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Chapter Two: Dinner

"That wasn't so bad, was it?"

"It wasn't was terrible!"

Ludwig sighed. It hadn't been as bad as Vexen made it sound.

When the four arrived, Marluxia (who had pink hair! Pink!) had just started the meeting. Vexen hid behind Ludwig, not wanting to be seen by the (clearly flaming) pink head. Well Demyx and Feliciano on the other hand, waved and screamed; "Hey! Hey! Over here! Over here!"

Vexen wasn't too happy about that.

Once the meeting was over and Marluxia spotted Vexen, they chatted. Well, maybe chatted wasn't the word...more like friendly agruing without the being friendly.

Francis, on the other hand, talked with Feliciano and once groped Ludwig. He blushed and screamed at the man, who laughed. Feliciano asked him not to do it again, and Francis sighed in agreement.

"Vexen~! I'm hungry! Can we have pasta tonight~?" Feliciano asked.

Vexen sighed. "I'm sorry, Feliciano. We had pasta last night...and the night before...and the night before..."

Ludwig sighed. "I'd kill for some wrust and potatoes right now."

"Wrust?" Feliciano asked. "What is wrust?"

Ludwig smiled and ploped down on his bed. He laid his hand on his stomach and closed his eyes.

Vexen had taken them out to eat. Ludwig couldn't remember the exact name of the place but they had wrust.


"Hmm?" He turned his head to side to see Vexen. "Yeah?"

"May I have a word with you.."

"Sure," He sat up and leaned back for a moment, hoping to pop his back. "what is it?"

Vexen sighed. "This is going to sound corny and I probarly have no right to say this but..." He turned away. "Whatever you not, I repeat, not fall for Feliciano."

It was silent for a moment. Ludwig couldn't believe the words that had just been said. Don't fall in love with Feliciano?

"Um, I'm afraid, I'm not into men."

"Sometimes we fall for our competele opposites and when we do...we fall hard. Look at Demyx and I..."

"Why are you telling me this?"

Vexen ingorned the comment. "Feliciano likes you. You remind him of someone else. Someone, he once held very dear. Don't let it get to your head."


Vexen nodded and left the room, leaving Ludwig to think of those words.

Sometimes we fall for our competele opposites...

"Nah! He didn't mean anything by that." Ludwig laid back down and closed his eyes, as he started to fall into a deep dreamless sleep.

Sometimes we fall for our competele opposites...and when we do...




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