TITLE Getting What I Want
AUTHOR Devylish
PAIRING Dawn/Xander
DISCLAIMER See profile.

Dawn Summers, The Key, got what she wanted. It might take a while, but she always got what she wanted.

She'd been watching him for years.

Watching him grow up… physically and more importantly…, mentally, emotionally.

And now he was finally there.

A little broken, a lot battered. But finally, finally ready for her.

Odd that 'she'd' had to wait for someone who was five years older than her to 'grow up', but then again, everything in her life had always been odd. Her sister was a superhero; the loves of her life having been her greatest enemies. Their friends and family were made up of demons, witches, and the rare human being.

Nothing in their lives had ever been simple.

So, perhaps it only made sense that a teenage/thousand year old key had to wait for a teenage/human boy to grow up to be worthy of her.

And he was worthy.

He was going to fight her on that fact, but it was true.

He was gorgeous in a tousled dark haired, goofy boy next door kind of way. And he was funny. He made her laugh, at him, with him. She didn't laugh much as The Key. But since she was… humanized, it was him… his jokes, his smiles, that made her grin… made her laugh.

She pulled her hair out of its ponytail, combing her fingers through the strands.

He was downstairs now, pacing, wondering how he'd gotten himself into this situation; into taking 'little Dawnie Summers' out to dinner.

She almost felt sorry for him. Almost. But not quite.

She'd wanted him for a long, long time.

She smiled.

Him and Spike. She'd had a crush on both of them for the longest time. It was easy to see why she had been attracted to Spike. Beautiful blue eyes, cheeks, accent. And a superhero with a dark side. What wasn't desirable about that?

Eventually, the fact that her sister wanted/needed/belonged with Spike (although Buffy was stubborn and didn't admit it for the longest time) made Dawn turn her full focus on to Xander.

And she'd found there was something about his being a hero and a human -- more easily broken than any of the other members of the team -- that made him stronger; more worthy... more enticing to her.

She smoothed her hands against the short length of her skirt; eyeing her figure in the mirror.

He wasn't going to be able to breathe for a second. And then he was going to stutter a bit. And then he'd man-up and compliment her on her outfit.

She slipped into her heels and headed to the door. A small cluster of butterflies lit in her stomach, reminding her that she was indeed part human.

Dawn Summers, The Key, got what she wanted. It might take a while, but she always got what she wanted. And now… now she was about to get the one thing she'd wanted ever since she became a human. Alexander Harris.