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Black as Day



Ed examined his surroundings completely unsure of where he was. There were trees, dirt, and not much else. The forest around him was dense and didn't allow for much sunlight. Not even an hour ago he was in Central fighting with that bastard Mustang! How the hell did he end up here? He remembered a flash of green light then everything faded into darkness. He sighed running one of his hands through his disheveled hair.

"Well nothing left to do other than explore," he murmured. He took a moment to look around again hoping this was some bizarre dream or hallucination. Unfortunately there was no end to the woods around him. The tree next to him looked climbable. As he reached out to put a hand to it he paused and mentally slapped himself. Instead he stepped back, clapped his hands together and placed them to the ground. The ground shifted beneath him and began to rise, forming a rather large pillar of stone. Satisfied as he reached the canopy he stopped the transmutation.

"That's more like it!" Ed clapped his hands again touching his right arm and transmuting it into his signature blade, slicing the branches with ease. The woods stretched out for another two miles or so, and a castle rested upon the horizon to the west of him. "Crap," was his muttered reply as he noticed the sun slinking behind the castle slowly. "Well better get started." Clapping his hands again, he returned his arm to normal, and pressed one to the pillar causing the monolith to sink back to the ground.

Albus Dumbledore sat back in his chair sucking on a lemon drop, when one Rubeus Hagrid threw open his door. His breathing ragged while his cheeks were redder than usual. "Dum…" he paused to breath "Dumbledore, sir…it's a 'mergency!" Albus continuing to enjoy his yellow candy he sat straightening his posture to show his attentiveness. "The centaurs 'ave found an intruder sir!" Albus' eyebrow shot up. This was much more worrisome than some rouge magical creature as he originally suspected. "Where and when Rubeus?"

"In the forest sir, bout an 'our ago," was Hagrid's ragged reply to the professors inquiring gaze. Albus nodded slipping his wand into his cloak and slipped past the groundskeeper. He was curious as to how the intruder had slipped past the wards and managed to get this far without being discovered. He could hear Hagrid behind him as they left the castle. Quickly crossing the extensive grounds they reached the forest's edge where the sounds of fighting could be heard.

Ed ducked as an arrow pierced the air where his head had just been, stopping another with his automail arm. The horse-men chimeras moved in strategic patterns unlike any he'd previously encountered, plus they were definitely smarter then he first imagined. Swiftly dodging out of the way of a horse-mans' attempt to crush him with its hoof, he groaned. He was outnumbered, and losing energy fast, so he decided to up the ante and started to get serious.

"Alright! If you retreat I won't be forced to kill you!" He shouted hoping to persuade them. Snickers and snorts were the only answer he received. Now being a rational human being, awoken in a strange unknown land and forced to fight with strange horse-men chimeras out for his blood, Edward wasn't in the greatest of moods at this point. He was THE Fullmetal Alchemist for Christ's sake! He transmuted his arm into a blade for the second time that day and the laughter ceased. Once again he found himself being rushed by the strange creatures. Their attacks were predictable and easy to see through, but it was their hooves that prevented Ed from being able to land any hits. Then one of them lunged forward, and seeing his chance, Ed was able to plunge his blade into the creature's flank. Momentum and the creatures' weight did the rest. Luckily Ed was able to get out of the way, freeing his blade in the process, before the beast took him with it. Gasping for breath Ed didn't waste time in celebrating the minor victory. He was still surrounded by six beasts and they didn't look to happy.

"Bane, what's goin' on?" a deep voiced echoed from behind the chimeras. Soon the hulking figure of a giant accompanied the voice, a thin bearded old man standing beside him.

"The intruder has hurt Ronan," was the reply. Ed tried, and failed, to hide his surprise as one of the chimeras spoke. The chimera was a large black bodied male with matching black hair. He pawed the ground impatiently, "Magorian will wish payment in kind to him for this."

The giant finally looked at Ed, whom had yet to relax his battle stance, and exclaimed "Blimey, 'e nothing but a child! 'E can't be older 'an a firs' year." Ed twitched at the remark but otherwise kept his attention on the chimeras. The old men simply swept past the large unusual gathering and came to stop at the injured creature's side.

From within his rode he pulled out a long slender wooden stick and gently touched its tip to the gapping wound, whispering "Vulnera Sannelto." Ed watched amazed as the old men drew the stick across the wound healing it instantly. The chimera, Ronan he believed, stood and began to walk somewhat stiffly, testing his newly healed leg. Happy with his apparent work the old man turned to face Edward. "Now then young man, I'd like to speak with you, if you don't mind that is." The young man glared harshly, tensing.

"Give me one damn good reason to trust you," his voice echoing in the clearing. Albus carefully examined the boy. His eyes drawn to the bloodied blade somehow attached to his right arm.

He cleared his throat and spoke with certainty and authority, "My name is Albus Dumbledore," Bowing his head slightly, "and I would be happy to answer any questions you may have." At this statement the young man relaxed his posture, if only slightly. ", if in return you'll answer some of mine." He finished. The boy stared at him warily before nodding his head slightly and straightening his posture. Albus sighed, the young man apparently didn't trust him yet. He had yet to put away his sword thus making Albus keep his wand out, precautionary measures and all. "Now what is your name?"


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