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Part Four:

Unspoken Sentiments

Since Yuffie had stopped her "smiling," she had noticed a change in the atmosphere of Traverse Town. She noticed that it was all a bit darker and duller, as though a light had gone out somewhere, and no one had bothered to replace it.

She wondered if anyone else noticed the change in the world, but never bothered to ask, knowing that everyone would just tell her they were too busy to bother with her questions and why couldn't she just go play like a normal kid.

At the thought, a scowl filled her usually joyous face, and Yuffie fought to keep the negative thoughts away – negative energy was harmful to her ninja skills, after all.

Just as the scowl disappeared from her façade, Squall – Leon – came into the room, probably to yell at me for something, she thought. Much to her surprise, he did not scold her, nor did he give her some meaningless chore or tell her they were going to start training again soon.

No, instead of any of the aforementioned possibilities that filled Yuffie's head, Squall Leonheart did something that made the ninja's mouth hang open. He smiled at her.

After a week's insistent questioning Squall, Yuffie still had no idea why he was suddenly smiling. He was the one with the dark and terrible past that he could never tell her about; that she had to find out about from Aerith. He was the one who never smiled; whose heart was made of ice.

But here he was, still smiling even after a week.

The ninja had realized, throughout the week, that Traverse Town was looking brighter once more, but did not dare associate the change with his sudden smile. It just did not seem possible.

A month later, and he was still smiling. The smile seemed contagious, for Cid and Aerith were also smiling, along with many of the residents of the world for lost souls.

It finally occurred to Yuffie that maybe she should smile back, and she did. Sure, it wasn't a genuine one, but it made Leon's smile grow. Yuffie realized that it was probably what he had been waiting for all along. To see her smile. For her to start smiling again.

The thing was, though, when she began smiling again, he didn't stop. They smiled together, and Yuffie's smiles grew more and more genuine as they grew closer. She would never tell anyone of how his smile made her feel, but that was fine, because she told him, every time she smiled back.