(Set partially in New Moon. Rated T to be safe. I DO NOT OWN TWILIGHT!)

"Bella!" Jane called, running into my room full speed, and while doing so, running into me and knocking me down.

"What, Jane?" I sighed.
"Aro wants to speak to you!" she sang. I rolled my eyes. She's Alice all over again.
"Okay, I'm coming," I said, grabbing my cloak and putting it on. I got up and walked to the throne room while going through my memories.


"Goodbye, Bella," Edward said in a quiet, peaceful voice.
"Wait!" I choked out the word, reaching for him, willing my deadened legs to carry me forward.
I thought he was reaching for me, too. But his cold hands locked around my wrists and pinned them to my sides. He leaned down, and pressed his lips very lightly to my forehead for the briefest instant. My eyes closed.
"Take care of yourself," he breathed, cool against my skin.
There was a light, unnatural breeze. My eyes flashed open. The leaves on a small vine maple shuddered with the gentle wind of his passage.
He was gone.
With shaky legs, ignoring the fact that my action was useless, I followed him into the forest. The evidence of his path had disappeared instantly. There were no footprints, the leaves were still again, but I walked forward without thinking. I could not do anything else. I had to keep moving. If I stopped looking for him, it was over.
Love, life, meaning... over.
Suddenly, I saw a streak of red and white fly past me. I looked around, but it was gone. When I looked forward again, there she was.
"Well, well, Bella. I'm surprised. Where's your Edward?" She taunted, staring at me with pure loathing in her crimson red eyes.
"He's gone. They left. He said they are never coming back," I said, my voice lifeless and breaking at the end. I thought I saw something that looked like pity in her eyes, but it was gone as fast as it came.
"Oh, dear," she sighed dramatically before continuing, "What a shame. I can't get my revenge now, it seems." She looked frustrated and thoughtful. Then her flawless face lit up maliciously, an evil glint in her eye. "Since he left you and isn't coming back, as you say, then I'll torture you in an even worse way than killing you. Since I have to live forever without my mate, you'll have to, also," she said, smiling an evil smile.
Before I could respond, she lunged and bit into my neck. My vision went black.

Three days later, my transformation into a vampire was complete. Victoria was nowhere to be seen, and I was inside the Cullen house, in Edward's room.
I shot up, momentarily stunned at my speed, then jumped through the windows, smashing through the glass. Once on the ground, I took off into the forest, and the next thing I knew, I was in the forests in Canada. I saw a large black bear about a half mile away, and streaked towards it. My instincts taking over, I pounced on the bear, and bit into its neck. The bear was finished before I was. I shoved the animal off me in disgust, and took off running again.
To my surprise, I ran into what felt like a brick wall, and I fell to the ground. I quickly got up, and looked to see what I ran into. I was surprised with what I saw.
It was a cloaked vampire, actually, it was five cloaked vampires. Though the one I ran into was huge. He reminded me of Emmett. Pain ripped through my chest when I thought of my ex-big brother.
I looked at the other vampires. There were two of them that were tiny, like Alice--wince--and another that reminded me of Jasper--wince--, and then the other looked like Rosalie.
I decided to speak then. "Uh, hi," I said, surprised at my new bell-like voice.
The one that looked like Jasper spoke. "Hello, what's your name, newborn?" he asked.
"Bella," I said, then added, "Bella Swan."

The one that spoke last time spoke again. "Hello, then, Bella. My name is Demetri. This is Jane and Alec," he pointed to the tiny ones, "this is Felix," he pointed to the large one, "and this is Heidi," he lastly pointed to the Rosalie look-alike, "We are from the Volturi Guard," my mouth opened in realization. These are part of the people from the Volturi, the same people Edward was going to go to ask to be killed if James had killed me last ye-
I was torn from my thoughts by a high-pitched screech, I'm guessing that came from Jane.
"Jane, what's wrong?" Alec, I'm guessing, asked.
"My powers aren't working on her!" She screamed, furious.
Everyone looked at me with in shock and disbelief, and in Jane's case, disbelief and anger, while I stood, looking utterly confused.
"What does she mean?" I asked when they looked like they weren't going to move for a year.
"Jane's power is to create the illusion of horrible pain in your mind...Hmm, it seems mine isn't working either. I can't seem to pick up the flavor of your mind," Demetri explained, confused. Not as confused as I was, though. Flavor? What's he talking about?
"Flavor?" I asked uncertainly, definitely confused.
"Yes, you see, I'm a tracker," I shivered involuntarily at the word, "and I can track you through the tenor of your mind, but I can't find yours anywhere," Demetri explained.
"Maybe she just doesn't have a brain," Felix said, chuckling. I rolled my eyes.
"I can't use mine either," Alec said quietly.
"We should take her to Aro, Demetri. He'd want to know about this," Heidi said.
"Yes we should," he murmured, then said to me, "Come with us, young Bella."
"Err...okay?" I said, confused. I darted through the forest, following them. I was enjoying the feeling of running full speed when I didn't notice that Demetri stopped, so I ran into him on accident. But when I did, there was a shock that went through me, painfully. I dropped to the ground, screaming in anguish.
After about a minute the pain stopped, and I opened my eyes to see them staring at me in worry.
"Wh-what happened?" I asked shakily.
"I don't know," Demetri murmured, never taking his eyes off me. I stared back, then gasped. I could 'taste' his mind, and I gagged.
"What is it?" he asked.
"You're mind tastes horrible, Demetri," I replied, gagging silently.
I heard Felix's laughter boom through the trees, and I heard Heidi's tinkling laugh. I sighed. Their laughs reminded me of Emmett's and Alice's.
Then they stopped laughing and all gaped. Alec was the one to speak.
"You 'tasted' his mind? How?" he asked in confusion.
"I don't kno- Oh!" I gasped, remembering Demetri talk about his tracking ability.
"Jane, come here, or you Alec," I said, then added, "please."
Alec came foward because Jane was still angry. I reached out and touched Alec's shoulder with my hand, and the same shock, then pain, came through me. I fell again, writhing in pain on the forest floor, for a minute, then repeated the process with Jane. Once it was over, I got up and grinned. They all looked utterly confused.
"I have two powers," I sang.
"How do you know that?" Felix asked, furious.
That's when I could hear their thoughts.
She gets two but I don't even have one? Not fair! (Felix)
Grr! She gets two!? And I can't even use my own power on her! Not fair! (Jane)

Two powers? Is that possible? (Alec)
She can keep the powers. I've got my good looks, at least. (Heidi)

Two, huh? What was happening when she was on the ground, I wonder? She was obviously in pain, and when she touched Jane, it seemed to hurt worse than mine, or Alec. (Demetri)

I responded without thinking to their thoughts, "Felix, I'm sorry you don't get a power. I really am. Jane, I'm sorry your power doesn't work on me. Alec, I don't know, but it seems so. Heidi, you remind me of someone I used to know, I think you two would get along great. Demetri, I have an answer to that. I copied your gifts. All of yours. And the Jane thing, I think that's because of her gift to cause pain."
They all stared at me, shocked that I answered their thoughts. "Edward's gift," I said, shrugging.
I gasped. Apparently I picked up Alice's gift, too.


"Edward, forget about her, okay? You're marrying me, remember?" a girl with strawberry-blonde hair asked, smiling at Edward.

Edward looked at her and smiled. "You're right, Tanya, Bella means nothing now, it's just you and me," he said, then he kissed her.

End of vision)

I screamed in pure anguish, and for some reason so did the Guard. Oh, Jasper's gift, right.

I tried calming down. Once I was calmer, they watched me, wary of my actions. I just sat on the ground, dry sobbing for my lost love.

I screamed at no-one in particular, "WHY? WHY ME?" I broke down completely. He's already engaged! He never loved me, ever, apparently.

Alec warily walked over to me, then put a hand on my shoulder. "What happened?" he asked, worried.

"Edward. The Cullens. Tanya. Me being born," I sobbed.

"Shh, shh, it's okay, Bella," Alec soothed me.

I looked up at him, and was slightly shocked at his beauty. He had his hood down, and apparently so did everyone else. They were gorgeous.

Jane has lank, pale brown hair, wide red eyes, full lips, and her features are child-like, guessing that she changed at a young age.

Alec looks the same as Jane, except he has slightly darker hair and his lips aren't as full as hers.

Demetri has an olive complexion with a chalky pallor, dark hair that reaches his shoulders, and is tall and lean. He also has red eyes.

Heidi is gorgeous and statuesque, has long, lustrous mahogany hair and long legs. Her eyes are a violet color, possibly from blue contacts over red eyes.

Felix is very big, tall, and thick, his size reminds me of Emmett. He has an olive complexion beneath the chalky pallor. He has short cropped hair that's black. He has the same red eyes as everyone.

What's she staring at? (Alec, Demetri, Jane)

"Oh, sorry for staring," I mumbled to them.

"It's alright, we all know I'm beautiful," Heidi said, infatiuated with herself. Her and Rosalie would definitely get along well.

Ignore Heidi, Alec thought to me. I nodded.

"Um, Demetri?" I asked.

"Yes?" he answered.

"Why did we stop?" I asked, confused.

"Oh, I was going to ask you your powers, but since we figured it out…" He trailed off. Jane rolled her eyes.

"Can we leave now, then, Demetri? I'm bored," Jane grumbled.

"I guess," he shrugged. They took off running, me following.

We reached their private jet, and took off to Italy.

--End of Flashback

I sighed at the memories. If only he could see what he did to me after he left.

I walked into the throne room, and saw Aro, Marcus, and Caius awaiting my arrival. I quickened my pace and then bowed in front of them, murmuring, "Masters," then straightened.

"You asked to see me, Master Aro?" I asked Aro.

"Yes, Bella. We have visitors that I promised to have a tour around the castle. They'll be staying with us for a while," Aro said.

"Who are they, Master Aro?" I asked, curious. I didn't miss the anxious glance between him and his brothers.

"Right now it doesn't matter who, just that they should arrive in one minute. Demetri is bringing them," Aro quickly said.

"Okay," I replied, slightly wary.

I stood by Aro, Marcus, and Caius, waiting for these 'guests' we're having. Why are the Masters worried? Are they dangerous? They can't be if they're coming here…I wonder who they are.

At that thought, I heard voices.

"Why do we have to be here?" A familiar voice asked. Rosalie Hale.

"No!" I gasped.

"I was afraid this would happen," Marcus mumbled, worried and slightly wary.

"Why? Why, Master? Why would you do this to me!?" I questioned Aro in pain and betrayal. They walked in the door when I finished, I saw Jasper jump back in surprise at my emotions, pain and betrayal from my current family and old family the current emotions in me.

"I thought you needed to see them again," Aro said quickly and too quiet for them to hear, slightly ashamed and otherwise happy that the Cullens were here.

"Welcome Carlisle! Oh, how good it is to see you again!" Aro cheered. I stood there, frozen in place by pain.

"Hello, Aro. Good to see you as well," Carlisle responded friendly.

What's wrong with Jasper? (Esme)

"Jazz, are you okay?" Alice's bell-like voice chirped. Her voice sent sharp pain through my chest, where my long-dead heart is.

"Yeah, I'm fine, Alice," he responded.

"Well, Bella, here, will show you to your rooms," Aro said. I shot him a look for using my name. Too late now to take it back. I sighed.

"Follow me," I said in a bored voice that I picked up from Jane. I heard them following behind.

"Girls stay in this room," I said in the same bored voice, pointing to a dark brown wooden door with a window, "and boys stay in this room," I continued, pointing to a similar door to the girls', but the boys' is a light brown wooden door.

"Since you're vegetarians, you hunt in the woods by the palace. If you ever to go, you could always come with me, and I'll show you the place. Any other questions, ask me," I said.

"I'll be in my room, which is at the end of the hall with the words 'Bella Marie Swan-Volturi' on the door. You'll find me there. Goodbye." And with that, I spun on my heel and was in my room before they could say anything. I dry sobbed all night.