So, I was cruisin' around max-dan-wiz...

Fang: A dangerous habit of yours...

Me: And I came across this little challenge called 'Musical Challenge'. Basically, it's...Well...Here are the guidelines!

Pick a number from 1-100 for a song title from a musical. Keep in mind I'm running this on other sites as well so I'll go with whoever posted first.

-Write a story using the song I give you as inspiration. I don't really care what fandom as long as it's a book fandom.
-Please make sure you post the song, part of it, or at least the title somewhere in your story (or as the title).
-No exchanging songs please, unless you have a good reason (if so message me)
-Some songs have some explicit content*
-Message me once you start/finish your story!
-Post on please
-To claim post like this:
Number- Pen Name- Fandom- Pairing/Main Character*


So, I chose, number 44, which was Brand New You from the musical 13!

And I also chose to do a Figgy fic...

Fang: God, help me...

Me: And the song works so well....

Fang: Seriously, does anyone have a gun? I want out...

Me: Time for...

I See a Brand New Disclaimer!!: Though I may have kidnapped Fang, I do not own him. I don't own Iggy, either, even if Bell has him locked up in Australia. I don't own anything from Maximum Ride. I also do not own the rights to 13, though I do love the song and it may be on my ipod before the day is over...

Note: Takes place after The Final Warning.

Me: I've always wanted to do a Figgy fic! This is gonna be fun...

Fang: -is trying to tie a noose-

Me: Well, fun for me...

Iggy's POV

Two whole years.

Two years since Antarctica. Two years since the Uber-Director. Two years since the Flock has last seen each other.

You see, after the whole thing with the Uber-Director and the 'Stop Global Warming' kick, the government really stepped in. Let me tell you, Ronald Reagan wasn't kidding when he said the nine most terrifying words in the English language were, "I'm from the government and I'm here to help." The government had this splendid idea that we needed families. Well, the Flock would've put up more of a fight if they hadn't offered to help them find their real families. Angel, Gazzy, and Nudge never really gave up hope of finding their families, I guess. After a couple 'Flock meetings' we decided to give it a shot, for the younger kid's sake.

The first person to come up was Nudge's dad. He and her mom had gotten divorced shortly after her mom let the School have her. He had re-married and his wife seemed like a nice person.

Second was Gazzy and Angel's parents. Their mom had had a rough time. She had gotten pregnant with Gazzy as a teen and her parents made her gve him to the school. Then, when they found out how much they could make off of selling babies to science, they had her get pregnant again. Well, she ran off at 18, married Gazzy and Angel's father, and was more than willing to get her babies back.

Then, though Fang had never expressed much of a wish to find his family, our ever-helpful government found them, anyway. His mom had lived a pretty wild life as a teen, but not long after getting pregnant with Fang, she got her life together. She cleaned up, went to a community college, and was now a registered nurse. She ended up getting married and having a daughter. She had been told Fang was stillborn, so you can imagine her surprise when the government officials showed up on her doorstep and said 'Congratulations! It's a boy!'

I remember Fang debating for a while if he actually wanted to go with them or not. I never thought he would until the day his family came to visit, bringing his five-year-old sister along. I guess even the great, emotionless Fang can't resist the powers of a cute kid, especially when the first thing she did when she walked in the door was run over, hug Fang, and say, "Hi! You're my big brother! I'm Megan. Will you come beat up Tyler at school for me? He's a bully."

She was kind of like a mini Nudge.

Then, since Max already had Dr. Martinez, there was me. I already knew who my family was and had made it clear I didn't want to go back to them. So, our problem-solving government decided to find me a foster home. Joy. I almost didn't go, but when I saw the rest of the Flock with their families, I guess I figured I'd need to go somewhere. I mean, more than one of their families offered to take me in, but I didn't want to intrude, I guess. They had all just met their families, and I didn't want to take away from that.

So, in the end, we decided we'd go live with our families, keep in touch, and meet back in two year's time.

My time in my foster home wasn't as bad as I had thought. Ok, actually, it was pretty damn wonderful. Especially when it started off with my foster mom saying, "We're going to try to get your eyesight back." It turned out my foster dad's father had worked at a hospital and knew a lot of doctors, including an eye surgeon. He had the guy take a look at me, run a couple tests (It took everything I had not to run out of the room.), and finally decided that he might be able to fix my sight. There was some kind of new surgery he thought would work, or at least help. Most of my mind had been screaming at me to get the hell out of there, but there was a small part of me that wanted to finally be able to see again. So, I agreed.

And now, our two years were up.

"You know, Ig, those things kind of make you look.....sophsticated."

I rolled my eyes. "Sophisticated? Whatever. I hate these things." I said shoving my glasses back on my face. Yeah, glasses. You know, surgery can only do so much. Yeah, I tried the whole contacts thing, but I just couldn't get comfortable sticking anything in my eyes, so glasses it was.

Max just shook her head and looked back at her watch. "They're late."

I rolled my eyes again. "Chill, Max." I had gotten to Max's house, where we were all meeting, a day early. Seeing Max for the first time since I went blind was interesting. She definetely looked different from the 7-year-old Max I remembered. And heck, if I thought I was surprised, you should've seen her face when she found out I could see.

Also, arriving early got me the priviledge of meeting Max's new boyfriend that Ella had set her up with, Aiden. Yeah, for a while I thought Max and Fang would get together, too, but I guess it just didn't work out. I could see why, in a way. Fang had always been someone who was kind of hard to get close to. At least, Aiden seemed like an ok guy, anyway.

Max checked her watch again and began to tap her foot impatiently. "What part of '2 o'clock' didn't they understand?"

I shrugged. "It's only 2:10, Max. Don't worry, they're coming." Max and I were sitting on a park bench, where we had agreed to meet the others, waiting for them to show.

"I swear, if they don't show up soon-"

"Max! Really, chill!" I said, almost laughing. I hadn't realized 'till now how much I missed Max and her almost-psychotic leadership skills. I missed the whole Flock and their interesting quirks.

Suddenly, a loud ringing went off, almost making me jump. "Sorry, Ig." Max said, pulling out a cell phone. She flipped her phone open looking at the screen. She started hitting the keys on the phone. It took me a second to realize what she was doing. Texting. Maximum Ride, texting like a typical teenage girl. How things change in two years. Max, Fang, and I were 16, Nudge 13, Gazzy was 10 and Angel was 8. Max was texting and had a boyfriend and I could see. Who knows how the rest of the Flock had changed as well. I was both nervous and curious at the same time.

As Max continued her conversation, I went back to watching the crowd. I had no idea if I'd be able to recognize the Flock or not if I saw them, but it was worth a shot. I noticed a lot of people, but none of them struck me as familiar. There was an old couple sitting on another bench, feeding birds, some kids skateboarding, a dog walker who looked like her dogs were walking her, and some biker-looking guy with red streaks in his hair.

I sighed, leaning back on the bench to stare up at the sky. If the Flock showed up, let them recognize us. I was done searching. I noticed a couple birds up in the sky and smiled. Living my new life as a 'normal teen', I didn't get to go for long flights as much as I used to. One of the things I was most excited about was being able to fly with the Flock again. I was just daydreaming about flying again, when I felt Max jump beside me and heard her yelp.

I shot up to see the biker-type guy I'd seen before standing over Max. How'd he get over here without us noticing? I glared at him. "Hey, leave her alone!"

The guy shot me a cocky grin. "What? Is it illegal to say hi to an old friend now?"

I'd recognize that voice anywhere. My jaw dropped. For a second, my brain stopped working. Then, I just spilled out the first thought that entered my head. "Fang? What happened to your hair?!"

Fang let out a short laugh. "Iggy? What happened to your eyes?!"

I jumped up, not believing what I was seeing. "Fang, you look..."

"I look...?"

"Like some freaky biker dude." Max cut in. "Fang, what happened?"

Fang shrugged. "Well, my dad owns a bike shop so I kinda get stuff like this jacket for free. He considers it adveritising."

"And the hair?" I asked.

"Grew it out. Played with hair dye." He gave me a look. "Now, Iggy. The eyes?"


His eyes widened a bit. "Surgery? Did you have a moment of insanity?"

I smiled a bit. "Kinda..."

He grinned back. "Well, thank God for moments of insanity." He gave me a light punch in the shoulder. "Great to see you again, Ig."

I smiled and nodded. "Yeah, you too." I was surprised when a sudden bout of nervousness struck me. Why should I be nervous around Fang? I've known him my whole life!

Maybe it was because he came back a very different Fang.

Max gave Fang a hug, asking him how he'd been, if he was doing ok, and all the usual 'Mother Max' questions. I turned towards them, determined to get around this weird nervousness moment. Ok, so he'd changed a bit. So had Max. So had I. He was still Fang. I opened my mouth, ready to ask him something, anything...

"Oh my gosh! Iggy? Max? Fang?! What'd you do with your hair?! And I hope that's not real leather, I'm a vegetarian again, you know. Wait, Iggy, are you wearing glasses?!?! OMG, can you see?!?! Oh my gosh!!"

Do I even need to tell you who that was? No? I didn't think so.

Well, it was long after Nudge arrived, that Angel and Gazzy showed up with Total in tow. Suddenly, it was one big family reunion that consisted of tears, laughter, questions, and other bystanders giving us 'WTF?' faces. It was almost exciting and hectic enough to make me forget about talking to Fang.


"You should have been there, Iggy." Gazzy told me, eating some more food off of his plate. "The explosion was so awesome! It was huge!"

"Yeah." Angel said. "And so was the bill we had to pay the restaurant for damages, according to Dad."

Gazzy just shrugged. "It was worth it, anyway."

Dr. Martinez sighed, getting up. "Gazzy, hun, I pity your parents." She walked over the fridge, grabbing something out of it. "Now, I hope someone saved room for this cake I made for you guys."

"I'm all over that!" Gazzy nearly yelled, jumping out of his seat.

I pushed him back. "Down, boy!" I said, laughing.

I was surprised to hear laughing from the other side of the table as well. "You want me to get a leash for him, Ig?" Fang asked.

God, I hoped I was just imagining that I could feel my face turning red. "Funny, Fang, but with this kids appetite, he'd probably just eat the leash." I said, messing up Gaz's hair a bit.

"Gazzy wants to be a professional eater." Angel informed us. "You know, like those people who eat a hundred hotdogs and stuff."

"Yeah, doesn't that job sound awesome?!" Gazzy said, not taking his eyes off the cake.

"Sure, Gaz." I answered. By then, I'd become pretty distracted by a certain bird-kid at the other end of the table. It wasn't just Fang's looks that were different. His whole personality seemed to have done a 180. He was still the same Fang, but more open. Not the good old emotionless brick wall I used to know. It was like we'd traded in the old Fang for a brand new one.

And this new one was making me nervous.

I was lying awake in bed, staring up at the ceiling, which was blurry without my stupid glasses.

It seemed stupid that this whole 'new and improved Fang' deal was keeping me up, but I couldn't stop my mind from dwelling on him. The hair, the jacket, those were shocking enough. But then, there was his new outgoing personality. Instead of getting the usual 2 word sentences out of him, we were getting whole conversations. Not that I was complaining about that. Now that he was talking, he had a lot to say, and what he had to say was interesting. I found myself spending most of the night just listening to him talk. With that deep voice of his, he could probably read the phonebook and I'd still be interested. And then there was that new habit of smiling he'd seemed to have got into. He had a nice smile and every time he shot it in my direction, I'd feel those nervous butterflies in my stomach again. It was getting pretty weird being around this new Fang.

Finally, after a couple hours of tossing and turning, I pulled myself out of bed, threw my glasses and some clothes on, and headed for the door, thinking maybe a midnight flight might help me sleep.

I had just put my hand on the doorknob when a noise to my left made me jump.

"Shhh..Ig. It's just me."

Well, speak of the devil. "Fang?"

He stepped out of the shadows. God, that kid was creepy sometimes! "Can't sleep, either?"

I just nodded.

"Well, Ig, if you ever open that door, maybe we can get out and get some fresh air."

"Oh, yeah..." I said, opening the door.

In minutes we were in the air. For a while, all my worries were gone. I was in the air again, where I belonged, and nothing could go wrong.

Then, Fang's wing brushed against mine. Suddenly, I was nervous all over again. I could feel my face get hot as it turned a bright shade of red. That's it. I needed to do something about this. Talk to him, convince myself that it was just Fang, so I could stop getting so nervous around him.

I landed in the branch of a tree, Fang following me close behind. We sat in silence for a while, but not for long. I could feel Fang's eyes on me, and it was making me jumpy.

I turned toward him, trying to think of something, anything to fill the silence with, but Fang beat me to the punch. "So, things are....different, huh?"

"What do you mean?" Was this kid reading my mind?

Fang laughed. "Iggy, look around! Take Nudge, for instance. Is she wearing designer jeans, or is it just me? When was the last time that girl could afford any jeans? And I think she has a Blackberry, too. Angel was showing me her second grade report card, Gazzy says he might be in the school play, and Max! Is it just me, or is she glued to that cell phone?"

I found myself laughing with him. "Max has discovered the joys of text messaging."

"It's like she's playing a Gameboy or something." Fang said. He began doing an imitation of Max's texting that had me in stitches.

"What about you?" I said, catching my breath. "Let's face it, you're not the same Fang that relunctantly left two years ago. The way you dress now. You used to dress to blend in, now you dress to stand out. And your personality is different, too. I mean, you were just joking with me, for crying out loud! And you're talking, laughing out loud, and....yeah." I said, suddenly realizing I was rambling.

Fang leaned back against the tree. "Yeah, I guess I've changed a lot, too." He looked at me and gave me a grin that made my heart jump. "You know, you're not the same Iggy, either."

"I'm not?"

He shook his head. "And it's not just the whole 'sight' thing, though, I guess it may have helped. You're more....observant, as you just demonstrated." I felt my face grow warm. I was thankful it was dark out. "And, you know, Ig? I think you've matured a lot, too." He laughed. "I've just imatured."

I laughed with him. "Yeah, Fang, well you needed to. You're less of a drag now." I said, punching him in the shoulder.

"Bet I surprised Max, huh?" He said.

For some reason, him mentioning Max made me feel...strange. Like, why mention Max? Weren't we having a great conversation minus Max? Suddenly, a thought struck me that made that strange, stomach-sinking feeling worse. "Fang? You didn't, uhhh...Try to be more...outgoing for...Max?"

Fang was shaking his head before I finished my sentence. "Nah, Ig. Max and I are done." He shrugged, picking some bark off the tree. "Some things just need to stay dead, and whatever I had with Max is one of them."

"Oh." The feeling in my stomach started to fade, but one more thing bugged me. "So, are you...with anyone? You know..." I was suddenly having a hard time looking Fang in the eye. I stared up at the moon instead.

"No." I heard him answer. "At least, not now..."

"Not now?" I asked, turning back towards him. I was surprised to see that he'd moved closer to me in the tree, and hoped my surprise didn't show. Of course, the feeling of heat rising in my face made that highly unlikely. "Do you have someone in mind."

He shot me the same cocky grin I'd gotten at the park. "Maybe..." His eyes shot towards the moon. "Hey, it's getting late. We should probably head back."

"Yeah..." I said. I could hear the same disappointment I felt in my voice. I wasn't ready to go back yet.

We both started to pull ourselves up, getting ready to take off from the branch.

"Hey, Ig?"

I turned around to see another new look for Fang; nervousness. He wasn't looking at me, just staring up at the stars, but I could see his nervousness in the way he clenched and unclenched his fists, or in the weird angle of his mouth.

I guess Fang was right. I was more observant.

"What is it, Fang?"

Fang opened his mouth to say something, then sighed, shaking his head. "Nevermind, Iggy. Let's just....get back to the house." Before I could try to drill whatever it was out of him, he took of from the branch, back towards the house.

I sighed myself and followed him. It occured to me at that moment that maybe the butterflies I got in my stomach around Fang might not just be because he had changed a bit. Maybe it had more to do with the fact that Fang had become someone I could get close to.

And maybe Fang felt the same way.

Me: -whacks head off keyboard- Great. I go to do a oneshot and, once again, I can tell this story has more potential...

Fang: Great.....And I can't figure out how to tie a noose...

Me: So, before you people ask for it, about doing another chapter....We'll see. Obviously, I could go on with this, but since I meant to do a oneshot, I don't know yet what I should do next, so you'll probably have to wait a while. Plus, I have way too many other stories going now to think about focusing on another full-length story.

Fang: Does anyone know how to tie a noose? Anyone?

Me: Please, don't show him....

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