A Johto Journey Chapter 13 The Final Blow

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"Alright Absol come on out!" said Drew throwing his poke'ball. Absol came out along with blue stars.

So the Grand Festival has finally begun. But trouble has struck. Will May and Drew ever work things out? Find out!


"Now water pulse!" commanded Drew. Absol focused all of its energy. A huge water fall was sent into the sky! "Iron tail!" Absol's tail lit up a bright white. It jumped into the water pulse. The water started glowing different shades of white and blue. Drew snapped his fingers and the water exploded. But Absol was gone! Suddenly Absol landed next to Drew and bowed next to him. The crowd went absolutely crazy. Fan girls were mostly the ones going insane.



Drew did his best to ignore them. He left, and went backstage. May was in awe. That was incredible.

A few contestants took their turns. Diamond went out on stage.

"Roserade spotlight!" Roserade came out along with red petals that shot in the air. "Now use petal dance!" Roserade shot out hundres of pink petals that meshed with the red ones. It formed a red and pink petal tornado. "Solar beam!" Roserade launched a multicolored beam inside the tornado! It exploded and formed a rainbow in the sky! The crowd went crazy! Diamond and Roserade curtsied and went back stage.

Harley was up next. "Aryados darling, time to shine hun!" (SOMEONE KILL ME! DXXXX) Aryados came out of its poke'ball surrounded by ghostly figures. This was defiantly Harley performing. "String shot!" Aryados surrounded itself in its own web, only leaving its two black spots on its butt behind. They seemed to be glaring at the audience. Harley proffered to scare everyone then to show off beauty… He left and walked backstage. (Zip it I'm dying here!)

Soledad was up next. "Lapras let's go!" Lapras came out surrounded by snowflakes. "Surf!" Lapras made a huge wave that splashed everywhere. "Now use sheer cold!" Lapras froze the water and made ice art work! (I know I know! I was running out of material so zip it! -_-) The crowd went even crazier then before.

May was getting really scared. Everyone did so good. How would she make it? May waited a few more minutes, and was finally called up to perform. She walked down the hall to wait for her queue. Her stomach was turning. She wondered why was she was so nervous. She had done this a million times. Then she finally realized it wasn't the Grand Festival that mad her feeling sick. She felt horrible for breaking up with Drew. There had to have some mistake! Drew wasn't like that. She tried telling herself that it was a misunderstanding, but her mind kept telling her she was wrong.

Her queue finally came and she walked out on stage. She had to focus, she couldn't let what was going on get in the way of her performance. She took a deep breath. "Quilava! Come on out!" she said throwing her poke'ball. Quilava came out looking dazzling. It's fur had been brushed to perfection, and it's flame burned brighter then ever. Pink hearts swirled around Quilava to make in shine even more. The hearts didn't make May feel any better, but she did what she had to do. She took another deep breath. "Alright Quilava, let's start out with lava plume!" Quilava's eyes glowed red as it used its attack. The ground started shaking! Fire began to burst form the cracks in the ground. Rocks were launched into the sky, and somehow they were on fire! "Quilava jump!" Quilava started jumping from rock to rock, showing off its agility. It was now high in the air. "Flamethrower!" Quilava fired its attack towards the ground. (No pun intended… XD) Fire was everywhere! Quilava landed on the ground. It shouted out its own name and the flames exploded. There was nothing but a faded smoke left.

Everyone in the crowd stood up and cheered. May was hoping for applause, but not this much. This was amazing, everyone was screaming and cheering her performance. She curtsied and went backstage. She couldn't believe she did it. She was sure she would mess up being so distracted.

After the last coordinator performed the judges had to decide who would move on to the second round. After about ten minutes of debating, they were ready to announce who was moving on. Vivian grabbed her microphone. "The judges have made their decisions! And the 64 coordinators moving on are on screen!"

Pictures of contestants started to come up. Soledad, Drew, May, and Diamond were in the top 20, a few later Harley's picture sadly, err, came up. May let out sigh of relief. Just because the audience liked her performance didn't mean she would get through. She learned that the hard way a long time ago. After all the pictures came up Vivian continued the announcements. "Tomorrow the battles will begin! Will see you tomorrow! Be there!"

May left the Grand Festival arena. As soon as she left the building, she saw Caroline, Norman, and Max were standing outside waiting for her.

"Hi," she said trying to sound happy. But it was hard to sound happy with her heart in a million pieces. Being her mother, Caroline knew something was wrong.

"Is everything alright? You made it through." May perked up immediately, on the outside anyway.

"Everything's fine! I'll be home in a little while. Got to train for tomorrow." Norman didn't seem to support this.

"Hmm, alright but be careful," he forced himself to say. May smiled and took of as fast as she could. She needed to be alone for a while.


Diamond was fully aware of what was going on. May and Drew had both come to her with their side of the story. But she needed to figure out what Jerkly was up to before she talked to them. She remembered the dream she had about Harley planning to kill them. What had her concerned was the fact she walking around in the park during the Grand Festival, just like in the dream.

Later on she spotted the wacko she wanted to kill. The walked by him in a direction that he wouldn't spot her. It sounds impossible, but Diamond could do it. She grabbed his red book and started flipping through it. (She's an excellent pickpocket. XD) She found the pictures of May and Drew side by side. Nothing had been done to either of their pictures yet. She was more then relieved. As she started thinking about the past events with the purple headed freak, she started to put all the pieces together. Getting Drew to break up with May didn't work. So he reversed it using May's enemy. And where did Brendan fit in? …Oh no. Diamond took off to find May before Brendan could tell her anything.

Back with May…

May was sitting by a like watching the sunset. This usually helped her feel better, but she had to do her best not to think about the times Drew watched the sunset with her. She could feel tears prick at her eyes. She tried her hardest not to let them escape, but her will wasn't strong enough. Even with her eyes wide open, two tears streamed down her cheeks. Diamond ran up behind her. May sensed the presence of someone and turned around. She sighed in relief.

"Thank Arceus it's only you Diamond. I was scared it was…" she stopped. Diamond's eyes shook a little.

"Drew," she finished for her. She sat beside May. "I know. But there's some things you need to know-"

"Hey!" Diamond was cut off by a white haired boy she did not want to see right now. Diamond stood up and walked over to Brendan.

"Go away," two small words, but they sounded deadly. Brendan did his best not to be scared of her.

"Look, I was just here to tell May that since Drew isn't into her anymore-"

"LIAR!" Diamond grabbed his arm and flipped him. Brendan formed the armadillo.

"Please don't hurt me! Please don't hurt me!" Diamond walked closer to him. She grabbed his caller and yanked him up to his feet. She gave him a look that said, "Get out of my face"! He ran away as fast as he could. Diamond sighed in anger. She cracked her knuckles and sat next to May again. May just looked at her, curious and confused.

"What is going on?" she asked. Diamond took a deep breath and pulled out the red book. She flipped to right pages and handed it to May.

"Jerkly set you up. He forced Drew to go on a date with Brianna to make you think he didn't want you anymore." May was stunned. The tears of sadness stopped, they were replaced by tears from anger and hatred. May handed the book back to Diamond. She wiped away her tears.

"So it wasn't Drew's fault…" May and Diamond's eyes widened. They looked at each other.

"Drew!" They both stood up and ran. Drew was in trouble for sure, and they had to get there in time!

With Drew…

Drew was standing in the center of the park face to face with Harley once again. He was angrier then ever before.

"Ok, I've dumped May, and been dumped by her! What else can you do to me?" Harley smirked and snapped his fingers. Two webs wrapped around Drew's wrists and pulled his back up against a tree. He struggled to get free, but it was no use. He looked at Harley fearfully. There was no way he could get away. He was so frightened he couldn't even scream for help. Harley laughed at Drew's fear.

"Oh too easy," he said in between a sinister laugh. Drew's fear melted when he thought of May. None of this mattered. All he wanted was to tell May how he felt. And he couldn't even do that. He muttered his thoughts to himself. Harley cleared his throat and made Drew look at him.

"I don't like stuttering." Drew looked at him in anger instead of fear.

One moment later May and Diamond ducked behind a bush. May went to stand up, but Diamond pulled her back down. May looked at her in shock.

"What are you doing?" she whispered.

"You need to know something." May looked at her confused. Diamond grabbed May's face and made her look at Drew.

Drew was still looking at Harley with hatred in his eyes. "I have to tell May how I feel!" Harley looked a little surprised. "Did I stutter?" Harley laughed.

"And what exactly would you tell her?"

"That I love her!"

May had a million emotions flowing through her at once. She wasn't sure witch filled her more. Joy, or pure anger at Harley for putting them through all of this. She looked at Diamond. Diamond nodded. The leaped out of the bushes.

"HEY!" Diamond shouted. Harley turned around.

"Oh sh-" BAM! Diamond tackled him and gave him the worst beating anyone could get. May let out her Quilava and burned the strings around Drew's wrists. He grabbed his wrists in pain, but that didn't last long because of May's hug. May squeezed him tight, but he didn't care. He hugged her back. May almost started crying.

"I am so, so sorry for not believing you! I should have known better!" Drew rubbed her back.

"May it's ok. He set up a pretty good trap. But-" Drew and May looked at Diamond who was enjoying the pain she was causing Harley. "I think he'll get his punishment." May laughed watching Diamond punch and kick. But what really made them laugh was Harley's girlish shrieks.

After a brutal beating Harley took off completely defeated. Diamond caught her breath, and May and Drew were happy their torment was over. Harley would never fool them again. As long as they had each other everything would be ok. And if things got hard, Diamond didn't mind kicking his butt. Not one bit. So pretty much everything went back to normal, except one thing, the Grand Festival continued tomorrow!

The next day…

"Thank you all for joining us today!" said Vivian. "Today the second round of the Grand Festival begins! Our top 64 coordinators will take each other on the most challenge battles! So get ready for the thrill of your life!" Vivian really knew how to get the crowd excited!

May, Drew, and Diamond were really excited to see who was facing who. They were all facing people they didn't know, and so were Soledad and Harley. This was going to be an exciting Grand Festival.

May, Drew, Diamond, Soledad, and even Harley all battled their way to the top 32. The battled their way round through round up until the top 16. Diamond was up against Soledad.

"Infernape, Roserade, spotlight!" Diamond said throwing her poke'ball. Infernape and Roserade came out surrounded by pink petals.

"Slowbro, Lapras, let's go!" Slowbro and Lapras came out surrounded by multicolored flowers. All four poke'mon looked absolutely dazzling!

"Five minutes on the clock begin!" announced Vivian.

"Infernape use mach punch on Lapras, Roserade giga drain on Slowbro go!"

"And Diamond starts out with two devastating attacks!" said Vivian.

"Go Slowbro use psychic to life you and Lapras up!" said Soledad. Slowbro's eyes lit up blue as it quickly lifted itself and Lapras into the air causing both of Diamond's attacks to miss!

"Err! Roserade magical leaf on Slowbro now!" Soledad smirked as if waiting for that attack.

"Psychic!" Slowbro's psychic grabbed the magical leaf and sent it right back! It smashed directly into Roserade and Infernape. It dazed them long enough for Soledad to attack again.

"Slowbro hyper beam on Roserade, Lapras surf on Infernape!" Lapras crashed a huge wave on Infernape and Slowbro hit Roserade with a powerful orange beam! Both poke'mon had taken some serious damage. They could barely stand up. They struggled to their feet hoping to be able to battle for Diamond. But alas they fell to the ground. The judges put X's on their screens.

"Infernape and Roserade are down for the count!" announced Vivian. "Soledad will move on!" Diamond sighed and crouched down to her poke'mon.

"You guys were terrific. Take a long rest," she said putting them back in their poke'balls. She and Soledad returned backstage. May hugged Diamond as soon as she walked up to her. Diamond sighed.

"Next time maybe…" May's eyes shook a little.

"I'm sorry Diamond." Diamond shrugged.

"Hey no big. Well I gotta go get changed. See ya guys." Diamond walked away, her time in this Grand Festival over. The next few battles went by very quickly. The top 4 was battling next. Soledad vs. May, and Drew vs. Harley.

May and Soledad were up first. May's stomach was turning again. Soledad wiped up the floor with Diamond, and now she had to face her.

"Wartortle, Quilava take the stage!" said May throwing her poke'balls. Wartortle and Quilava came out surrounded by yellow stars.

"Pidgeot, Butterfree go!" said Soledad throwing her poke'ball. Pidgeot and Butterfree came out surrounded by flowers.

"Five minutes go!" said Vivian.

"Quilava flamethrower on Butterfree! Wartortle surf on Pidgeot!" Both poke'mon launched their powerful attacks!

Pidgeot dodged the surf attack, but Butterfree was hit by the fierce flame. After the flame faded Butterfree was on fire again!

"And Butterfree gets the burn stat! That's going to cost Soledad points!" said Vivian. Soledad's points fell.

"Quilava flamethrower again!" Quilava launched a huge flame at Butterfree and Pidgeot!

"Use feather dance!" Pidgeot's wings started to glow white. Hundreds of feather smashed into the flame and sent it back! Quilava and Wartortle were hit with the flaming feathers!

"Wartortle ice beam in Pidgeot!" Wartortle launched a powerful blue beam at Pidgeot!

"Pidgeot fly up to dodge! Butterfree sleep powder!" Pidgeot flew up and dodged the ice beam. Butterfree floated over to Wartortle and dusted a bright green powder over it. Suddenly Wartortle fell asleep! But after attacking Butterfree was hurt by burn! It caught on flames and fell to the ground. It started to fly, but it was barely two feet off the ground. May was trying to wake up her Wartortle.

"Wartortle wake up! Err! Quilava flame wheel on Butterfree!" Quilava started a flame in its mouth and started to spin. It lunged at Butterfree and scored a direct hit! Butterfree got swirls in its eyes. The judges put X's on their screens.

"And Butterfree is out! Witch makes this a two against one! Folks I think we know who has the upper hand, but will Soledad play a little catch up?" said Vivian.

"Pidgeot use aerial ace!" said Soledad. Pidgeot flew high in the air, plummeted to the ground, made a quick turn, and smashed into defenseless Wartortle! Wartortle woke up, but it had swirls its eyes.

"And Wartortle is out! Now we have a one on one! The points are close, and there's only 30 seconds left! This is anyone's battle now!" announced Vivian. The crowd was tense with worry and excitement for their favorite coordinator.

"Quilava's looks really weak, but so does Pidgeot. After all I've been through, I can't lose this! Quilava lava plume!" said May. Quilava's eyes lit up a bright red, even more bright then before! Blaze had been activated! The ground started to shake, and huge flames burst from the ground along with huge rocks! Everything flung at Pidgeot! It was hit with fierce flames and heavy rocks! Pidgeot rocked back and forth in mid air. It fell to the ground. The judges put X's on their screens.

"And Pidgeot is down! That means May is our winner! She will move on to the final round!" announced Vivian. The crowd cheered for May and her amazing victory! May hugged Quilava.

"Quilava you're the best! You did it!" May curtsied and walked backstage. Drew ran up to her.

"May you did it!" he hugged her. May hugged him back. They let go of each other. When they turned around Caroline and Max were behind them.

"Hey mom," May said wiping her forehead. Thank goodness her dad wasn't there.

"Hi sweetie. I just wanted to say congratulations." May smiled. "Why don't you come sit with us while Drew does his battle?" May looked at Drew. Drew just shrugged. May turned and smiled.

"Let's go! Good luck Drew!" May went off with her mom and Max.

Drew felt the presence of someone behind him. When he turned around he saw the freak in the cape behind him. Drew ran off to his side of the stage before anything could happen.

Drew walked out on stage for his battle against Harley.

"Five minutes of the clock go!" said Vivian.

"Roselia, Absol it's your turn come on out!" Drew threw his poke'balls. His poke'mon came out along with red hearts the swirled around.

"Banette, Wigglytuff time to shine darlings!" (I'm gonna be sick… Bllaa…) Harley threw his poke'balls. His poke'mon came out along with black swirls of darkness.

"Absol water pulse!" said Drew. Absol generated a huge wave and launched it towards Banette and Wigglytuff.

"Wigglytuff protect yourself and Banette!" said Harley. Wigglytuff jumped in front of Banette and inflated its body. The wave slashed into it! But nothing happened! Wigglytuff stopped that attack!

"And Wigglytuff stops the attack dead in its tracks! That's going to cost Drew points!" said Vivian. Drew clenched his fists. How was he going to get around Wigglytuff?

"Alright Roselia stun spore!" Roselia unleashed orange powder from its rose hands.

"Banette use Will-o-wisp!" Banette launched about ten blue balls of fire towards the stun spore. The stun spore was dissolved! "Now double slap Wigglytuff!" Wigglytuff ran towards Absol and Roselia. I used it ears to smack them!

"And Drew's poke'mon are getting socked! Drew's points are dwindling down, but will he make a come back?"

"Roselia magical leaf!" Roselia launched multicolored leafs at Banette and Wigglytuff. Banette was hit, but once again Wigglytuff expanded its body to make the attack useless.

"Wigglytuff focus punch!" Wigglytuff ran up to Absol and hit it with the focus punch! Absol got hurt really bad from that attack. Absol struggled to stay standing. Drew reached into his pocket.

"I really didn't want to use this yet," he said quietly. "Roselia catch!" Roselia turned around and caught a bright white stone in its hands. Roselia started to glow white. It started to grow. It grew taller and its rose like hands turned into bouquets. When the white cleared away, you could see that Roselia had evolved into Roserade! "Alright Roserade solar beam!" Roserade launched multicolored beam at Banette and Wigglytuff. The attack smashed into them and knocked them both to the ground. They could barely stand up! "Alright! Now Roserade magical leaf, and Absol water pulse!" Roserade and Absol launched their attacks! The leafs swirls around the water until the combined attacks smashed into Banette and Wigglytuff! They both fell the ground. The judges put X's on their screens.

"And Harley's poke'mon are down! Witch means Drew is going to the final round!" said Vivian. The crowd went wild. Harley glared at Drew like he was going to try and kill him again. Drew looked at him like, "Diamond will kill you". Harley and Drew walked off stage.

May was waiting for Drew to come back. He walked up to her. She hugged hi right away.

"Drew you did it! You beat him!" Drew hugged her back.

"Yeah. Looks like we have to battle next." May's eyes started shaking.

"And it's over the Ribbon Cup." May started to walk towards her side of the stage. "Good luck." Drew nodded.

"Good luck."

Caroline, Norman and Max all waited patiently for the final battle.

"May is up against Drew now right?" asked Max. Norman nodded.

"Yes, and she's going to beat that little ba-"

"UH! Their starting I think Max pay attention to the battle, NOT your father," Caroline said smacking Norman's shoulder. "Have you considered getting to know Drew before you call him that?" Norman crossed his arms.

"He's just like all the other stuck up boys that do these contests." Caroline sighed. She had to think of a way to change Norman's mind.

"And now ladies and gentlemen the final battle is about to get under way!" announced Vivian. "One my left is Drew, and on my right is May! Only one of them will leave with this gorgeous Ribbon Cup." Vivian held up the Ribbon Cup. It shined in the spot light. "Five minutes on the clock, begin!"

"Glaceon, Wartortle, take the stage!" said May throwing her poke'balls. Glaceon and Wartortle came out along with pink hearts.

"Masquerian, Flygon, let's go!" said Drew throwing his poke'balls. Masquerian and Flygon came out along with yellow stars.

"Wartortle aqua tail! Glaceon iron tail!" May's poke'mon launched their attacks. Wartortle's tail was lit up blue with water forming, and Glaceon's tail lit up white.

"Flygon Masquerian fly up!" Drew's poke'mon flew up out of attack range. "Now Masquerian use hidden powder! Flygon use dragon breath!" Masquerian shot dozens of yellow balls at Wartortle, and Flygon launched a powerful green fog at Glaceon! The two attacks hit Wartortle and Glaceon!

"And Drew's attacks hit! That's going to cost May points!" May's points went down.

"Glaceon ice shard!" Glaceon launched pieces of ice at Flygon! Flygon started getting beamed with the ice.

"Counter with flamethrower!" Flygon launched a flame melting the ice! It headed towards Glaceon.

"Glaceon out of the way!" Glaceon elegantly jumped out of the way.

"And Glaceon gets away without missing an elegant step!" said Vivian. Drew's points went down. "The points are like a seesaw!"

"Now Wartortle use surf!" Wartortle started riding it's own wave towards Masquerian and Flygon!

"Masquerian silver wind!" Masquerian flapped its wings and dissolved the surf with its attack! Wartortle also got hit in the process. There was a puddle of water on the stage now.

"Glaceon get that water and use secret power!" Glaceon got near the water and used it's attack. It started to glow a bright pink. It charged and hit Masquerian!

"Now May and Drew's points have taken a serious dip! But from looking at the score they're still tied!"

"You're doing pretty good May," said Drew. May smiled.

"Yeah you too! But I'm gonna win!"

Caroline looked at Norman. "Look at that. She's gotten to know him. I've seen it." Norman crossed his arms.

"It's going to take a lot more for me to believe that."

"There's only one minute left! One minute before we find out who walks away with the Ribbon Cup!" said Vivian.

"Alright are you guys ready to finish this up?" May asked her poke'mon.

"Oh this is gonna get finished up alright but that Ribbon Cup is mine!" said Drew. "Flygon flamethrower, Masquerian silver wind!" Flygon's flamethrower fused with Masquerian's silver wind! It was headed right for Glaceon and Wartortle!

"Glaceon ice shard! Wartortle surf!" Wartortles wave and the ice headed towards the attacks from Drew's poke'mon! The four attacks collided causing an explosion! All four poke'mon were damaged!

"Times up!" said Vivian. "And looking at the scores and the board." The whole stood up waiting to see who won. May and Drew looked at each other. "Oh my! Ladies and gentleman! For the first time in Grand Festival history, we have a tie!" The whole crowd gasped. A tie? "Now, we can either go into over time, or you two can share the title. The decision is up to you." May and Drew looked at each other and smiled.

"We'll share the title!"

"What?" Norman shouted as he stood up. The crowd joined him standing up and cheered. Everyone went crazy! Whiles and loud cheers filled the stadium.

The Ribbon Cup was handed to May and Drew. They held it up in the air.

"Congratulations! You two have both won the Grand Festival and made Grand Festival history! You know an interesting fact?" asked Vivian. "They say if something like this happens, it's because of true love." May and Drew looked at each other and blushed.

"You have no idea," said Drew. May set down the Ribbon Cup. She stood closer to Drew.

"I know we broke up out of…complication, but that was a mistake."

"Awwwww…" the audience thought that was really cute.

May and Drew leaned closer until they leaned into their first kiss. The crowd stood up and cheered once again. Even fan girls and fan boys had to cheer for them. They won the Grand Festival together and had their first kiss! How can you not cheer for that. Caroline looked at Norman.

"Are you really going to take that away form your daughter?" she asked. Norman sighed.

"Fine." Caroline smiled.


May and Drew were outside the Grand Festival arena. They were waiting to face Norman. Caroline, Norman, and Max walked up to them. Drew gulped hoping to keep his face in one piece.

"You're mother talked with me, and May, Drew, you guys can date," said Norman.

"Yes!" shouted May as she hugged Drew. Max fiddled with his glasses.

"You better take good care of my sister!" Drew chuckled.

"Don't worry I will." Drew hugged May one more time. May smiled.

"I guess dreams do come true."

The End


May/Drew: *Kissing*

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