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Love, Marriage, and Pranks

Albus Dumbledore pinched the bridge of his nose wearily as he looked on from his seat at the head table. Usually he would have the Daily Prophet in front of him although not today. He was holding off letting the owls deliver the papers and any letters to the students until after breakfast, knowing no one would be able to eat if they saw that morning's front page.

The new minister of magic Kingsley had enforced a new law but had not wanted to do it he really truly had not unfortunately it was the only known way to prevent the wizarding world from dying out. Their world's population had taken a major decline during the war just gone in fact if they did not take immediate action then their people would surely die out within five or six decades if even that.

Therefore with a heavy heart and a shared glance of worry with his wife Minerva McGonagall, Albus stood up and proceeded to gain the attention of the student population of Hogwarts. He truly hated to do it but he knew the sense of peace and security the students were feeling was about to be destroyed and there was not a damn thing he could do to prevent it.

He placed a Sonorus charm on his voice so it would carry all over the large hall before clearing his throat and immediately gaining the attention of everyone present as he took a deep breath and said, "I presume you are all wondering why the post is late this morning?"At several nods he continued, "I am afraid that is due to me holding it off until after breakfast as it was necessary to have done so. I am very much certain no one would have eaten or been as calm as you are all right now if I had in fact allowed the post to be delivered during breakfast."

He pauses for a moment trying to choose his words carefully before he continued on, "I am afraid I have such news that is not of the pleasant Varity to say the least. I am going to tell you what that news is before anyone can read the front page of the Daily Prophet. I feel it more prudent that I reveal all instead of everyone discovering such news via the newspaper." He noticed that everyone started to look worried, very worried.

He continued after bracing himself for knew of the backlash that was sure to be coming in his general direction as what he was about to reveal was not going to be well received in the least. "It has been brought to my attention by the new Minster of magic that the population during the war has taken a dangerous decline since the war was won this May just past. The ministry fears it is most likely that the wizarding population will die out within less than five or six decades if even that long, that is if immediate action is not taken and abided by" he revealed to them all.

He added after swallowing thickly, his gaze truly sombre and his blue eyes had lost their usual shine and twinkle, all due to the situation in fact being that dire. "The ministry has spent the entire summer discussing at length how to remedy this unfortunate situation." He added, "After much deliberation it has been decided that a law shall be enforced, a law not seen nor used since the founders of Hogwarts were in fact teenagers, which ultimately means a marriage law is already in effect since this morning."

He paused as loud gasps of horror echoed throughout the great hall, hardly surprising when you considered what he had just revealed and he was not even done yet. He knew reactions to what he said next were only bound to become increasingly worse. He raised his hands and exclaimed, "Silence I am not done speaking yet, please allow me to finish." He pauses waiting for quite then adding, "You must listen and believe I realise this is not the best nor most convenient of news but am afraid under the dire circumstance it is indeed very necessary as well as compulsory if you wish to remain here in the wizarding world and not have your magic taken from you."

He continued on as he heard even more gasp of horror and outrage, "The law states that all witches and wizards between the ages of sixteen and forty are eligible under the law. All who are eligible and are still in school must conceive their first child within a year of graduating and as for those who are over the age of seventeen they are required to conceive within year of being married."

He went on noticing everyone's horror growing by the second, noticing that many girls were silently crying, whilst many boys looked terrified. "The ministry has already chosen a spouse who is most suited to you. Couples selected are not at random the ministry having conducted several tests, such as how compatible you are with your chosen. And allow me to make a point of saying this just in case some of you insist there has been a mistake, the tests are never wrong, never."

He continued after another pause allowing a moment before going on, knowing they had to know before all read the paper. "Letters with your chosen spouse to be will arrive this morning along with the newspaper hence why I prevented the post being delivered until now. I wanted you all to be aware before your saw the paper and read the official letters sent from the ministry." He concluded, "All lessons for year's six to seven are halted for the day due to chosen spouses visiting the school if they are not already students. I shall now release the charm holding the owls back from delivering mail."

He released the charm followed by the one he had placed on his voice before retaking his seat next to his wife, who looked truly as weary as her husband. He turned to his wife as Minerva commented in a voice full of fear, "My god, Albus, this is a disaster, the students are going to be truly hysterical when they find out who has been selected as their spouses." She added looking truly distressed, "Their freedom of choice it has been took from them, seventh years engaged and due to marry once out of Hogwarts will be separated if the ministry does not deem them to be a suitable match, it is beyond cruel ,Albus."

Albus replied sadly, "I know Minerva but Kingsley truly did not want to do as believe it or not he is not being left out due to being minister he will also be presented with a match deemed suitable. It has been two years since his wife was murdered by death eaters which means the Ministry believe it long enough to have mourned even though I think there is no set time to truly get over losing a loved one."

He looked weary as he added, "The ministry did not have a choice our people and world are at risk of ceasing to be due to the war with Tom and I fear it has practically depleted many generations. I fear not even this law would have been possible either if Harry had not defeated Tom when he did." With that having been said Minerva and Albus scanned the entire hall.

They watched in rapidly growing dismay as students started to read their mail and soon the whole hall was awash with the sound of screams and raised voices. Many teens ran out of the great hall, whilst young couples sobbed and clung to each other in anguish and loss at the injustice of what the Ministry had done.

Severus Snape looked on as emotionless as usual, although on the inside was a different story entirely, he was in hell. He not being forty for another year yet unfortunately was eligible to marry under the ridiculous law, damn it all to hell. His opinion in regards to the whole law was less then flattering to say the least as he truly believed if there was one thing among many that the Ministry had no business sticking their noses in then who he did marry or who he had children with sure as hell would be it.

He had already received his letter that morning and his chosen was a witch similar in age to him, who is a mediwitch at St. Mungos. He was to meet her that up and coming morning and was surely dreading it. He had no desire to marry as no woman could ever be or begin to compare to Lily and her memory and the love that still burned for her dead or not.

Lupin got lucky as he was already married to Tonks and they had their son, Teddy. Snape envied him he truly did for many reason, being that Lupin loved the witch he married, had chosen to out of free will. Severus on the other had not wanted to marry nor had he wanted children, however he now had no choice or else stripped of his magic and tossed into the muggle world. He surely refused with a passion to be subjected to such a cruel and bleak fate having been born with his magic, it being a part of him and would stay just as that if he had any say in the matter.

He had not spied and risked his life during the war only to end up as a worthless squib and tossed out on his ass to rot in the muggle world, ha, not damn bloody likely Snape thought viciously. Fucking fate owed him huge for the shitty cards life had dealt him so far. Snape could bloody well list them all eight key points as he rightfully bitched and moaned with acid like venom.

First off for giving him an abusive shit head of a muggle father who had hated magic with a raging passion. Secondly for giving him a set of enemies such as Black and Potter during his school years, which was where the third came into to play when his first love Lily fell in love with Potter. Fourth of course was allowing him to meet Lucius Malfoy who introduced him to his special brand of friends, hell who needed enemies when you end up with friends like Lucius Malfoy.

The fifth was what had truly sealed his hatred of Black after the life threatening prank played on him when he was told about Lupin's transformations during the full moon in the shirking shack, which led to his curiosity getting the better of him and him coming face to face with and almost being bitten by a fully grown werewolf. Naturally the sixth was when Potter had to save his hind in turn meaning Severus owed Potter a life debut much to his eternal disgust.

The seventh was when Lily married Potter and got pregnant with Harry and had led him to joining the death eaters and of course the partial information he had given Voldemort had played a part in Lily and Potter getting killed and Harry being left and orphan. That all finally led him to the eighth reason, which was him going to Albus bloody Dumbledore begging for forgiveness and a second chance, which in turn was how he became a spy for the order.

So yes, fate was a sadist who seemed to hate Severus's gusts, so yes it definitely owed Severus Tobias Snape huge, so fucking huge indeed it made his blood boil.