E/0 Drabble Challenge

Challenge word: Pressure

Length: 100 words

Two challenges this week! This one is for Onyx Moonbeam who wanted a dialogue heavy scene with hurt Dean and protective Sam. I absolutely love doing all dialogue so thanks for that request. Happy Birthday! Hope you like it!

Also, if you like angst or brotherly schmoop I posted another story earlier this week called A Brother To Be Proud Of.

Remember: Reviews rock my world! ;)


"Sammy, can't you leave me the hell alone?"

"No, Dean. I need to make sure you aren't still bleeding."

"What are you? My freaking nurse?"

"Shut up and put pressure on that for a minute."

"Wish I had a hot nurse…..ow, damn it!"

"If you'd hold still…."

"Are you done? I think I still have some skin left. Sure you don't want to rip it off? Oh wait, you're saving that for the next time you change the bandages, right?"

"From now on, when you're bleeding on the side of the road somewhere, I'm leaving your ass."