My Ginny

I never knew my parents. I knew of them. I have heard stories, and seen pictures, but I never knew them, or at least I don't remember knowing them. They were murdered when I was one, and I was sent to live with family. Family that hated my very existence. Why you ask? Blood wards. Stupid, fucking bloody blood wards. I could have become a better man; I could have been more than the-boy-who-fucking-lived. At times I wish I would have died with my parents, and Voldemort would have become someone else's problem.

But I'm alive, and I survived the killing curse, but in the process I had a piece of that bastard's soul sucked into my head; I was all too willing to die to get rid of it, but I didn't and I don't know why exactly. Again I wish I had. Because despite everything I have done I am still doomed to live a life of misery, of torture. I just wanted to help, to make the world safer, and maybe I did, but at a cost a very high cost. So many died, too many. Remus, Tonks, Fred, Collin…Snape, they are the hero's not me.

Snape, who loved my mother to the point where he spent half of his life mourning her memory, and avenging her death, he is the hero, not me. Never me. He was the true hero. Yes, he treated me like shit, but bitterness runs deep, and I look so like my father. But I'm not him, I really don't even know what he was like, stories can only do a person so much justice. I wish I could remember him and my mum. I wish I could remember their smile, their laugh, the feel of their embrace. But I can't, and I never will.

Pulling myself from the cool grass where I lay, I walk back towards the Burrow. Only Ginny is home at the moment. She's going back to school for her final year. I thought about going as well, but there really is no point now. I see her sitting on the sofa, she's reading. She truly is beautiful.

"Hi." I say softly sitting down beside her. She smiles up at me, closing her book and placing it beside her on the couch.

"Hi. Did you have a nice walk?"

I nodded as I gently moved a strand of her soft, red hair from her face and I gaze lovingly into her bright blue eyes. "Ginny, you know I love you, right."

"Yes, Harry, and I love you too."

We both leaned in slowly, our eyes closing as our lips meet. I place my hands on her hips, hers begin to rummage through my hair. Our kissing soon becomes more passionate and after minuets we finally pull apart, both of us near breathless.

"Gin, I want you." I admit, though the tent in my trousers is also giving me away.

"I want you too Harry."

She takes my hand and we rush to her room, and we do not emerge for quite some time.

She is the reason I stay. The reason I don't end it. The reason I don't send myself to exist behind the vale. To ascend to where I can see my mother's smile, and hear my father laugh. I stay for her. Only her. My Ginny.