And she always expected him to wait...

Summary: Juliet hears that his first date went well, and it shouldn't make her stomach twist into a hard knot, and it really shouldn't make her heart ache so fiercely, but it does. Companion to "He always wanted more."

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The initial rejection is devastation.

Somewhere, through a haze of pain, she registers shock and disappointment and a sort of melting in her heart that makes it hard to process anything. And she's not sure why, but she's telling Shawn to give that other girl a chance....

It's the very last thing Juliet wants, and yet she's telling him to get out there, because that girl won't wait forever, but maybe she also means herself, and everything gets confused and surreal.

When she next sees him, she has recovered enough to hide away the hurt and embarrassment. Everything is business as usual. They exchange polite smiles and work the new case and that's it.

But later, Juliet passes him and hears a bit of his conversation with Gus. By what she can tell, his date went well, and Gus seems sure that this will become a full-blown relationship.

And it shouldn't make her stomach twist into a hard knot, and it really shouldn't make her heart ache so fiercely, but it does.

She'll never admit it, but maybe just a little part of her wanted the date to go badly. Maybe just a tiny part of her wanted him to ditch the girl and be with her instead. And she hates herself for it, because it proves that she is jealous and selfish and vulnerable.

Because she knows she shouldn't care this much. She's been rejected enough times to know that it can hurt, but she usually recovers quickly.

But she has never been rejected by him.

And that has made all the difference.

Because it's Shawn.

Her Shawn.

And it makes her squirm, because he isn't her Shawn, and he never was. He is Abigail's Shawn now.

She never realized just how fully she had always expected him to be there. Maybe she took him for granted and just assumed that it would last forever. She could reject him again and again and yet, when the time was right, he would still be waiting for her, with arms that were open and inviting. He would always wait.

Or so she thought.

She's not going to do anything to sabotage his relationship, because she wants him to be happy, and besides – she's just not that kind of girl. Stabbing another woman in the back because of a guy? It doesn't get lower than that, in Juliet's opinion.

But it still hurts like hell to think of him with her.

Kissing her. Loving her. Making her smile.

Juliet can't believe just how much her dreadful timing has cost her – and even though she tries her best to hide her sadness and remain good friends with Shawn, she sometimes hopes that he can sense just how much she regrets making him wait.

Just how much she regrets letting him give up on her.

She's hopes he knows just how sorry she is for taking him for granted.

(If only it could make a difference.)

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