It had been three months since the Enterprise had left the Twelve Colonies. True to his word Adar had ordered every Colonial ship back to the Cyrannus system and Cain was stripped of her rank for her unprovoked attack in Federation space. The Gemenese and Sagittarians were forced to pay heavy repercussions for their governments plot to take the Federation ship. However ever since that day the Colonial government wanted to advance and catch up with the Federation.

Scientists all over the Colonies had come together and worked around the clock on researching their energy weapons and shield technology. They began work on designing new and more advanced Battlestars and Vipers incorporated with Cylon and Colonial technology. They had launched exploration vessels and probes into space in order to explore the space around the Cyrannus system. Thousands of industries were researching new designs with better protection. Despite the fact the Federation was hundreds of years ahead the Colonies were determined to gain a reputation as a major player in galactic affairs.

With the Cylons now a part of the Federation it was essential that the Colonies find a way to catch up to the Federation in terms of weapons technology.


The Chief of Staffs along with a dozen officers and scientists sat down as President Adar made his preparations for today's speech.

"Good morning. As you all know due to a misunderstanding three months ago with the Thirteenth Tribe AKA the United Federation of Planets we have made a possible enemy of our brothers. This was due to cultural misunderstanding but has opened our eyes. Many of you and many of our fellow Colonials have read the Federation's history and how they have encountered species with technology that could wipe us out and some species would do that to us or conquer us.

With this revelation scientists from all over the Colonies have come together to find a way to defend ourselves. Despite the technological fallout from our creations of the Cylons we have only now been able to go above the level technology we were at nearly have a century ago. I turn this over now to Gaius Baltar." Said Adar.

The sound of hands clapping was heard as Adar step aside and Baltar stood up in front of the mike.

"Thank you. For the last few months my fellow scientists and I have been working on ways to further protect our computer systems from both the Cylons and the Federation. We have worked on a way separate communications and sensor systems and several other systems be separated from the rest of the computer systems. Another project we are working on is modifying our systems to check and recheck their codes as a means of further projection. One team at the Colonial R&D have been working to improve the missile tubes for quicker launching of our missiles.

As you are aware the Federation ship launched their missile at a speed never thought possible before. We are working to improve the speed of our missiles and launchers by improving with Cylon and Colonial technology. As for their energy weapons, we have speculated they are plasma based weaponry. We have yet to make a working prototype as we need to find a way to contain it. As such we can only work to improve the velocity of our rail guns and missiles along with our sensors and their destructive yield. Our teams are working to install manoeuvring thrusters allowing our ships to gain more momentum and making slight adjustments to our trajectory." Said Baltar.

He stepped aside and watched as Adar retook the mike.

"We need your help. The future of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol depends on you. With your help we will prove ourselves to the Federation and soon the species of the Alpha Quadrant will respect us." Said Adar.

The sounds of applause was heard.