Tom expertly glided Voyager through a mine field of debris, "looks like a huge battle was fought here," exclaimed Chakotay from Tom's left side,

"I'm glad I wasn't on the losing side!" replied Tom, glancing behind him to check Miral ensconded in Janeway's arms, sleeping lightly.

"Quite," Shifting his daughter, Janeway addressed OPS, "Ensign, are you picking up any life signs? Any sign of Hic'tela's ship?"

"Negative Captain but I am getting a strange reading, looks like some kind of dampening field but I can't get a location," She continued searching for answers, while Tuvoc, intrigued by something on his screen said,

"Captain, I think we should leave this area of space."

"Why?" Janeway was feeling ill at ease, this area seemed almost spooky and if she were a superstitious person she might even have called it eerie or ghostly. Tuvoc raised his eyebrow, about to answer when they all lurched to the right, Miral instantly awake and crying. Janeway who was stood holding her, fell rolled in a ball to protect the child, landing badly as she did so, "Argh!"

"Captain!!" Shouted Tom, who without thought for flying the ship, dashed from his chair to get his daughter from his injured Captain's arms. Chakotay thinking fast, sat and began manovering the ship out, but it was too late. They were trapped.

"Captain, shields are weakening, down to 29%" shouted Tuvoc across the chaos; sparks were flying out of consoles, people screaming in terror and pain. Tom stood, reached down and helped Janeway to her feet only to have her fall into him. With one hand he eased her into her chair and with meaning filled eye contact gave her Miral to hold.

"Don't worry Tom," She understood his request. Protect her with your life if you must.

"Chakotay! What is happening!" Tom reluctantly went back to his place while the Captain was updated,

"Shields are almost gone, the dampening field – or whatever it is – is totally draining us, at this rate we'll be out of power, and I mean all power in less than 5 hours!"

Nodding gravely Janeway pressed her comm., "B'Elanna what's going on down there!"

"We're trying Captain, but the warp coil is beginning to overheat if we can't cool it we'll have to eject, the field is draining power from the warp shielding! We've got 10mins after that we're stuck. No coil! B'Elanna out!"

"Guess she's busy," said Tom trying to smooth things over,

"No doubt she is. Options!" bellowed Janeway over the noise.

"We could try diverting power from the helm, with no warpcoil my jobs pretty redundant." He added hopefully,

"Do it." she snapped as she shifted the crying baby in her arms,

"You should let the Doctor look at your ankle, you might have broken it when you fell," said Chakotay. She threw him a look that said 'ask that again and you'll be in need of the Doctor'.

Tuvoc finished his latest scans, "Shields are down," he punctuated each work for effect.

"Captain! Look, they're powering up!" said Tom incredulously, as hundreds of lights came on within the debris.

"It's a trap!" Chakotay stood as if expecting alien life forms to appear before him. Surprisingly he wasn't wrong.