Title: Infinite Gravity
Part: Epilogue
Rating: T
Characters/Pairings: Rockman & Blues, Netto & Enzan
Notes: Set a good five years after canon. This is slightly AU in that I've played fast and loose with canon versions and background details - it's mostly based on the anime timeline, but there are some significant game and manga details in here too, as well as some made up stuff like new viruses and attacks. Please be warned that this fic contains shameless fanon cliches, because they are relevant to the plot. As always happens with long stories, the place I ended up is not at all where I envisioned when I began it. Thanks to everyone who's been reading this, and especially to those who've been kind enough to leave reviews.

Infinite Gravity


It was raining. This was, Netto felt, massively unfair; he'd actually succeeded in dragging Enzan away from the office and HQ, and now he couldn't even enjoy the sunshine. Swinging his legs moodily against the metal railings he was perched on – well under the overhang of the Game Soul's awning – he glared out at the weather.

"Stop pouting," Enzan said without even looking at him, leaning back with his elbows on the rail.

"Who's pouting?" Netto grumbled, nudging him with a knee, and Enzan flicked an amused glance up at him.

"I still don't get it," Netto admitted after a long, comfortable moment. "Why Miyamoto-san did all that, I mean." They'd watched the Net Police question her and Umino-san, which had been a whole other kind of uncomfortable, but while they had enough evidence to prosecute, no one had yet pieced together a full motive. His father and Meijin-san were still working on her equipment, between other things. Somehow, it didn't feel at all satisfying in the way wrapping up a case should.

"Maybe... wanting something badly enough can warp you." Enzan's voice was quiet and sober; Netto blinked.

"Maybe she just wanted to because she could," Rockman volunteered from the PET. Netto frowned, thinking that over.

"Yeah, but we're the best, and we don't go around," he waved a hand vaguely, "hacking stuff and kidnapping people and making dragon monsters."

Enzan glanced up at him, one eyebrow raised wryly. "Who says you're the best?" Netto made a face at him, obscurely cheered, and after a moment Enzan continued, "It's the trying to kill you I object to."

"You just like me because I can beat you," Netto accused happily, kicking his feet out to catch raindrops on the toes of his sneakers.

"Say that when we flatten you later." Enzan was smiling, though, that odd fond one that made Netto itch to kiss him. Even on a rainy Sunday afternoon, however, there were people hurrying by under umbrellas, and kids dashing in and out of the game centre.

Stretching upright, Netto waved enthusiastically as Meiru-chan and the others ventured out of the subway station at the other end of the block. Meiru waved back, picking her way around puddles as she headed over. After a moment, Netto nudged Enzan again, grinning down at him.

"Whatcha doing tonight?"

Enzan slanted a thoughtful look up at him, blue eyes bright with amusement. "Depends."

"Heh." Jumping down from the rail, Netto exchanged high-fives with Dekao and suffered himself to be hugged by Meiru-chan. "Hi guys!"

"You finally get your birthday celebration." Meiru-chan beamed, and Netto blinked; he'd actually forgotten that was what this was about.

"I guess so," he admitted, shaking his head as Yaito-chan accosted Enzan about some work-related thing. "Hey, hey, no business talk allowed!" he scolded, gamely suppressing the almost overwhelming urge to kick Enzan in the ankle when he smirked.

"Hey, hey, Netto, I call first battle!" Dekao demanded, eyes gleaming behind his shades. Netto laughed uncomfortably, rubbing the back of his head as they headed in toward the match tables.

"Actually, first slot's taken." He glanced over at Enzan, taking up position at the table and pulling out his PET. Rockman beamed up at him, visibly eager to finally finish this. "Unfinished business. Plug in, Rockman!"

"Plug in, Blues!" Enzan grinned at him over the top of the stage as the Navis transferred in, already in battle positions. To Netto's surprise, though, it was Blues who spoke up, sighting along the blade of his sword at Rockman.

"Don't think I'm going to go easy on you," he warned. Netto glanced around the goggling circle of his friends before locking eyes with Enzan as Rockman answered the implicit challenge.

"I wouldn't let you."

This was, Netto concluded with an anticipatory thrill, going to be awesome.

Leaning back against the familiar wall of his private homepage, Blues smiled to himself as Rockman shifted comfortably against his side, head a warm weight on his shoulder. There were any number of things that they could be doing, but somehow none of them seemed particularly urgent when Rockman was playing with his hair. Still, he couldn't help but ask, knowing what the answer would be.

"Want to go clean viruses out of Net City?" The damage had extended to the security systems, and the subsequent invasions, mostly low-level, were hampering repair work.

Rockman yawned, a fascinatingly human gesture, and snuggled closer against Blues' side, abandoning his hair to wrap a possessive arm around him.

"Mm. Maybe tomorrow."