Sorry I haven't updated any chapters in awhile. I just started school August 30, and haven't had time to make any. Plus, I was so damn depressed these last few weeks. My aunt died September 4, then the 9th I went to her funeral. And 2 weeks ago, my iPod, computer & cellphone broke! UGHHHH! :( Like they say, bad things come in threes. I got a new iPod and a cellphone replacement, cuz I only had it since July. But now all my damn photos are gone off my phone and computer. I can't get a new computer until Christmas. And LAST Monday, the 21st, I got a cold and ended up staying out of school for 2 days 'cause of a fever. So I'm pretty miserable. I STILL have a cold. :( I hope you understand. But, I will get a couple of chapters done on this and some of my other stories either this weekend or sometime next week. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

~Megan a.k.a moonlightfan44