"Bellaaaa." I heard the sing-songey voice calling my name from behind and slowly turned around to face him.

"What?" I hissed quietly. Mr. Banner was staring intently at his computer screen, undoubtedly at some pornographic website.

Jasper leaned forward to whisper in my ear. "I need a pencil," he said, trying to contain his laughter. He had two sharpened pencils sitting on his desk. His cool breath sent shivers coursing through my body.

"If you don't shut up we're both failing the test," I warned him. He merely rolled his eyes and started to tug at the ends of my hair.

"I'll be your best friend," Jasper pleaded with a pout.

"You are my best friend," I reminded him.

"And what are best friends for?" He retaliated with his signature victory smirk.


He reached up to grab my spare pencil, brushing my nipple through my shirt as he went. I gasped from the much-enjoyed contact. He winked and went back to scribbling on his paper. It was amazingly difficult to be mad at him when I was aroused, which Jasper very well knew, and used to his advantage.

After fifteen minutes of sheer boredom passed, a shrieking bell never sounded so good. It meant freedom. I set my test down in the tray on Banner's desk, Jasper following closely behind me. I couldn't help but shriek when he pinched my ass quite roughly.

We made it to his dark blue truck in silence, walking quickly the whole time. I could hear his shoes hit the gravel a few inches behind me. Once we were inside the cozily warm car, he made a beeline for my neck. His amazingly warm tongue licked circles around my collarbone. My breathing became uneven and fast, and I began to moan in pleasure. He groaned deeply, the vibrations from his voice making me shudder.

"What was up with you in"—gasp—"there? You're hornier than"—gasp—"usual," I inquired, my voice breaking when he nipped at the tender skin. My hands knotted into his curly blonde hair as he pulled away from the soon-to-be-bruised area on my neck.

"Well, God almighty, Bella, what do you expect? You come in here wearing your skin-tight jeans and your fucking tank top and you expect me to have full control over my dick? It's been suffering all day."

"I guess I better make it up to you," I suggested, my hands lunging for his large silver belt buckle. My fingers crawled down to stroke his erection through his jeans, but he immediately grabbed both of my wrists in his hands, eyes tightly shut, breaths ragged and labored.

"We can't…" Jasper groaned. "We're meeting Emmett at my house to study in ten and as much as I want to just take you and…" He exhaled sharply. "The point is, we can't."

I looked down at his steering wheel, slightly rejected, and not quite wanting to make eye contact, until he pulled my chin up and ravaged my mouth with such urgency that I had to smile into the kiss.

"Don't be sad, darlin'," he said with his panty dropping southern drawl.

"If were not going to…you know, I think I'll drive and meet you at your house," I told him, and leaned in to place a light peck on the cheek, but before I could get out he grabbed me firmly by the arm. I smiled a little excitedly.

"Change your mind?" I asked hopefully.

"I don't want you driving in that safety hazard until I can get Emmett to give it a thorough inspection. It could break down at any minute. I'm taking you." His tone was defiant and I decided it best not to cross him. Not to mention him saying he was going to "take me" brought on a stream of dirty thoughts. As I fidgeted with the hem of my shirt, I doubted I could keep my hands to myself for another minute, even if we were just two minutes out of the parking lot.

I nonchalantly placed my hand on his knee and began to rub back and forth, inching further and further up his thigh.


"Just relax and drive Jasper," I demanded as I leaned forward to lick the spot under his ear. I bit down hard and he swerved off the road for a second.


"Sorry. I just wanted to touch you," I said meekly, watching for his response and hoping he wasn't angry.

"And trust me, I want you to touch me but those little fingers of yours and your teeth are lethal. Please don't be sad, baby. I'm sorry I snapped at you. I just got some bad news this morning and I'm in a weird mood."

"Is everything ok?" I asked, not wanting to pry.

He laughed. "Everything's fine. We're here. How about I tell you inside?"

I opened my own door, even if Jasper insisted on being a gentleman.

Emmett was sprawled out on the couch in the middle of the living room, tossing and catching a hacky sack. "Hey fuckers," he called out. I was guessing he had found a way to skip sixth period.

"Hi Emmett. How are you?" I asked cheerfully, leaning down to peck him on the forehead. He bolted upright and gave me a puzzling look.

"How the hell can you be so chipper? Have you even told her, Jasper?" Emmett bellowed.

Jasper took a deep breath and rolled his eyes before coming to sit on the couch, setting his elbows on his knees. "I guess you're going to have to hear it sometime. Emmett, can you just tell her?"

Emmett smiled and pulled me into the seat next to him. "Do you remember when our family moved here last year?"

"A little hard to forget," I admitted.

The Cullen's arrival made a splash in the dreary, mundane town of Forks. They moved from a boarding school in Virginia, where they were sent by their parents for their obscent behavior. Unlike most they almost instantly befriended the shy, weird girl that preferred to sit quietly in the back of the classroom writing pointless notes in the margins of books. Because of my father's warnings of the boys' records, I was weary to spend time with them, but before long I couldn't help it. I was drawn to their exuding confidence and humorous ways of approaching everything.

"And do you remember Edward?" Jasper pitched in, pulling me out of the flashback.

"You guys have told me stories," I said, trying to remember them speaking of him.

Edward was their cousin, the same age as Jasper. He attended the same boarding school in Virginia, but unlike Jasper and Emmett, he stayed in Virginia to finish the year.

"Well," Emmett began with hesitation. "He's moving in with us on Saturday."

"Wow, that's...big. When did you guys find out?" I asked. To be honest, that was all I could think of saying. I was at a loss for words.

Jasper looked at the ground and took a slow breath. "About two weeks ago." He looked up to see the startled expression that was surely written across my face. "We just wanted to wait for it to be official before telling you. We thought maybe things would work out with his family to where he could live with them, but no such luck. His family's pretty screwed up, I'll admit that much. And Carlisle, always wanting to do the annoyingly right thing, told his sister that her God-awful son could stay with us for a while."

I probably should have been offended that they hadn't relayed this to me sooner, but there was one lingering question on my mind. "Why is he so awful?"

"He's a dick," Jasper stated.

"Douche," Emmett agreed.

"Faggot," Jasper yelled.

"Queer," Emmett retorted.

"Okay, okay. All of those words are very colorful, but not an explanation. You make him sound like the anti-Christ," I told them with a slight scoff in my voice. "I've changed my mind. You can keep your angst bottled up. I don't want to know what he did to make you despise him so. I'll meet him in three days and I'll make an unbiased desicion on him myself."

"No. You won't. Jasper barked. You're staying far far away from him. You won't go anywhere remotely close to him. You hear me?"

He was full-out yelling at me now and even Emmett could sense that I was truly frightened, so he held me tightly, trying to comfort me.

"Don't talk to her like that, man! She didn't fucking do anything to you. How about you get your damnhead out of your ass and apologize to her?" Emmett ordered in my defense.

Jasper ran one hand through his hair, tugging at the ends, and I could tell he didn't mean to burst like he did. I pulled him into a hug and he quickly wrapped his arms around me too. "Bella, you know you're my best friend."

"I know."

"And you know I didn't mean to upset you or yell at you."

"I know."

"And you know I wasn't kidding about my cousin. If he gets within ten feet of you I swear to God…"

"Way to ruin a moment, Jas," I said, half joking. I think I'm going to study on my own tonight. We had to play volleyball in gym today and I'm exhausted. Can you drive me home? My car's at the school." I said, not caring how much of a blow-off it sounded like. I just needed to get home and in my own bed.

"Of course. Come on." He wrapped his arm around my shoulders and led me out to the car. The ride home was just as awkward as being in the house. I pressed my forehead against the fogged from frost window and mouthed out the lyrics to the Bryan Adams song playing softly from his stereo.

"Charlie's not waiting on the porch as usual. What's up with that?" Jasper asked as we approached the house.

"He's having dinner with Sue at her house tonight. At about eleven, he's going to call and say he's spending the night because the roads are dangerous that late," I responded without lifting my head. The scene had played out time after time ever since Charlie and Sue began seeing each other a few months ago.

"Does this mean I can kiss you goodnight?" Jasper asked, trying to be sweet.

I discreetly rolled my eyes and wished he would, just for once, listen and possibly empathize with my problems. I got suddenly mad at Charlie for leaving me in the house alone tonight so he could go see his damn girlfriend. What was I thinking? I liked Sue. She made my dad happy, which is what I wanted, wasn't it?

I didn't know what I wanted, what I was thinking. I needed to clear everything out of my head, just get rid of all the thoughts whirling around and I knew there was one way I could do that. I looked up at my best friend through my eyelashes. "Do you want to come inside, Jasper?"

A sly smile slid across his face. "Why are we still sitting here then?"

The moment we got inside, Jasper lifted his shirt over his head and tossed it onto the floor in the corner of the room. I peeled off my own thin top as his hands wrapped around my waist. In a matter of seconds, his jeans were lying in the same pile. I led him up the stairs and he fell back onto my bed, pulling me on top of him.

And having him look at me the way be did, like I was something miraculous, gave me the confidence to ask the question.

"What's your cousin like?"

Jasper's eyes shot open he just stared at me for the quickest second before blinking. "He's completely secluded from the world. No friends. No girlfriend. He hardly spoke to any of us when we were at school together, and we haven't had contact since."

I turned my head to look out the window, taking in his words before he used the crook of his finger to move my face in his direction, putting me back in his gaze.

"I'm having a little trouble realizing why I have a beautiful girl sitting right on top of me, half-naked, might I add, and we're discussing my socially moronic cousin." The small chuckle that followed the sentence lightened the fact that he was bashing his own cousin.

I smiled back at him weakly, signaling him to continue.

I closed my eyes and tried my best to give in to the kisses he was placing in a line down to my bellybutton, freeing me of everything whirling around in my mind rapidly.

I gasped as he ran his finger over the area just above my jeans and I threw my head back in immense pleasure.

And I began to feel the same feeling I had every time this happened.

I was withdrawn from the world, away from all thoughts, and absent from myself.