Title: Lost and Then Found
Author(s): jadesabre75
Timeframe: AU
Characters: Jag and Jaina mainly and of course your other favorites
Genre: romance, humor, angst, action
Summary: Jaina is faced with a life changing decision. What will she choose and who will she meet along the way?

Notes: Well, Jake and I were watching POTC a while back and the idea popped into my head of Jag as a pirate. I mean, does it get much better than that image?!?! So here's my attempt at that. I'm not attempting to channel Jack Sparrow, but don't be surprised if it creeps in there. LOL

Special thanks to my beta, Jade Eyes, because well she kriffing rocks as usual!

And thanks to Cyn for her two cents...I'll give you your change back later sweetie.


The sky had been red that morning. He should have known it was an omen, even though Soontir Fel had never believed in superstitions like most pilots. He didn't have routines or rituals before going out into a battle or even powering up his ship. There were no trinkets adorning his flight cockpit or any wise men who had blessed the metal he depended on to protect him. No, the former captain of the Royal Fleet was a simple man.

Today had been anything but simple though.

It had started a month ago really. He had been happy with his life. Beyond ecstatic most days. Doing a job he loved, married to the love of his life and raising a family. It just didn't get much better than this.

Then the first domino had tipped over and it had seemed like no amount of running could ever help them catch up. His oldest was dead and the pain that had radiated through his family had been astonishing. His comrades had lost children before, usually in battle, and he had never even tried to imagine what they had gone through. But to lose his oldest and first son in a training accident had nearly brought him to his knees.

Jag had taken it the hardest of all his children. He and Davin had been so close and the younger Fel had developed a hero worship of his oldest brother. Breaking the news to him had been almost as hard as telling his wife. Syal had cried but remained strong for her family. Jag…had simply shut down. Oh, he was strong for his siblings and even his mother, but Soontir could see the light had dimmed in his son's eyes. It had been heartbreaking.

Then they had lost Chak and the pain had nearly killed him. Two sons gone in less than two weeks. Soontir wasn't sure how they made it through but they did, as a family.

Now, he found himself facing something almost as terrible. Since he had signed up to the academy he had known that King Silero wasn't a forgiving man. He ruled with a heavy fist but he rewarded loyalty and didn't kill indiscriminately. Soontir had been nothing but loyal to the king in every way. So why that loyalty was being questioned at this moment was utterly confusing to him. It didn't help his already racing brain that his family was involved, making it impossible for him to think clearly. And he desperately needed his wits now.

He stood silently as the list of charges were read, trying to block out his wife's soft cries from behind him. His two daughters stood with his wife. Cherith, at 14, knew what was going on. She had dreams to enroll in the academy like her brothers before her. He didn't have to turn around to know that she was comforting both her mother and her little sister. Wynessa was only six and while the gravity of the situation had probably not escaped her notice, she would not see the death sentence looming over them. He was grateful for that small comfort.

The fact that his two remaining sons were not present settled in his heart and he resisted the sigh that was threatening to escape. Thankful they were with his brother-in-law, he took another small measure of comfort that they would live to see the next day. Wedge would keep them alive even if it meant running.



A smile came to Wedge Antilles face as he heard the familiar sound of his line hitting the water. It wasn't often he got to fish and he had been planning this outing since Iella had told him the boys were coming to stay with them. Force knew his daughters couldn't go fishing with him, as young as they were and his wife certainly didn't understand the appeal of sitting outside for hours and doing nothing.

From the corner of his eye he watched as Jagged helped the younger Fel with his bait and coaxed him on how to throw his line out. His heart twisted a little as he recalled how different Jagged had become in the last month. Both boys were too young, nine and eight, to have to deal with the amount of grief they had experienced and he was more than happy to give them something else to think of. Even if it was only for a short time.

He felt a chuckle escape as Cem's lure landed with a dull thud in the grass, not even making it to the water. The memories of taking Davin and Chak fishing when they were younger hit him suddenly and he felt the smile disappear from his face. As much as he and Soontir butted heads, he knew his old friend was hurting right now. But, being stubborn as he was, he would never tell anyone. So Wedge would help any way he could.

Closing his eyes he drank in the smells of his home planet. He had once toyed with the notion of joining the fleet, much like his brother-in-law, but hadn't wanted to deal with the sacrifice's that would come with the job. Staying away from his family for long periods of time was not high on his list of things to do. So he had chosen instead to open a shipping company, much like his parents had, on his home planet of Coreilia.

The Antilles were more than content on their small stretch of land just outside of the capital city and Wedge knew he could be happy with the way things were going. Unfortunately, he also knew that the winds of change were blowing. Between rumors and what little Soontir had told him, King Silero's priorities had started changing and it was not looking good for the future.

Han, out of all of them, was probably the safest. He had chosen a simple life of a mechanic and worked in the King's service. The job allowed him to fly under the radar but still have an idea of what was going on. He and Soontir were the only ones that had chosen to stay on Corusant. Wedge and Luke had left, though Wedge with a little more finesse than the latter.

Of course they all had preparations in place when everything went south. Wedge had everything lined up so that his company would still function without him here. He trusted his second in charge explicitly and it was definitely a relief in that area. His only worry was Soontir and Han. They were closest to the center of the fallout, should it happen.

"Wedge!" His wife's panicked cry cut through his melancholy and he jerked rather violently as he turned his head to see her running their way. The look on her face told him what he needed to know.

It had started.


Han sat in the chair. Numbness took over his body and what should have been the best day of his life was now tainted with sorrow.

Taking a deep breath, he rubbed his hands down his face and looked up to find the comforting image of his wife. Leia slept soundlessly in the medbed, exhausted from the hours of labor she had just gone through. Surprisingly, the twins slept quietly to his right and he was thankful for that small miracle. Though they were probably as drained as she was.

A short while ago he had been sitting there watching the holonet when the news that had changed everything came across the screen. Soontir was dead. Along with most of his family. Traitors to the crown. Han balked at this thought. No one was more loyal than Fel and he wondered how hard it had been to make the charges believable enough that the King's 'favored son' was accused of high treason.

Everything would change for them now. For everyone. If Silero was desperate enough to rid himself of one of his most prized possessions it made Han extremely nervous for the future.

He hoped that Wedge and Luke found out soon. There was no way for him to warn them without implicating himself. Not that he wouldn't run if he had to. No shame was associated with the thought of protecting his family above all else, but it wasn't something he was looking forward to. He could only hope he had flown low enough to just be considered a peon. That would be his family's only saving grace right now.


Snuggling deeper against the form next to him, Luke breathed in the scent of Mara's hair and smiled. It was hotter than a kriffing sun outside but it didn't stop him from getting as close to her as he could. He knew he needed to get up soon, but it was definitely the last thing he wanted to do.

The sound of the comm going off suddenly caused him to frown, but he didn't move. Mara stirred slightly and eventually the noise stopped and she settled down again. Silence filled the air for a few moments before the comm went off again.

Groaning, he reluctantly let go of her and reached over behind him to grab the offending object. Pushing the button firmly he tried to keep the agitation out of his voice.


"Soontir's dead."

The two words uttered by Wedge caused him to sit upright in bed and in the process woke the sleeping woman next to him. Shock took over for a moment before her hand against his back soothed him a little.

"How?" Was the only thing he could say at this point.

"Charged with treason to the crown. Luke, there's more." He said, pain lacing his voice. "They killed Syal and the girls as well."

Luke felt the bile in his stomach rise and he swallowed forcefully trying to keep it down. Senseless killings always managed to make him uneasy, but the murder of one of his friends and immediate family was more than upsetting. It felt like a message. One that he was reading loud and clear.

It was time to make a move and as much as they had prepared for this possibility in the last few years, it was still one he didn't want to take. He considered himself a peaceful man but he also wasn't afraid to fight if he had to.

"Wait." Luke said suddenly, a thought springing into his head. "You said the girls. Where are Jagged and Cem?"

"They're with us. Syal and Soontir thought they could use a little time away and asked us to take them. They've been here for a week." Wedge stopped, his voice breaking on the last word. "I haven't told them yet."

Luke was never more thankful for Mara than he was at this very moment. She hadn't uttered a word since she had woken. Looking up he saw that she was in the middle of packing what was most important for them right now and it was an immense comfort when she stopped as she felt his gaze and came over to cup his cheek.

Closing his eyes, he took what he could from her touch then put himself back in a business frame of mind.

"Are you leaving now?" He asked as he rose from the bed and walked over to his safe. Mindlessly, he opened the lock and pulled out a bag from his desk drawer. Stuffing everything into the sack, he was on autopilot as his friend continued the conversation.

"We'll be leaving in the next 10 minutes. I already had a ship packed just in case. You know me." Wedge offered with a hollow laugh.

"Yep. Always prepared." The younger man offered as he threw the small bag to his girlfriend and continued in his activities with another bag.

"Meet at the rendezvous point?"

Luke stopped and stared at the wall. It was really happening.

"We'll be there."


Jagged sat on the bed, his little brother's body wrapped in one arm. The crying had finally tired Cem out and he was sleeping peacefully as Jag stared at the wall in front of him. Emotions warred inside him but he fought them down, refusing to let them out. His aunt had finally left the room a few minutes ago when she had realized he wasn't going to talk to her.

It wasn't personal and he would tell her that at some point. But Jag had always found it easier to just tamp down his feelings and put on a brave face. Emotions only tended to get in the way and he was afraid the pain would wash him away right now. He had to be strong for Cem. They were all that was left of their family and being the oldest now came with certain responsibilities.

Cherith had always told Jag he was way too mature for his age and that he needed to loosen up some. He had never been like her or his mother though. Jagged was cut from the same cloth as his father and while he knew Soontir's unfailing love, he also followed his father's example of not showing any weakness.

He found his thoughts wandering to what his father might have been thinking right before the end. How does one prepare for death, especially when you see it coming? Morbid. Jag snorted. Wouldn't be the first time someone had called him that. Probably wouldn't be the last.

Cem shifted, mumbling something as his breathing became choppy. Jag squeezed him tighter and offered what little comfort he could to him. Everything was different now and he felt guilty at the small spark of excitement that tried to ignite at the thought of the unknown before them.

They would survive this. He would make sure of it.


So I took some liberty with the Fel kids ages. Get over it. This is just back story. We'll get to the fun stuff soon. Leave your thoughts...even if you hated it!