Title: goodnight
Uchiha Sasuke x Haruno Sakura
#18 I can't
Word Count: 611
I do not own Naruto.

At first, Sasuke does not enjoy waking up in a different inn every morning, though of course he prefers those mornings to the ones where he awoke on the cold, dirt floor. He is not fond of the times when the window would be placed right beside him so that the first thing that she sees in the morning when his eyes flutter open are stinging rays of sunshine, nor did he particularly enjoy rolling too far to the left and waking up in the midst of a fall because he thought there was a wall beside him (though that only occurred a few times).

What he does not mind, however, is waking up with a body pressed against him and a face buried in his chest. It is such things that kept Sasuke from groaning first thing in the morning from being blinded by the bright lights. At night, he and Sakura always fall asleep on opposite sides of the bed; the intimacy they shared on their first night together had yet to reoccur. Somehow though, he always finds his arms wrapped around her in the morning.

In the beginning, it was fine.

What was wrong with minor cuddling,he questioned a few times. It isn't until he wakes up one morning alone that he finds his answer: everything.

There is an ache in his chest and that surprises him.

He considered the idea of separating from Sakura plenty of times when he watched her sleep, but never acted on it. Frankly, he is surprised that she was the one who left him. What on earth happened to the girl who used to be so in love with him?

Much to his dismay, seeing her side of the bed empty and feeling no other warmth but his own, bothers him. He supposes he deserves this – this being left behind in the middle of the night, this waking up alone after falling asleep feeling content with Sakura beside him. This is what he gets for all the trouble he's caused, still, it bothers him. As much as he knew he didn't deserve a second change with her, he didn't think she would just leave him.

Sasuke hated goodbyes as much as the next person, but he hated the lack of them even more.

He sits up and looks around. Her bag is gone. Her coat it gone. All that's left of her are a few strands of pink hair on the pillow and the crack in his heart. He stays in the room the entire day, wondering if he could have ever made her stay.

It grows late but Sasuke continues to lament over the loss of something he wasn't sure he actually had, and suddenly, the doorknob turns. His head shoots up and he stares at the door, slowly opening to reveal Sakura.

She ignores his scrutiny, dropping her bag on the floor and removing her coat. She falls onto the bed and stares at the ceiling to avoid his eyes.

"I couldn't do it," she mumbles. He nods at her indirect confirmation to his suspicions. She really did try to leave him. "It's not that I feel guilty for leaving, just…" Sakura glances at him. Her hand moves closer to his and she touches him lightly. "I don't want to be alone." Her fingers link through his and she squeezes. "And I don't think you want to be either."

He gives her a single nod. "You're staying." It comes out as a statement but they both know it's a question that is currently torturing him.

With a small smile, Sakura closes her eyes.

"I'll see you in the morning."