Title: The Favor

Author: Katelynne

Rating: G

Characters: Cody, and others from UC: Undercover appear.

Disclaimer. I don't own Cody or any of the characters from UC:Undercover, I am merely borrowing them. I do own Kelly.

Category: Fluffy Fun Piece

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Donavan saw Cody walk into the office and wasted no time in cornering him. Cody looked at him and tugged nervously at the collar of his jacket, "Yeah.. y-yes sir?"

"I need to ask a favor of you." Frank smiled. It was almost a smirk really. "I have a project and it really does require someone of your particular expertise." Cody sensed from the way the man was finessing him that it was something of a personal nature and most likely something below his abilities. "What is it?" He asked warily, removing his backpack and dropping it at his feet.

Frank smiled broadly, "My niece is going to be starting at University of Illinois next week and I want her to have a state of the art computer system to help her with her studies. I figured you would be able to take her and swing a good deal."

Two thoughts went through Cody's mind. The first was Great.taking an 18 year old girl shopping. fun fun fun.. The next was, Donavan has a niece? He shrugged off the thought and asked, "And when would you like me to perform this.duty?"

"Tomorrow." Frank said slowly. He knew he was taking advantage of Cody's willingness to please him, but he wanted to make his niece happy.

Cody glanced at Frank thoughtfully. "Let me get this straight. what you're asking me to do is take your niece . shopping. on my day off." Frank nodded.

The younger man chuckled, "It might seriously cut into my busy schedule of downloading MP3s, but I'll do it."

"Great. I told her you'd be there at 11 am." Frank grinned and walked off to speak with Alex. Cody sighed and muttered to himself, "Pushover."

Saturday at 11 am, Cody pulled his Black Jeep up in front of the small apartment building and checked the address Frank had given him. With another sigh and another thought about stuff he could be doing, he got out of the Jeep.

A few minutes later, Cody stood in front of the door to apartment 4-B. He could hear the sound of Pink Floyd's "Time" playing and smiled to himself. At least I can't fault her taste in music. He knocked and waited while someone inside turned the volume down. Then he heard the sound of the doorknob turning. The door opened and standing before him was the most exotic, beautiful girl Cody had ever seen. Dark shiny hair framed an olive skinned face, featuring full red lips and eyes the color of golden caramel.

"Uhhh. hi. are you Kelly?" He stammered.

"Yes, you must be Cody. Right on time. I just have to finish getting ready." She moved back into the room, leaving the door open for him to enter. Slowly, Cody walked into the small living room and looked around. There wasn't really much to look at. A few boxes stacked in a corner, some multi-colored scarves had been hung over the window. One framed watercolor print had been hung on the wall. Cody walked over and looked at it. It was a portrait of a young girl who resembled Kelly. The girl had been painted with soft looking wings extending from her back and horns on her head. Kelly looked up at him while she pulled boots on. "That's my sister, Jenny. And it's a very true likeness." She smirked.

Cody looked at Kelly, "You did this?"

Kelly nodded. "Yeah, It was for an art project back in high school. I liked it so much I had it framed."

Cody chuckled, "You say, back in high school like it was a long time ago."

"Well, it has been three years." Kelly shrugged.

Cody's mind began swirling with thoughts. At the forefront was the fact that she was only seven years younger than him, not the 10 he'd been thinking. He smiled. "Why the delay between graduation and starting college?"

"I took a year off to travel through Europe and visit my great grandmother in Israel." She stood up.

Cody furrowed his brows. "But, it's been three years." He held up three of his fingers in emphasis.

Kelly laughed. It sounded like music. "Well, I'm sure you've heard the story. took a year off. one year turned into three." She winked at him.

"So, what did you do all that time?" Cody asked her, pulling his car keys out of his wallet. Kelly shrugged on a jacket, "Traveled around, checking out art exhibits. I stayed with my great-grandmother for almost two years. Israel is so beautiful, it was hard to leave."

Cody couldn't believe his luck. She's perfect. "So, why did you come back?" He asked while she locked the door to her apartment.

Kelly sighed, "Eight months ago, Great-Gran died. I've been home for 6 months. living with my parents. My dad told me that because he allowed me to take all that time off I HAD to go back to school now."

Cody looked at her, "You don't sound happy about that."

"To be honest with you. being an artist is what I love to do. painting is so." she grinned, "liberating. I can totally be myself through my art. I'm going to study architecture to make my dad happy."

They began to walk down the hall; "You shouldn't do things to make other people happy."

Kelly smiled at him, "Well, Uncle Frank is getting me a computer as part of the deal, so it's not all bad for me is it?"

"No, I guess not." Cody smiled. Not working out too badly for me either. He followed Kelly down the stairs, noticing how her hair bounced against her shoulders as she walked.

"Where did you park?" she asked.

"Right out front." Cody told her. She got to the bottom of the stairs and turned around, looking up at him, "You did? Are you sure it's still there?"

Cody frowned and walked to the front door, "Yeah, it's right there." He pushed open the door and pointed at the empty curb. "My car!!"

Kelly giggled, "Uhh. yeah.. I should've had Uncle Frank warn you about the parking nazis. They take their job EXTREMELY seriously." She pulled out her cell phone and dialed a number.

"Barry . this is Kelly Donavan from 4-B. when a car is towed from out front, where is it taken?" She cocked her head while she listened, "Okay thanks." She disconnected the call. She walked a distance away and put her hand on one hip. She called the towing company to make sure they had it. Cody bit his lip nervously thinking about his 1996 Jeep Cherokee being impounded.

Kelly walked back over to him with a small smile. She patted his arm, "Relax, they have your car, they must've gotten the call before you even knocked on my door."

Cody instantly looked relieved, "Where do we have to go."

"Bronson Brothers Towing. it's only a few blocks up the road." Kelly told him, "It's only going to be $95.00 to get it."

Cody chuckled, "Only, she says."

"It could be worse." She chuckled, heading up the street.

Cody caught up to her, "I guess it could." He shrugged.

"If I were you, I'd give my uncle a piece of my mind." She smiled wickedly.

"Right. that's a great idea." Cody rolled his eyes.

Half an hour later, and one credit charge later, Cody had his Jeep back. He opened the door for Kelly so she could get in and then walked around to his side. Settling into the driver's seat he caressed the steering wheel and said, "I'm so glad to have you back."

Kelly cast him a look and laughed. "Okay.. Where are we going shopping?"

Cody remembered where he was and who he was with, "Oh .. ahhh. we're going to Computer Land on 75th. A friend of mine works there and we'll be able to build you a sweet system."

Kelly smirked at him, "Sounds great." She pulled her seatbelt on. Cody shook his head as if to clear it then started the car. That smirk had reminded him so much of Donavan that it scared him.

They made small talk as they drove to the computer store. The more they talked the more Cody fell for this girl. There's got to be something. she's too good to be true. He pulled into the parking lot at Computer Land and was disappointed that Kelly opened her door and was halfway out before he had the chance to get the door for her.

He made sure when they walked into the store that he was in front of her so he could show her what a gentleman he was. Kelly gave him a slight smile as she passed, "Thank you." She said softly. Cody smiled and followed her in.

"Cody!! What's going on?" The man behind the counter asked.

"Not much Paul." Cody saw that Kelly was wandering around the store, "Just helping Kelly over there get a system built."

Paul looked over at Kelly, "Nice little honey. how do you know her?"

Cody sighed, "My boss's niece."

"Ouch. too bad for you." Paul teased.

"Yeah, yeah." Cody shrugged, putting his hands in his pockets. "Now. I was thinking one of the brand new Pentium hard drives with a big ass monitor .." He rattled off a bunch of equipment and Paul mentally took notes.

A few minutes later, Kelly approached them, "How's it going?"

"Cody's gonna set you up with a NICE system. you're lucky." Paul winked at her. Kelly couldn't help but chuckle. "It'll take me a couple days, if you'd like to come pick it up."

Cody nodded, "Go ahead. we'll pay for it now." Kelly pulled out her wallet and gave Paul the credit card her uncle had let her borrow. Paul took the card and went to go process the sale. Kelly leaned against the counter, "Thanks for your help."

Cody smiled shyly at her, "It's not a big deal. I'll come to your place and set it up for you when it's ready."

"That'd be nice." Kelly smiled, "I hope we'll become good friends, you've been fun to talk to."

Cody's heart skipped a beat, "I'd. ahh.. yeah, you know, I'd like that too."

"Great." Kelly smiled. She straightened up when Paul returned. "Okay. I just need you to sign the slip right here." Kelly grabbed a pen and signed her name. Her dark hair cascaded down, shielding her face.

Paul mouthed to Cody. "Dude, you SO have to call me." Cody smiled and nodded his head at him.

Kelly looked up and they both pretended not to be doing anything. "Okay. is that it?" she asked.

Paul nodded. "Yeah, I'll give Cody a call when it's all together."

"Great. thanks for your help." Kelly grinned.

"Anytime." Paul smiled and waved as Cody guided her out the door.

Cody's mind darted all the way to the car. I think she might like me, she's looking forward to seeing me again. maybe I should ask her out. maybe make her dinner or something. mom would love her.

Kelly looked at him, "What are you thinking about?"

Cody's eyes shifted nervously, "I .. was just thinking how jealous I am. I think I built you a better system than mine."

Kelly chuckled, "I guess you'll have to upgrade." She pulled open the door to the Jeep and climbed in.

"Yeah. upgrade." Cody muttered and climbed into the car himself.

As they pulled up in front of the apartment building 20 minutes later, Kelly's face brightened at the sight of a white sedan parked on the corner. She directed him to park on the opposite corner. "That's a safe parking zone." She laughed. They got out of the Jeep.

Kelly waited for Cody to get out of the Jeep and pulled him across the street. They approached the Honda he'd noticed a few minutes before right as a man with long blonde hair was getting out. "HEY!!" She smiled and ran into his arms.

Cody watched the scene before him and his heart sank. He walked over to them and Kelly turned to him, "Cody. this is my boyfriend Scott."