knees and looked at each other, we both seemed to smile for a while until I began to laugh and so did Yuka. Then, she hugged me with her warmth as my cheeks became tinted red again.

"Thank you, Matthew-Kun. I never had so much fun in my life. Only, if my parents were still here, they would see of how responsible I really am."

"Now, look. You ARE responsible. That's because you're a true V.G. warrior. Anyways, let's get off this rink before it melts and we could very well freeze."

After me and Yuka got off the icy lake, I used one of my other tricks that I learned when I've first used it against Jun Kubota. "Striking Blaster!" By firing my yellow and orange flame orb, the lake had right away melted and went back to normal. And so did our ice skates, when we felt our shoes feeling the water. After that, we held each other's hands and with both of our faces smiling, we began to walk down at the park. We've walked for nearly half an hour, until we've sat down on one of the benches and started talking.

By placing my hand on Yuka's and squeezing it gently, I felt my heartbeat beating very strongly as I gazed at her pretty face. She was more than just a virgin goddess, she was like an angel without a halo or wings but rather, one of the brightest smiles that I've ever seen. I just had no idea, on what to make of her; as I hang my head down while my forehead was sweating. "What am I going to do? How will I tell her about what happened to her parents? If I tell her, she'll break down. But, I've got no choice."

"Huh? Matthew-Kun, what's wrong? You look, nervous. Is there something that you want to talk about?"

"Well, here goes nothing." As I cleared my throat, I lifted my head up, turned around to her and answered. "Yuka-Chan, do you remember the time when you've first encountered with Reimi before meeting with Miranda?"

"Yes…Why do you, ask?"

And then, I gave out my confession to her, but rather something different. "When I first saw you, you witnessed Miranda eliminating the Hybrids and then, you took out your frustration on her. But, you were overmatched by her. Although, despite the fact that you won, you felt dishearten and somewhat detached from the world as if nobody knows who you are. I just couldn't bear to see you acting like that, anymore. So, I contemplated on how to lift that heavy weight off your shoulders and when I bought a game with the words that said 'V.G.' on it, that's when I knew that fate had brought me here to you. I mean, what's the point of meeting you here if I can't seem to help someone that needs to stay positive like yourself?"

After Yuka had finished listening as to why I ended up here the first time, she was left speechless. "M-Matthew-Kun…"

"There, I've said it. I've got nothing left to tell you." I folded my arms and looked down on the ground, as I wait for Yuka to respond.

Instead of being perplexed, her smile grew into a crescent shaped moon as her eyes were sparkling brightly and then, she hugged me yet again. "That was the most nicest thing that I've heard from you!"

"What can I say? I'm just making sure that you're on the top of your game. That's all."

"You're so kind. I suppose that I should thank you with this." As she placed her hands on my cheeks, she pressed her lips against mine. My face became very red, when I felt it.

During my romantic time with Yuka, someone was watching us from beneath the bushes. It was a young girl with small pink hair, light crystal blue eyes while donning a blue and white waitress outfit. She was watching her, having a great time of making out with a man like myself. Then, she became weak and fell to the pavement.

As Yuka breaks up the kiss, she heard the sound that was near us. "Who goes there?"

"Let me check." When I looked into the bushes, I became bewildered that someone was not only watching us, but was also injured in the process. "Holy crap!"

She heard my call and as she went to see who it is, she also gasped. "Oh, dear! I can't believe who it is!"

"I take it that you know her from somewhere. But, who is she?"

"If my memory serves me correctly, her name is Keiko Hatano. She's one of my previous rivals" Yuka replied.

"One of your…previous rivals? But, I thought that Jun was one of them including your close friend, Satomi" I said.

"That may be true. Tell me, Keiko, what happened to you?"

The young light-pink haired waitress, slowly responded. "A tall…woman with long blonde hair…and a red bow…attacked me. For some…reason, she has a lot…of…weapons, I couldn't…stand…a…chance. I'm…sorry…" Then, she fell unconscious due to the injuries that she's suffered.

"Keiko! Oh, this is bad."

"Very bad. We have to take her to the hospital, right now. I'm pretty sure that she can recover quickly and then maybe, we can look in to see on what's happened."