The Price

(Inspired By The Dominant and The Submissive by Tara Sue Me)

The taste of blood in my mouth,

doubt pooling in sweat clinging

dripping, escaping

the body you control.

Tremors of


betray me.

My mind focused on a point that burns

inside my soul,

between my thighs.

And you above me

wield my surrender, my sorrow, my pain, my freedom

with care, without mercy – knowing.

How much farther must I go to find the part of me that trusts you purely?

Will I break when you stretch me limb from limb or will I expand

beyond my own understanding of me?

When I'm blinded, will I finally see?

In the silence before the crack, will I hear your thoughts as clearly as my own?

Trust Me. Trust Me. Trust Me.

The hope bends my knees in supplication,

as you peel back my skin to soothe my soul.