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Chapter 7 (Surface)

Jake was in a world of bliss. Sitting in his chair, he pondered over the events that had happened in the waterway. The stinging bite marks on his chest that had yet to be treated reminded him of the strange and beautiful creature he had come in contact with; it was something that would alter him for the rest of his life. Slowly returning back to reality, he turned his head around and said, "Helm, blow the ballast tanks forward and back. However, remember we have a Musuca attached to the front of the hull so be gentle!"

The crew responded with swift response and the sound of air filling the tanks caused the submarine to creak and crank as if the vessel wanted to float to the surface.

It didn't take long for Hayami to walk into the control centre with some information on their current situation. However, being the man that he is and not following protocol, he blindly said, "Jake," when he should have called him by his proper rank. Command protocol was clearly not being followed and Jake didn't want Hayami to treat him with disrespect in front of his crew. He was not happy.

Jake turned his head and raised his eyebrow, a slight tone of anger sneaking into his voice. "Yes?"

"I've seen large amounts of rubble on the top of this vessel that will anchor us down. We will need to clear it before we can rise to the surface."

Jake scanned the expressions of his command crew. He still did not trust Hayami point of view, not yet.

"He's right, commander, we are stuck," a crewmember responded.

Jake had to think of something fast. It was clear that this vessel was currently trapped on the seabed and they could not stay there. Other crewmembers suggested that additional force would be sufficient to allow the sub to rise. With that information in mind, he then remembered that this type of submarine was equipped with downward and upward propellers, located on the wings and different parts of the vessel. These should provide the necessary force. So with a brief and steady command, he ordered to activate them in full power.

Let's hope they can add the power and get us moving, he thought.

The propellers at the ends of the wings sprang to life, creating a downward flow of seawater, which displaced all the sand and dirt from the ocean floor. As the rest of the propellers came online, the whole submarine slowly disappeared in a cloud of dirt and sand.

The force slowly started to lift the submarine and the mountain of debris on top of it upwards.

"Helm, give us a ninety degree down trim and flood rear ballast tanks." Jake held onto his chair as everyone prepared for the tilt.

The Deep Sea Six began to lift off of the ocean floor at a painfully slow speed. With the nose rising fast, the rear of the vessel sank, causing the submarine to rise at a ninety-degree angle. The rubble slid off of the hull, leaving a dirty, grey cloud of dust. The sub increased its ascent at rapid speed.

As the speed rapidly increased, it was obvious that it needed to be regulated. If the sub appeared on the surface too fast, half the vessel would be out of water and could rupture under the tremendous strain and weight.

The vessel, under the control of the crew, finally began to even out and ascend steadily to the surface, leaving a trail of water from the downward props.

"Everyone OK?" Jake questioned, looking around as his crew fumbled around, trying to straighten themselves out.

"You know captain, I didn't know a boat this size can ascend ninety-degree like this!" The officer on watch shrugged the water of his hair and straightened his uniform; he seemed more shocked than all the other crewmembers. Jake knew his second in command 'forgot' to read the ship's manual about rapid ascent and did not fall to his bait.

"There's a lot I do not know too." Jake spotted Hayami in the background, recovering from his initial blunder as he stumbled and fell over; the assent had made everyone queasy.

Then, after only a few seconds that seemed like hours, the ship shook violently. The bridge crew scurried around, trying to explain the situation, before someone shouted through the background noise.

"Captain, the Musuca is waking up. It is trying to break free!"

"OK, everyone remain calm, helm set us at a reasonable angle to allow the creature to free itself… The Musuca is waking up and probably pissed off, so give it all the room it needs." Jake sat on his chair and clenched the armrest. The creature was awake and he hoped the creature would swim off and leave them alone. The seas are getting crowded today.

The submarine drifted at an angle, allowing the creature to glide of like butter from a warm knife and Jake looked through the small view screen with high hopes.

However, Jake's hopes were not listened to as incomprehensible clicking sounds engulfed them like a tomb.

"Captain, the Musuca is charging itis sonic weapon!" exclaimed the sonar operator.

"WHAT?" Jake demanded, with Hayami coming closer to him.

Then a voice bellowed out from all the panic that was in the room, "Jake, that thing is going to attack us, we need to shoot it now!" Kino rushed in without permission, pushing back the officer at watch. She highlighted the destructive force of the creature and demanded they attack it now. Jake did not want to take such drastic action.

"I'm not going to make that kind of decision at the moment." Jake squinted his eyes, trying to find a way out of this situation that did not involve the death of the creature. He could tilt the balance of peace and start a real war if he opened fire and killed the Musuca.

"Torpedo room, load stinger torpedo into tube one. Defensive systems, activate the anti-sonic shield." He swivelled his chair and made an all-ship broadcast. "All crew, prepare for impact and evasive movements."

With a few confirmations, everyone was prepared for the attack.

"The Musuca is reaching its peak… It's discharging." Nervous, the sonar operator was fixated to his screen as the faint green dot slowly approached the vessel. He had no idea how a ship this size and the new defensive shield would hold out.

"Sonar, ping the interceptor and activate the counter wave." Jake stood up; somehow, sitting was not right for this moment as the adrenaline rushed through his body like a high-pressure water system.

Jake activated the intercom again and announced. "Everyone stand away from the bulkheads; the shockwaves will snap your spine if you are leaning on them. Prepare for impact."

He then diverted his attention to the sonar operator. "Sonar, ping the incoming wave now."

The Musuca sent a spherical sonic wave in all directions, which headed for the Deep Sea Six. In response, the submarine then launched a ping in the water in the form of bubbles that flowed in the direction of the sonic wave. When the wave hit the bubbles, the sub then sent its counter wave that dampened the effect of the Musuca's weapon.

"Captain, the Musuca is charging for another attack."

The ship shook with the effect of the first wave, which did not cause any major damage. However, the unruffled Musuca drifted towards the submarine to get a more direct hit.

"Torpedo room, fire tube one," Jake ordered.

The torpedo launched into the water towards the Musuca and, like a bird, the creature banked to the left and dodged the cylindrical device. The Musuca seemed to smile at the human stupidity as Jake watched on the view screen.

The missile swam passed the Musuca with a slight feel of failure. However, the missile turned around in the open sea and headed right back. Now Jake was smiling. The missile hit the Musuca with an explosion that was accompanied by a loud, sonic burst and a high voltage electric discharge, causing the Musuca to run into the darkness of the ocean.

Stunned and recovering, Hayami walked up to Jake. "What was that?"

"It's a stinger missile and it causes temporary pain that basically makes them run away!" Jake carried on with a sarcastic tone. "The British don't want to be responsible for starting another war."

Kino flowed out with negative comments. She hated the creatures and wanted them all destroyed. Why did this British captain scare it away? What's the point?

Jake held his frustration with this annoying brat and replied calmly, "We invaded the creature's territory and probably injured it. The Musuca was probably trying to defend itself and it did not damage my vessel. Now leave the command deck, now."

Kino lost ground but carried on her battle of words; she flared up her tomboy attitude and gave it all she could. But Hayami dragged her back before they both got kicked off of the sub.


The ship smashed through the surface of the water and floated on the top, covering the whole area with its sheer size and shape. The darkness and rain hid the endless ocean from sight. The vibration created by arriving at the surface informed everyone that they were safe.

Jake looked through the window on the control centre at the windswept ocean. The small storm brought rain and the moon tried to break through the cloud cover as specks of light lit up the rain and waves.

"OK, Let's go outside and see the damage."


A few moments passed as Jake stood on the hull of the ship, looking at the massive tear ripping through part of the wing.

"Shit, if I was a praying man I'd start by now!" He bent down, looking at the cables that sparked and shorted out. "Looks like we are unable to go anywhere."

Jake looked at Hayami with a disappointing look. "You do know what this means?"

Hayami then looked at Jake, who wiped the water from his face. He could not wait hours so he replied fast. "What?"

Jake replied with a slightly embarrassed tone. "We'll need a tow into blue base." He then leaned on the mast and held his head low. "I can only imagine the stick we're going to get from this!"

Kino, who was standing in the background, could not help but burst out laughing. "The famous British sub needs a tow into blue base; that's one I need to remember."

Then to make matters worse and with perfect timing, Blue Submarine No. 6 drifted to Jake's location. Lights pealed through the rain and light fog, startling everyone.

"So! You need a tow?" Tokuhiro Iga asked with a slight grin on his face. He'd been monitoring their activities for the past hour and decided to appear to 'lend a helping hand'.

All his crew stood on the deck of the Blue Sub, grinning and laughing, at the English vessel that was stranded in the middle of the ocean.

Jake lowered his head. "Shit, they will never let this down!"

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