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A Gentle Whisper...

"You know it would just be nice if you gave me a list of who you wanted me to lie to, so I don't screw things up!"

Sebastian watched his daughter walk away shaking her head, but not before giving him a death glare. She so got that from her mother, that and the dating morals. Okay, maybe he was a bit of a stickler when it came to dating morals as well, at least in her case.


He threw his hands up and walked towards the couch, grabbing his wine glass, taking a big sip and throwing his ass down all in one motion. I don't have to justify myself to her, she's my daughter for God's sake. A little voice responded from inside his head; it's her house too.

He knew she was partially right. It wasn't her job to lie in order to cover for him. But she had to see it from his perspective. He was a top-notch lawyer, who worked hard, long hours, and when he actually went to dinner with somebody, there was a damn good chance he'd be talking on the phone before the waiter brought the menu. She definitely knows that. Maybe he should add another rule to his manifesto; life is complicated, deal with it. He had another gulp of wine, only know he had that signature smirk on his face. Julie was young; she probably thought he would remarry like her mother. Yeah, that'll happen. Especially since he was always fantasizing about one woman, while currently dating two women, and neither one was her.

Moral is something you learn to ignore.

He took another sip of wine, or maybe little more than a sip. Wine had it's uses, especially when thinking of her. Beautiful, smart, sexy as hell and fiery in a courtroom. You gotta love her. Wait what?

Yet another gulp of wine.

Like her, you gotta like her, he corrected himself mentally. "Hmpr", a cross between a sigh and a snort escaped him. Or maybe it was a snicker. Whatever, he thought as he finished his wine.

He decided he should probably go to bed. Big day tomorrow; after all, convincing a jury that the good Doctor Sterling had killed his own wife wouldn't be easy, but he'd make it work. Tragic love story, it never got old.

But, as he dragged his legs up the stairs his mind was already wandering from the case. And before he even reached his bedroom door, he knew what would claim his peaceful dreams. Or, more precisely who. She often walked around in his dreams, wearing one of her power suits, or not her suit, that was pretty much the only variable thing about it.

He fell asleep almost instantly, and like clockwork, there she was. Fiery as always. You'd have to be pretty close to hear him gently whisper her name.


Push the button, you know you want to....