In the dark of space a large ship emerged from a flash of light. The ship glided through space with grace and beauty as it continued on its determined course. The USS Enterprise, the flagship of Federation fleet was an impressively built ship. Built with the most up to date Federation technology along with reverse engineered 24th century technology taken from the scans of the surviving crew of the USS Kelvin putting it ahead of any standard technological development in the Federation.

"We are now secure from Warp Speed. Now entering the designated system." said Sulu.

"Ok, let's see what we got." said Kirk from his command chair.

"I have completed a full scan of the system we are in. The system we are in has in total three planets two would be classified as Class D planets and the other a Class H planet. A class two nebula resides four hundred thousand kilometers from the out planet and they all orbit a B class star. However I have detected a series of spatial distortions on the outskirts of the systems and now registers as ships." said Spock.

"That means we could have a first contact on our hands." asked Kirk.

"Indeed." said Spock.

Sulu take us on a course and follow that trail, when the ship enters sensor range Spock will scan and see if we can determine it could be a threat to us at all. If not we'll try to talk." said Kirk.

"Aye sir."


Ten minutes later

"Vessels entering visual range." said Spock.

Three of the ships resembled two Y shaped hulls attached at their center by a single pylon with arms positioned parallel to each other giving the ships a star like design. One other ship had a strong resemblance to a chapel but was larger than the other two ships. The last one was similar to first two ships but small and had only one Y shaped hull on top.

"Have they detected us?" asked Kirk.

"Negative. Captain, sensors show there are stress levels and signs of damage on various locations of the ship." said Spock.

"Captain, the vessels are launching fighters." said Chekov.

Kirk looked to the view screen and saw numerous small craft coming out of three of the ships with the floating chapel hanging behind.

"I read kinetic energy weapons and missiles on them. They pose no serious threat to the ship." said Spock.

"Let's raise shields anyway. Go to Yellow Alert." said Kirk.

The klaxon for Yellow Alert sound and the lights started glowing.

"Try to open a channel to the ships." said Kirk.

Uhura nodded at her station.


"I've never seen a ship like that before." said an Eight as she peered through the ship's scanners and saw the image of a new ship in her mind.

They had been running for a year now. Since the defeat of the Cylon Empire the survivors fled with whatever they had to escape their enemies, the Colonials. Humans that had created and enslaved them, when the armistice was signed both sides knew it was an excuse to put the war on hold to fall back and regroup. The war had weakened both sides and they knew it.

The Cylons had planned to infiltrate the Colonial defense network but the Colonials found out and launch a surprise attack that carried on into Cylon space. The Cylons threw whatever they had at the invaders but in the end it was they who lost. Their home world was nuked into oblivion while the survivors were scattered. Only three Basestars of the new modern design survived along with a Resurrection ship

On their journey they came across the Guardians, the legendary original Centurions that guarded the First Hybrid. Working together they manged to fend countless Colonial assaults who were dedicated to wiping out the Cylon race forever.

"It looks unharmed but the energy readings are much higher than they should be for a ship that size." said Number Five.

"I'm launching the Raiders now." said a Number Five.

"No wait! Don't attack it! Just wait a minute." said another Number Eight.

"The Guardians have launched their Raiders so it might be too late." said a Number Four.

Number Eight could only watch as the remaining Raiders they had left moved into attack position between the remaining Basestars and the new ship. As she looked at the ship she saw something.

"Wait! Magnify that wording on the front section." she said.

The image zoomed in and all Cylons nearly gasped at what they saw. It was impossible. They could read what was written on the saucer section of the ship.


"Is it a Colonial ship?" asked Number Three in shock.

"No. The Colonials would have fired on us or launched their vipers." said a Number Six.

"Tell the Guardians to hold their fire." said Number Eight.

"Wait! They've opened a channel." said Number Two.

The voice came through and every Cylon heard it.

"Unidentified vessel, this is Captain James T. Kirk of the Federation starship Enterprise. Please respond."

The Cylons paused as they heard the message. Federation? Before they could discuss this Number Eight opened a transmission.

"This is Sharon Valeri speaking to the ship calling itself Enterprise. We refugees fleeing from a war we lost. Please tell us what this Federation is." she said.

"What have you done?!" shouted Cavil.

"We don't have time to frak around." Sharon said. "We need to decide what to do about this new ship."

"It is unlikely that we could capture it, and destroying it could result in many casualties." Simon said.

"But the risk is great." Dianna said.

"We could lose many ships instead of destroying the ship." Leoben said.

"The risk is too great." Simon said.

"My model is in agreement." Sharon said.

"It is a multi-planetary alliance of different species." The voice replied. "We are on a mission to explore and discover new species, potentially so they may join or open up relations."

Number Three whispered. "What the frak is this crap?"

"What different species are represented on your ship?" Number Eight asked.


"Curious, aren't they?" asked Kirk.

"Indeed." said Spock.

"There is Vulcan, Andorian, Human-" Kirk was cut off.

"Human? There are humans on your ship?"

"Why yes, and as a matter of a fact I and a majority of the crew are human." said Kirk.

"What planet are you from Captain?"

"You think these people are human haters?" asked Bones.

More like they haven't seen humans from another planet." Kirk shrugged. "Might as well tell them. No beating around the bush here."

"Go ahead Captain." Spock said.

"I and a majority of the humans on this ship come from a planet called Earth." Aaron said.

There was silence on the other end of the link.

"You think they received that?"


"Cluster Frak!"

"Perhaps." The seventh model at the table, Gina, a six, spoke. "Or perhaps it is a test. Or maybe a sign."

"Of what? That god is trying to frak with us?!" Cavil spat.

"That this could be a first contact, possibly the thirteenth tribe." Gina said. "We might need to rethink this before we toss wave after wave of our brethren at this ship to be slaughtered."

"And what the frak would you do?" Cavil asked.

"I think they might be open to….talk." Gina said. "I will make a point to them if it will ease your mind."

"A bluff? That's your plan?" Sharon asked.

"It is both that or they jump in and frak us all in one shot." Gina said.

"I have to agree."

"They are humans! Why would they help us!?"

"We don't have a choice." said Number Eight.


"Captain, multiple distortions close by. Similar to the first set of vessels." said Spock.

"Visual." said Kirk.

The screen which showed an endless numbers of stars in the void of space switched and revealed a number of unknown ships. They mostly resembled gigantic whales with pods or nacelles extending from both sides with massive alligator heads at the front.

"I detect no discernible shields, or standard warp drive, Captain. It looks like they are defended by heavy hull plating, dense neo-titanium alloy, but they appeared to be heavily armed. The scanners are showing five hundred fourteen kinetic weapons, twelve missile tubes, and nuclear ordinance, and twenty four primary weapons." Sulu said.

"Hailing frequencies." said Kirk.

"Captain, the new ships have launched fighters on an intercept course with the first ships." said Spock.

"Channel open." said Uhura.

"This is Captain James T. Kirk of the Federation starship Enterprise you are nearing our space and are targeting your weapons on us. We are on a mission of peace and exploration but we will respond if you do not withdraw your fighters." said Kirk.

He gave them ten seconds to respond but nothing came.

"Captain, they've locked on to us." said Sulu.

"Return the favor, Mr. Sulu. Charge phaser banks." said Kirk.

"Aye sir." said Sulu as the bridge went to red alert.

"Captain, fighters on approach." said Sulu.

"Full evasive. Fire a warning shot in their path." said Kirk.

It fired its phasers directly in front of the path of fighters and they seemed to stop in space.

"The fighters have ceased approach. The vessels have slowed their approach." said Spock.

Uhura turned from her console.

"Captain, we are being hailed from the flagship of the fleet."

"On speakers." said Kirk.

"This is Admiral Helena Cain of the Battlestar Pegasus. You are interfering with our righteous quest of destroying the Cylon race once and for all. Move out of the way and surrender now or you will pay for crimes against the Twelve Colonies of Kobol." said a female voice over the speakers.

Everyone paused. Kirk opened a channel.

"Admiral Cain, I have never before heard of Kobol or any colony affiliated with it. Your quest takes you close to our space. Do not attempt any hostile actions, or we will defend ourselves." said Kirk.

"Captain, the vessels are moving again. They're moving towards us and the now identified Cylon vessels." said Sulu.

"I repeat, halt your advance or we will open fire." said Kirk.

"Communications have severed." said Uhura.

"They seem unwilling to listen to reason." said Bones.

"We warned them." Kirk said.

"Captain, fighters on approach." said Sulu.

"Full evasive." said Kirk.

The fighters came screaming down upon the Enterprise as she began to dodge fire from them and the Colonial fleet.

"Target fighters and fire phasers on full." said Kirk.

All thought the fighters' weapons were ineffectual the Federation ship's weapons were not. It fired its phasers and each shot hit its target no matter how a fighter dodged or moved it was destroyed. The pilots gasped in surprise and horror as a large number of their fellow pilots died instantly in flashes of light and moved off.


In the CIC Cain watched in horror as forty of her Vipers disappeared instantly from the DRADIS.

"What the frak happened?!" she shouted.

"According to the pilots they used some sort of energy weapons." said communications officer said.

"Have the fighters swarm both that ship and Cylons at once. Get in close and overwhelm them and we'll focus on the new ship." said Cain.


"The Pegasus and the other ships are moving towards us." said Spock.

"Target their launch bays. They can't launch and land anymore fighters without them. Use phasers only and target their gun emplacements as well." said Kirk.

Red beams slammed into the ship and the armor beneath the area of the impact melted away, and the cruiser was knocked off its axis. The cruiser staggered from the hit. Launch bays, exterior weapon mounts, and critical structural junctures were blown apart from the sheer power of the extremely powerful weapons. The pilots watched in horror as their most powerful warship was crippled in a few seconds.

"Shoot to kill! Get those bastards!" shouted the squad leader.

The Vipers attempted turned their attention towards the Enterprise but just as they got in close they rammed into the ship's shields and exploded on impact. The remaining pilots backed off in shock as they saw the blue energy field surrounding the ship.

"Captain, the enemy vessels have not stopped their assault. They are beginning to fire on us." said Spock.

Thousands of bullets slammed into the shields of the Federation starship.

"That's it. I've had enough. These guys want to fight then we'll give them. Target the nearest capital ship and arm photon torpedo." said Kirk.

"Target locked." said Chekov.



"Commander, the enemy ship has fired a missile straight at us!" said the DRADIS officer.

"Order flak cannons to open fire." said the commander.

However photon torpedoes moved faster than any missile in Colonial history. A second later the torpedo slammed into the Battlestar, ripping several decks open before it finally concluded its path of destruction. The CIC went up in flames as it was engulfed in a big explosion that crippled the Battlestar instantly.

The Enterprise had enough of playing defense. The Colonials had ignored its warning, trespassed into Federation space, and fired without provocation. All in the name to commit genocide. The Federation flagship fired her phasers and shot the engines of every Colonial ship that was in range.


"Launch all nukes at it!" shouted Cain.

The CIC was up in flames with crewmembers either unconscious or dead. The DRADIS screens were full of static as conduits exploded. Survivors raced to put out the fires that erupted throughout the massive ship.


"Captain, nuclear missiles have been launched from the remaining ships." said Spock at the science station.

"Target and take them out." said Kirk.

The missiles exploded on contact with phasers before they even got within a hundred kilometers of the ship.


"The nukes didn't even make it. The ship is closing." said the communications officer.

"Get us out of here! Spool the FTL!" shouted Cain.


The view screen allowed the crew to see some of the ships disappear in a flash of light.

"They are retreating through whatever means of FTL they used to arrive." said Spock.

"We better speak to our new friends about this. I want to know what the hell is going on." said Kirk.