Title: Bets
Word Count:
Written for the mini-challenge of the LJ community charlieficathon: http://community. livejournal. com/ charlieficathon/
Not Beta-ed. Sorry for the grammar mistakes.
Disclaimer: Characters belong to JK Rowling, not me (unfortunately...)


-You really should cut your hair if you don't want any wrackspurt to get trapped in there...

-Well, wrackspurts will just have to stay in there I guess for one more month –he answered taking a bite of his sandwich.

-Why's that? –she asked curiously watching him with her wide blue eyes while sitting on chair next to him in the small kitchen.

-Because I bet Bill I could get my hair grow longer than his without any magic by the end of the summer.

-Really? Didn't you get your last tattoo because of some bet you lost to Bill last Christmas? –Her dreamy eyes now showing a slight tinkle of mischief.

- Yeah, well...but it's different this time. I know I'm going to win this –smiling at the memory of a muggle shampoo he stole from Hermione's bathroom that now rested on his bathroom cabinet. The label read "Pantene's Beautiful Lengths helps you grow your hair longer with Aquacurrent Science, protecting each strand of hair and making it grow 10x faster".

-I should hope so. I don't want another "Bill is my sex God" tattoo on your tussie –Luna said starting to get up- Though if you have to...make sure it is on your right cheek this time and that it doesn't roar each time it's touched. Nargles are attracted by that sound and I prefer to avoid them looking at me naked...

-Will do, love.

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