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Chapter 5: Farewell

As everyone had watched Miranda's demise with their own two eyes, they were all deeply shocked of what had happened, just moments ago.

"He's…He's done it. Miranda has been…totally vanished" gasped Chiho.

"That was…incredible!" said Tamao.

"It…it was…almost too hard to describe" says a surprised Elirin.

"I…agree" added Kaori.

"So, does that mean Matthew has saved us?" asked Jun.

Reimi grinned. "Yes, it sure looks that way."

Meanwhile, Keiko and Satomi also joined in and shared their comments about my surprising new move on Miranda, while carrying Terumi.

"Wow! Matthew really is someone special."

"Yeah, I know." But, something had hit Satomi's mind. "Hey! Where's Saki and Masako?"

"Over there and they're trying to escape!" Elirin mentioned to them.

Although they're a bit battered and bruised from the outgoing brawl, Saki and Masako are trying to make their getaway by limping. That is, until Saki gets hammered by a mysterious long reach hard punch right in the face and sends her sprawling. And then, Masako also gets rocked by the same punch and was sent right next to Saki.

To everybody's surprise, they've recognized that familiar trick from way back.

"Hey, I've seen that move from before. But from whom?" wondered Kaori.

"Aw, darn it! Party's over, already? Why can't I have any fun?" yelled the new voice.

"I know that whining and complaining from someone. And that's…" Before Elirin could finish, the young girl stepped in and exposed herself.

"Manami!" they all shouted together.

"Who else? Ayako? I don't think so!" she complained to them.

Kaori praised her for her efforts. "Great job, Manami! You stopped them from getting away! I didn't know you'd took them out, all by yourself."

The hot-pink girl, replied back. "I don't. Cause, I've brought some assistance with me. Ain't that right, Daisuke?"

Satomi froze, when Manami called out his name. "N-No way."

Minutes later, the young boy himself appeared. He was nearly the same height as Manami's with short dark brown hair, light brown eyes, while wearing a white t-shirt, light blue shorts and yellow sneakers with black stripes. However, there was something on his hands that has caught Tamao's eye.

"Wait a second! Those gloves that you're wearing. Are they…"

"That's right. Thanks to Yuka's best friend, I've made a new batch for Daisuke. Not to mention that we've been going out for a very long time" said Manami.

"Y-You mean like…everyday?!" cried Satomi.

"Well, almost sis. Besides, if it weren't for this other girl that protected us, we'd be the ones injured instead of you and Jun" he mentioned to her.

"What other girl?" Keiko asks.

That's when another surprise had come in, as the shadowy individual showed herself to them.

She was nearly the same height as Manami's and Daisuke's, but an inch taller. She had dark brown pigtails and eyes, donning a black and white waitress outfit with black shoes and white socks.

"Hi! Did I miss anything?"

"Y-Yumiko!" gasped Jun.

"The one and only." After making a smile with a small wink of her eye, she noticed Terumi being carried by Satomi and Keiko. "Oh, dear! Terumi! Is she okay?"

"No need to panic, Yumiko. She's fine for the moment."

"Speaking of which, what about Matthew?"

The moment that Keiko had mentioned that name, Yuka immediately turned back to where I was: Still lying on my back until I slowly got up, by one knee and made a few deep breaths.

"I guess, I…finally shut her trap."

As Yuka tearfully watches me trying to stand up, she could feel her heart being filled with concern and emotion. Then finally, I was able to stand and took a few more breaths until I've opened my deep blue eyes and looked back at Yuka. With a small smile, I made a thumbs-up.

Knowing that I might still be in some pain, Yuka ran to me and called out my name before she threw her arms around my lower back. "Matthew-Kun!" She later cried softly, by nestling her head on my chest as I gradually held onto her.

"Hey, easy there, Yuka-Chan. You're getting a little emotional on me."

"Matthew-Kun…that was outstanding!" cried Yuka, as she stared at me in the eyes.

"Don't mention it. Besides, I've learned a new technique called 'Super Kiko-Dan' " I replied.

"Super…Kiko-Dan?" says Satomi, raising her eyebrow in confusion.

"I didn't know that there was an updated technique from that" added Tamao.

"From what I can tell, it's something very new to me" says a new voice.

"Reimi! What took you so long?" asked Chiho.

"I was busy with the authorities, when they've arrested Saki and Masako for their heinous acts. They'll be spending their lives, back at the maximum security station for a long time. Furthermore, there's more to it than that. Look up at the sky."

As we all looked up, we've detected that the moon was at three and four quarters. Somehow, the moon wasn't like this when we've faced off Saki, Masako and the resurrected Miranda.

"Huh? Is that what I think it is?" questioned Elirin.

"Why, it's an eclipse" Kaori stated.

"And by the looks of it, it spells trouble for one of us" thought Jun.

"Trouble? What are you saying?" urged Keiko with an answer.

Before long, Terumi; who's been severely injured throughout the day was beginning to wake up. She slowly opened her black eyes and sees Yumiko, standing in-front of her with a look of worry on her cute face.

"Y-Yumiko! What are you doing here?"

"I was afraid, when you left searching for Saki and Masako the whole day. Because of this, I was upset that you haven't shown up until Kotoe told me about the recent alliance between those two girls and their list of victims for sabotaging the V.G. tournament. So, I've stumbled upon Manami and Daisuke along the way and prevented their assault on them. With some added help from Kotoe, herself." Later, some tears were formed in her eyes. "Please forgive me, sis. I had a feeling that something was bound to happen to them and so, I was able to look after them."

As Terumi stares at Yumiko's face, her expression had softened. She bends down on one knee and placed her arms around Yumiko and embraced her with her warmth. "You don't need to be forgiven. For what you did, I'm pleased with your efforts."

"Thank you, Terumi" says Yumiko, softly.

In the meantime, we were all still puzzled about the sudden eclipse that it's near to its completion.

"Reimi-San, can you please explain to us as to why someone's life is in jeopardy in regards to the eclipse?" Kaori asks.

"I don't think that I should say it."

"C'mon, just how bad can this be, anyways?" grumbled Elirin.

The head of Jyahana Group took a deep breath and answered. "Just this. That eclipse you're seeing is the result of the portal that we've recently made. But since Matthew has come here twice, the portal itself has become very un-stabled. What I mean is that Matthew has only got three hours left to go back to his home because once the portal is closed, it will be closed…forever."

Everybody was stunned to hear Reimi's surprising and disturbing news. The one who was more astonished was Yuka. She couldn't believe that the man she loved has no alternative, but to leave her and must return to his home before he'll be stuck here.

"B-But…" Unable to finish, Reimi interjected her.

"I'm sorry, Yuka. It's time for you and Matthew to part ways again and sadly, it's permanent."

For me, I felt very disappointed about my departure. "Bummer. I suppose, this is it."

With a nod of her head, Reimi requests all of us to head on over to her place and possibly, send me back home until the time limit goes up.

Now at the basement of Jyahana Group, we all stood at a giant portal machine and Kaori immediately starts running it.

During my farewell to Yuka and her friends, Reimi had a quick chit-chat with Terumi, Manami, Daisuke and Yumiko about Yuka's hidden past. Her experience from the V.G. tournament, the tragedy of her deceased parents which lead to the involvement between herself and Miranda and Yuka's relationship with me.

The looks on their faces tells the whole story, as they were left completely bewildered after the discussion from Reimi.

"What a harsh story."

"And hard to listen."

"I know. Like Yuka, Satomi also lost her parents."

"Eh?! How sad" Yumiko than turns her attention to me, standing next to Yuka. "Terumi, that guy Yuka is with, who is he? He looks very…cute."

"That's Matthew. He came from Canada, when he went through a portal. Believe it or not, he's the first person that's developed feelings for Yuka including to stay positive" she answered to her.

"Aw, he really helped her out big time." Yumiko sighed. "But, it's disappointing to see him leave."

"We all are. Kaori, activate it." As Reimi informs her to re-open the portal, the machine started to function and the huge portal has re-appeared with blue swirls and a white hole in the center. She later turned to me and remind me about the situation. "Matthew, you must go through the portal right away. Otherwise, you'll be trapped here for good."

"Just give me a moment with Yuka-Chan for a while." As I twirled around to Yuka, she feels very miserable to see me depart, only its permanent due to the effects of the eclipse. When I pulled her in closer to me and feeling my warmth, she made a small red blush on her cheeks while she looks squarely at my face.

"Matthew-Kun, I…"

"Listen, don't worry about me, Yuka-Chan. I'll be fine. I know that it's painful for you to see me leave but, you should know that long-distance relationships never works out. In short, friends don't always last forever."

Upon hearing my speech to her, Satomi and Tamao began to cry together and held onto each other in misery.

As for Jun, she understood my thoughts with Yuka. "How very true."

Before I tend to go through the portal and head home, I can feel Yuka's grip on my arm and refusing to let me depart. Right now, she starts mourning my departure.

"Please, Matthew-Kun. Don't leave me. I need you. Because without you, I'll never be strong enough." She buries her face with her hands and continues to cry.

Believing that I'm leaving Yuka in a world of hurt, I gently placed my hands on hers and removed them from her face and I responded. "Yuka-Chan. I have something for you and I hope that you'll like it." As I held her hand, I took out a small dark blue rubber wristband and wrapped it around her fist.

When Yuka glanced at the wristband, she gasped at what was engraved on it. "Never Alone? What does it mean?"

I said. "It means that no matter where you are, your friends will always stay at your side until the end of time. Including myself. Of course, being positive is our greatest strength. If you put all of that into motion, you'll be one step closer of becoming…a true virgin goddess."

Yuka become very overjoyed, as she threw her arms around my waist while I threw mine around her lower back. "Thank you so much, Matthew-Kun. I'll cherish it, throughout my life."

After that, there was a brief silence. Then, I leaned over to Yuka and she leaned over to me and as we move in closer, our lips have met in a very warm feeling. Me and Yuka both moan together, when I explored through Yuka's mouth with my tongue, while she explored mine with hers.

Everybody became very touched of seeing Yuka making out with me, one last time. As I released the kiss from Yuka, I kissed her again on the forehead and headed on over to the portal. By making a deep sigh, I turned back to see Yuka and all of her friends with a bunch of smiles on their faces. Before I went through, I tell Yuka one brief hint.

"One more thing, Yuka-Chan."


"Never give up. Because…you have a tremendous heart and spirit. See you, Ms. Virgin Goddess." With a wink of my eye, I walked right into the portal and then I was gone. Along with the portal itself as Kaori shuts it down.

Despite that my visit was short-lived, I've earned their respect and mostly Yuka's. And speaking of Yuka, she remembers the good times she's had with me. With a look of sorrow on her face, she discerns the dark blue wristband that I gave her in which it had the words 'Never Alone'inscribed on it.

She thought for a moment and then, she made a heart-warming smile on her beautiful face. From there, a small tear of happiness came down from her eyes and glances at where I left. "Matthew-Kun, thanks to you, I'm more stronger and confident than I was before. And, I'll always love you."

As Kaori gets off, she confronts Reimi and asks.

"Do you think that we'll ever see him, again?"

"Perhaps. But, I doubt it."

"Come to think of it, I think that we'll miss him. He's one heck of a guy" says Jun.

"He sure was." Satomi notified. As she looks at Yuka, she smirked. "Without him, Yuka wouldn't have learned anything new."

"You're absolutely right." replied Tamao. "Thank you for helping out, Senpai. It was greatly appreciated."

Back to where I was, the portal appeared from in-front of my bed and out I came. By checking out the place, I've once again returned to my house.

As I peeked into the window, I made a sigh of relief and took a time to reflect about the young pretty waitress fighter that I've met and also sorting out her problems. After a while, I leave my bedroom and headed outside for a breath of fresh air.

Unknown to myself however, Yuka appeared from inside my plasma television and watches me outside. With a huge smile, she had this to say about me:

"Thanks for everything, Matthew-Kun. I'll see you again, someday" Than, she made a soft giggle until she disappeared.