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I didn't want to wake up, I was fully aware of where I was and why I was where I was, that being the case, I just flat out didn't wanna! Something told me I was not alone in bed….ugh.

I reached my arm over and let it fall slapping into a rock hard cold something, I sighed as I rolled onto my back so I could get a good look at him to give him a piece of my mind, I didn't want to be in bed with Edward.

I opened my eyes to see he was just sitting on the bed reading a book….wow he was being good…kinda, that still does not explain why he is in bed with me. Before I got my good argument started he looked down at me with his half smile, a smile that used to make me swoon, not this one… nope not at all this one made me freeze in fear, someone please tell me I am still dreaming.

His smile faded fast, he slowly got out of the bed moving back to the table, sitting on that. "I guess I have some explaining to do huh…"

"umm explaining is a good start, but a warning would have been a great start.." I pulled myself up so I was now leaning against the headboard, I could not even look at him…I kept my eyes at my feet.

"I want you to know Bella, I am not going to hurt you…even though I have hurt you in many ways in the past I will not hurt you now…Carlisle Esme and Jasper will be here in about an hour. If you would like as soon as they are here I can leave.

I looked toward him but not at him… "does everyone else...know, I mean what about Carlisle…what is he going to say….how could you…" I let my voice trail off, I felt myself getting really upset.

I heard him sigh, "look Bella…this is hard to explain, when I thought you had…left this world I had no intention to live anymore, Aro would not give me death…he saw I would not go easy either so he did not even give me the option of leaving, so I joined the guard." He started to pace a little, "I will be honest, Aro knew of the Cullen lifestyle, he gave me a choice I could either live and hunt as they do or I could continue with the Cullen way of life…I was so numb to humanity, I didn't care about anything anymore."

All of a sudden he moved to the door opening it, I didn't hear anyone knock,…I rolled my eyes I guess that wouldn't matter, stupid vampire senses. I pulled myself to the edge of the bed rubbing my face, Edward walked back in holding another room service tray, "I tired to order something I knew you would like…but unfortunately they do not have pop tarts." he gave an uneasy smirk.

I thought about it for a second then laughed, "yeah well fine dinning has much to learn…"I got up and moved to the try and saw he ordered French toast… I wonder if its called French toast here…moving on…there was some sausage links and fresh fruit. "Thank you Edward, this all looks great…what I would really love is a hot shower."

I noticed his smile yet again, still avoiding his blaring red eyes, I cocked up my right brow folding my arms…"what do you find so amusing Cullen.." I fought back the smile…then it hit me how easy interacting with him really is…after all this time I thought seeing him again was going to be hell, it was actually kinda…nice.

There was no pressure it all came to me like we had been doing this for years, like we were brother and sister, was this how it was supposed to be all along? When I came out of my little trance of realization I noticed he was now holding a bag out to me on one of his fingers. "I…actually got a lot done while you were sleeping."

I rolled my eyes as I snatched the bag from him…I really hope he does not shop like Alice, inside the bag was a black Lacuna Coil tee shirt that had a red star with angel wings, under that were a pair of black skinny jeans after I moved those aside I saw he got me some unmentionables… my face lit up "Edward Anthony Mason Cullen…" holy shit yelling at him took a long breath.

"I picked up everything that was needed Bella, believe me it was not the best thing I did in my life, I had to call for help…I didn't have the slightest clue women went through all that just for a bra my god."

I didn't hear really anything he said after 'I had to call for help'….with my eyes still on the bag I asked him, "what do you mean you had to call for help Edward?"

"It means Isabella, I called Jane to come help me because if I would have got you what I had…from what Jane said I would have fit your body three times and left more room after that…..now are you going to sit here and be ungrateful or are you going to take a shower and eat before the rest of the family gets here."

As much as I hated to admit it, I was kinda being a baby, I mean the guy did go out and get me everything I needed. " Thank you Edward…I am sorry," there I swallowed my pride…before I could choke on it I headed to the bathroom, the faster I get this done the faster the family will be here….Emmett will be here, then we can get this done.

I took a long relaxing breath trying to calm myself down, I really hope this is the kinda hotel that has the little bottles of shampoo, on the corner of the counter was another bag…I looked in it, damnit he got me everything and I really was rude, inside the bag was a bottle of shampoo, body wash, a toothbrush and everything else I would need. He really did think of everything.

The shower was great, the water pressure was fucking amazing…so much better then my apartment….my skin was beet red from the hot water, I hand it to myself I only half broke down a few times…not to bad when you know you are heading to your death in a few hours, but its not really death, it's a kinda death.

I got dressed…looked myself over just for a brief second, Emmett will be here soon, not just him the whole fam-damnly. I took a deep breath knowing Edward would pick up on any signs of distress and use it against me, I know he is still not thrilled about this, and I have to say at this point neither am I.

I walked out, he was sitting on the bed with his back to me on the phone, he glanced over his shoulder at me then went back to his conversation…he set all the food out on the table, Jesus how cliché can I get, I thought about this being my last meal…I am so lame.

I sat down and started to eat right away, I was so hungry I didn't even care about Edward. I was just finishing off my links when he sat next to me, I really had to hold off on rolling my eyes.

"Is there anything you want to do… " I looked at him, fuck what a loaded question. I just gave a little shrug now just picking at my food…ok playing with it is more like it. "Bella, I know you are having a million different emotions right now, I don't blame you, I try and think …if I knew what coming into this life meant, I really don't know how I would feel, to be honest I would most likely be balled up in a corner crying."

Out of all the things he was saying I started to laugh as I got a mental picture of him huddled in a corner like a child, then it hit me…I am like five years older then him…I started to laugh harder…he looked at me like I lost it completely.

After I pulled myself together, I thought of something I should ask him, "Edward…who is going to…do it?" I watched as he pinched the bridge of his nose, I wanted to slap his hand away that is not even cute its annoying.

"Well…Aro is going to leave it up to you…but if you can not pick he will pick for you," he sighed "that is why the whole family is coming, if you decide on one of them…I mean us, I asked that of Aro at least…you know and trust us…"

I cut him off, "you told him….everything, how could you…I mean now everyone…." I was so panicked I could not even form a full sentence. Luckily I was sitting down my head was fucking spinning like it was the night I drank…the night all this started… I am never drinking again.

I could not eat anymore, I mean this isn't like asking for a prom date… is it? I am asking someone of a family I lost years ago to take my life, to hold it in the balance, to make sure they can stop….to trust the people the ran out on me….to not kill me.

I was just getting up to move over to the bed… I think I was going to take Edward Cullen brooding 101...but as soon as I was on my feet there was a knock on the door, which prompted a scream from me…

Edward took just too steps to the door, before it was opened with a loud thud…I even heard some plaster crack… wide eyed I looked at Edward who had a strange look on his face.

Carlisle was the first in the room that I saw, I didn't move, fucking hell I didn't know what to do, Edward still had that look on his face. My resolve to stay put went right out the fucking window when Esme came in the room I jumped up from the bed like my ass was on fire and was in her arms crying .

Who would have thought seeing just one person that pulls the motherly strings on your heart will cause you to go into a full mental breakdown, jesus I am scared to see what's going to happen when Emmett is going to get here.

Esme just held me, I was so out of it I didn't even realize she had moved to the bed sitting down with me damn near in her lap, even though no tears came from her eyes I knew she was sobbing right with me.

The voices in the room meant nothing to me I just needed to know it was all going to be ok, so I kept my face buried in Esme's hair. I knew Jasper was here, I was just not sure why he didn't stop my breakdown. Soon enough though on my own I slowed down and pulled myself off the woman I once thought of as mother.

She smiled the same smile she always gave me as she brushed some of the hair that was stuck to my face from the massive down pour of tears, but there was something different about her look, something was off.

I looked around the room, Edward, Carlisle and Jasper were over by the window talking….seemed pretty tense… I felt bad for Jasper, all this fucking emotion I didn't even want to be here anymore.

I watched the guys they seemed to be in a great debate, you know the kind you see on TV like between the conservative preacher and the left wing hippy like guy that just has a lot to say so they put him up there for shits and giggles.

I stood slowly feeling weak in the knees for some reason, OH WAIT I know why… in just a few short hours I am going to be on my way to being the undead, by from what I heard is the most painful I will ever experience in my whole life and afterlife…. Grrreat.

I walked over my arms wrapped around my body I stood next to Edward, so I was facing Carlisle and Jasper. I don't even care if I was butting into a conversation I am sure this was about me so I was going to be involved, as my mind set I looked over to Jasper, he had a smirk on his face, then he gave me a wink.

I smiled back at him and jumped into the conversation in true Bella fashion, "so who's going to set me on fire"

Of course Carlisle had to bring down my moment of humor, "well in light of the events, I think it would only be fair to wait for everyone… now Bella, can you tell me more about how you got here?"

"Well…" I was just about to start when there was a short smirk from Jasper. "Something amuse you over there cowboy" I had my hands on my hips and a half smile.

He smiled big when I called him out, like a kid who got caught eating snacks before dinner, "well yes ma'am there is something very amusing," he was being a smart ass southerner I think I can like this Jasper. He shook his head as he finished, "your emotions are,….really fucked up Bella" he laughed a little more freely.

"Jasper Whitlock! Language " Esme scolded from the bed, me being me in the mood I was in pointed and quietly laughed….right before we both broke down into a childish fit of giggles. I was trying to stop myself when I looked at Edward and Carlisle…I think it made it worse.

I swore I heard Edward say, 'this is the second time she's cracked up'. Oh hell…my face hurt, my sides hurt…by the time we were winding down me and Jasper were holding each other up…ok more like he was holding me up.

My laughing fit came to an end I reached over and slapped Jasper, "jackass…anyways where were we" I fought to keep my straight face.

At least Jasper gets me, "ok guys really now… I think we need to talk about this" I sat on the table and swung my feet looking between them. Carlisle spoke up, cause really I really believe Edward things I went over the coo-coos nest.

"Bella, the new circumstances being what they are, wouldn't you want to wait for Emmett?" man did he just rain on my happy parade, my legs stopped as my heart ached, I was still really confused by this feeling… ok we had like a hot ass kiss in the pool and what not but its not like I was his mate, I was never going to be good enough.

I looked over to Jasper giving me a strange look, "Bella you don't really understand do you," all eyes turned to him, so he spoke in general. "Bella here thinks she is not good enough for Emmett, and does not think her feelings are real."

AKWARD. Jasper was sitting here talking about this right in front of Edward…. If this keeps up I am going to go into eternal life with a red face, I will be the blushing vampire, great.

It want till four sets of eyes turned to the door about thirty seconds before it slammed open, all reserves I was feeling about my feelings were gone as I jumped off the table and ran right into Emmett's arms.

What felt like a million years just washed away, I lost myself in him, I didn't understand nor did I care, all I knew is nothing could have pulled us apart at that point. He just trapped me to his chest. I knew right then in there, who's venom I wanted in my veins.

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