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She sighed and looked before her. Big box stores were the worst. She didn't care that he loved them so much, they were horrible with their overly large carts and all the people rushing around as if they were going to up the prices at any moment. Still, Sheldon was right when he said the savings were huge. She had always preferred to shop at the little market in olde town. There was something so quaint about getting your groceries from a tiny little woman in an apron who was screaming at her grandchildren while they swept the floors looking angry that they had ever been born. She felt so chic shopping there. She had been won over when he had shown her their expenses and explained that by buying in large amounts they could further expand his salary and perhaps even afford a trip back to Omaha or Texas for two weeks during Christmas. She was personally voting for Texas. She was pretty sure Ruby would jump on the chance to go with them as well had she not been dating Howard and had already promised to spend the holidays with his family. Honestly she was looking forward to seeing just how well THAT one played out. Ruby had no idea what Hanukah was. Also Missy was there.

The only really cool thing about these stores were that the carts had two spacious baby seats. A great deal of the other ones only had one and that was problematic to say the least. Now, both Leo and Marie were in front of her chattering in their little way. With enough space to keep them from elbowing one another and having their happy day de-evolve into furious toddler fist fights in a confined area. Marie always won, Penny observed it was because her daughter had no problem playing dirty. Biting, hair pulling and punching Leo directly in the crotch were not below her. However she was in a good mood today and seemed to be getting on well enough with her brother. She smiled as Marie pointed at a stuffed toy and began talking about penguins. Her new favourite subjects were birds and Sheldon was certain she would make a profession of it. Of course he had said that about her interest in animals, and plants and even the stars (that one had pleased Raj). She took a rather large tub of peanut butter and threw it into the cart, alongside the jumbo bag of disposable diapers (bio degradable of course). For the past few months Marie had gone vegetarian, crying at the sight of meat. Penny had simply started feeding her a great deal of peanut butter to replace some of the protein her daughter was losing and praying that she would outgrow this phase before they had to implement the detailed nutrition chart Sheldon had made up 'just in case'. Marie seemed more interested in the chart then anything else.

The sudden ringing and vibration of her phone shocked her out of her thoughts and blindly Penny reached towards her back pockets to grope for the pink piece of plastic. She already knew it Marcus calling about times and dates for viewing the theater. They were planning on doing it as soon as Mr. McCoy was ready but a sudden bout of some sort of illness had him in the hospital, putting that plans on hold. She was hoping Marcus had word that they were a go. The preparations for this were a lot bigger then Penny had initially thought but since it was really only herself and Marcus plus some volunteers running it they hardly had reason to complain about excess time, they needed every minute they could get. Perhaps he was calling about the costumes she had been designing, or when they would have their casting call.

She didn't even really see the buggy in front of her until she slammed into it. Her phone plummeting to the ground in a flurry of pink and scattering into its individual pieces.

Penny cursed and then was immediately chastised by her son for her language, ("Mummy that's a bad word. We aren't allowed!" in a hushed tone) Apologizing to him Penny dropped to the ground to scour for her phone. It certainly wasn't the first time this had happened and it probably wouldn't be the last. Sighing reached for them, reattaching them as she went before she brushed off her gray sweatpants and white tank top, and turned to the person she had hit, intent on apologizing.

She barely got the words out of her mouth.

"Penny?" the man asked with raised eyebrows.

"Kurt?" She replied with the same expression.

He looked just as he had always looked. His body was just as massive, his hair was a little longer and his clothes just the same style. Jeans that made his backside look absolutely AMAZING and a polo so tight she was never quite sure if he just couldn't find the right size or he liked material that clung to him like a second skin. All in all he looked just as he had all those years ago when she had found him underneath her slutty friend Becky. She was so preoccupied that she hadn't realized she was staring until Leo spoke.

"I'm thirsty." he whined.

Without thinking Penny reached into the cart where her bottle of water had been sitting and uncapped it. Her son immediately took it in his hands, his eyes never leaving Kurt.

"Wow, hi, it's been so long since I saw you. How's it going?" she said as cheerily as possible, trying not to fiddle with her hair or recall that she had received the shopping request from Sheldon in the middle of her morning baby cleaning extravaganza (feeding, bathing and dressing the twins) and hadn't bothered changing from her ratty clothes into something nice. Or showering.

"Great." he replied with a smile, "Really picking up. Working over at the gym. Personal Training is a really great business to get into. You been working out?"

Penny laughed, "That's sweet but no, not really. I have been doing a lot of running around lately but nothing that's actually working out. Been around a lot, I've got this acting thing coming up.."

"Oh yeah, you're in that play thing. I saw you on T.V at the gym the other day." he smiled his most charming smile, "You looked really good up there."

Penny blushed. Marcus had insisted that Penny speak to the media and introduce their new play. A Midsummer Night's Dream was a classic and just as Marcus suspected the media loved her. They had interviewed her on every aspect of the play, on if she was going to pay homage to Val Varta or strike out on her own, her own experiences, her ideas for the theater- her personal life. Kurt must have missed that interview. Since Marcus was handling a great amount of the more administrative work he had left creative stuff to her. With the help of Sheldon and Leonard she was actually planning out a pretty cool looking play and apparently everyone was into it. She had sold over three thousand Penny blossoms in the last two months alone when she had worn one for her first interview as a promo piece. All the fairies would be wearing them. People were loving the hype and for once she felt like she was doing something that made a serious difference in promoting both the arts in general and her career specifically.

"Yeah I'm running the thing with a friend of mine. We're hoping it's going to be pretty big. You should buy a ticket." she said as amiably as possible.

Looking up she noted that Kurt was no longer looking at her face, his eyes seemed to be fixed on her breasts. She had stayed a little bigger since the babies but hardly enough to warrant that kind of staring. Suddenly self-conscious she reached for her sweater in the buggy and pulled it over herself, zipping it up as casually as she could. It seemed to snap him out of it.

"Cold?" Leo asked while Marie just looked at her with questioning eyes.

"So you babysitting then?" he asked, he leaned in closer to get a look at the twins " Their cute. Kinda look like you. Did you're sister Ruby pop out a few?"

"What?" was her confused reply. She looked behind her to see if any strange children were following her. It actually took a moment for his words to register; Mostly because she had never considered that her kids looked anything like her at all. They were both tall for their age, they both had Sheldon's eyes and hair colour. Leo might as well have been a tiny Sheldon clone and Marie was simply the female version of her husband. In Penny's mind they looked nothing like her. She loved them to death but she was certain she had merely been a willing incubator for Cooper DNA.

"The kids." he motioned to the buggy where the twins were looking at her," Are they Ruby's?"

"Oh," she exclaimed with a laugh, looking at the twins and shaking her head, "No, Kurt these are my kids. Marie, Leo, this is Mommy's friend Kurt. Kurt, this is Marie and Leo."

Leo immediately gave a smile and stuck out his hand in a friendly shake gesture. He had started doing that when he had seen Sheldon do it one day when they were visiting Daddy at work. Marie did not. She narrowed her eyes at Kurt and gave him a look that suggested that he better not put any limbs anywhere near her or she might bite them. Penny immediately reached into the buggy and picked her up just to be safe.

"Your kids??" he cried in disbelief, "You have kids??"

Three people ahead of them turned around to stare at him. She probably should have been insulted by the look of utter amazement on his face but she could only smile. Kurt had never even broached the subject of kids in the four years they were together. He had touted that he would always be the last of their friends to get married, taking for granted that she would just be there with him. Strung along and waiting for the day he decided they were ready.

"Sure, they're just over a year and a half." she grinned, then added, "Twins."

Kurt was still absolutely frozen before Marie snapped, "Shake hands. Leo wants to shake hands."

He obeyed her without question, reaching over and taking the tiny little hand offered to him. She watched as Kurt seemed to linger, holding the small hand in his own and just staring at it. He then turned to Penny.

"There really good looking kids. Just like their mother." his voice was low and smooth.

She froze, her eyes widening. It had been awhile since anyone had openly hit on her, with the sole exception of Howard and he hardly counted. Kurt had dropped his grasp on Leo and was moving towards her. Who hit on a woman while she was buying peanut butter and diapers in ratty sweats with two little ones at her side.

"I always knew you would be one of those Mom's that looked amazing after she popped out the kid." he crooned, "God Penny, it's been so long since we last saw one another. How did we lose touch like that?"

"Well you cheated on me." she stated as plainly as possible, "Then beat up my friends and took their pants, then lied about why you were paying me back in an effort to get into MY pants. Why does anyone loose touch Kurt?"

"Well it was a mistake." he smiled moving even closer, "Everyone makes mistakes. What we had was special and I was afraid of it. It was bigger then both of us. Well one of us..."

The suggestive eyebrows made her almost throw up in her mouth.

"Come on baby, we can try again." he whispered, reaching over and laying his hand on her cheek, "There's no reason you have to raise these kids on your own. I'd be a great dad. We could have a bunch of our own too, I promise I'd treat these ones good."

"Alone? What?" she snapped, pushing his hand away angrily before lifting hers up so she could see the glittering ring, "I'm MARRIED Kurt."

His good mood switched off immediately at her rejection and he took a step back. His eyes wandered to the ring on her finger and then to the babies in the cart before they took on a cold dark expression. She knew that look from before after faltering under it for four years she could see it from a mile away. Back then she probably would have apologized, given in to his demands and just gone alone with it to keep the peace. But this was a different Penny and that was a long time ago, instead she met his anger with her own, bracing herself and moving in front of the twins.

"You got married? Good god Penny, I thought you had a brain! So let me guess, you got knocked up and had to marry one of those piddling little geeks that were always following you around like pathetic little puppy dogs." he sneered, "God that's sad."

"Pathetic and sad? Really?" she snapped, "I would have thought you got the market cornered on that one! For gods sake you cheated on me with Becky! She's like the town bicycle! Even Chrissy calls her a whore! I hope you got checked out after her, we wouldn't want to fall off, you being Gods gift to women and all. I would rather be with one of those geeks then a girl who should have the Huntington's STD clinic dedicate a wing to her! The only thing sadder then you sleeping with her is her sleeping with you!"

"You liked it well enough." he replied with a great deal of snark.

"Yeah ,well I've got better taste now." she grinned.

His eyes narrowed and his voice was sarcastic "Looks like. Was it worth it Penny, all this to get back at me?No more dancing, or drinking just babies and nerdy shit? Do you like it? Was he worth giving up your life?"

"Well, I did marry him." she snapped back hotly her anger bubbling over, "So he'd have to be. At least he doesn't cheat on me. At least he wanted to have a family with me rather then just thinking I would waste my life waiting around. He's got a great job, he's handsome, he's a total genius, he supports my career and he's given me two beautiful. children. I don't need to drink. I don't need to go dancing. He makes me happy just staying at home doing 'nerdy shit'. Plus if I wanted to do those things he'd be right there behind me, angry about it but he would do it. You know why? Because It would make ME happy. Really Kurt, you think you would have done any of that for me? Even if I had waited around for twenty years? You wouldn't even give up the T.V to make me happy!"

That seemed to stop Kurt dead. He looked at her as if she were speaking in Latin before just pursing his lips shut. She felt bad for maybe a minute before smiling at him. For a moment he did not look nearly as handsome as he always had. She knew she had traded in big muscles for a bigger I.Q and amazing sexual prowess for real affection and love but never had the decision looked so good.

" Well Kurt it was nice seeing you. Let's do this again in five years." she snapped as she maneuvered the buggy and started towards the bakery section.

She didn't even turn around to see him, she had absolutely no desire to. Her future was in front of her in the form of two little mini Sheldon's that were looking at her with his round blue eyes. Of course only one of them had the 'look' right the other one was just smiling innocuously. It was Marie, with her raised eye brow, that asked the burning question.

"Mommy, who was that man?" Marie asked.

"Just someone Mommy used to know a long time ago." Penny answered evenly.

"I don't like him." she answered, looking over Penny's shoulder.

"That's funny, neither does Daddy." Penny laughed.

Marie smiled at her answer before setting the sights straight ahead. Penny took a moment to reflect. If someone had told her when she was with Kurt that they would break up she would have slapped them for being so stupid. She would have argued that she and Kurt fit together, that he made her happy and they would have a bright future together when Kurt decided it was time to settle down. If someone had told her that she would have ended up with that "beautiful mind" genius on the day that Sheldon and Leonard had welcomed her into their world she would have just laughed at how insane the idea what and wandered back into her apartment, never thinking twice on it. Now here she stood, in the center of a big box store, with two little babies in her arms (so to speak) a wedding ring on her finger, Kurt mulling behind her and absolutely no regrets. A huge smile bloomed across her face. Kurt was the past. Sheldon and the twins were the future and in Penny's eyes it shone on the horizon, so blindingly bright it would have put the Big Bang itself to shame.