When the alarm went off at six-thirty, Ephram really wished that he hadn't set it. They needed to get back home though, and had a long drive ahead of them. He nudged Kyle awake half-heartedly.

"Get your pants back on," he instructed the boy as he did the same. "Then go start my car. I'm going to go get what passes for hotel breakfast coffee before we go."

He tossed his keys on the bed next to Kyle and went to check them out and pour himself a cup of complimentary sludge. He was not a morning person, and if he was going to drive three hours, he needed something to get him through until they could find somewhere to get a drive-thru breakfast, once Kyle had actually woken up.

Ephram slumped towards his car, which he could see was running. It hadn't really warmed up yet though. He set his coffee in the cup holder and took his coat off, handing it to Kyle to use as a pillow. He didn't even get a muttered 'thank you' before he fell back to sleep.

So he was forced to drive in near-silence, the radio down low, although Kyle had promised previously it wouldn't bother him. His drink became cold and impossible to finish due to sheer gross factor.

Around nine, Kyle woke up. Ephram looked over at him. "Good nap, Sleeping Beauty?"

"Screw you," Kyle muttered. "I don't do mornings."

"Neither do I," Ephram said. "But one of us had to drive."

"Well, what did you stay the night for then?"

Ephram sighed. There really was no winning with Kyle. He doubted there ever would be, and he didn't want to push it. They were both tired, groggy and probably not in the best of moods right now. Instead, Ephram took a different approach.

"I suppose you'll want breakfast then?"

"If you're not worried you'll break the bank," Kyle replied. "I could go for a breakfast croissant if there's any fast food place in the next few exits though."

Ephram pulled off about ten miles later and dug his wallet out of his back pocket and got them two breakfasts, Kyle's with orange juice and real (more real than hotel, anyway) coffee for himself. He handed the bags over to Kyle and pulled back onto the freeway.

He glanced over at Kyle as he unwrapped his breakfast sandwich and handed it to him. Kyle could be a thorn in his side at times, but occasionally, he really wasn't all that bad. They both ate quickly, Ephram a bit slower since he had to eat one-handed and had a hot drink.

Mountains flew by them as they rode in silence. Neither of them were really big talkers, and when they tried to talk, it usually led to sniping at one another. Their relationship was definitely not built on communication. Sometimes this bothered Ephram, as their relationship wasn't physical, either. Sure they kissed, and had ventured further once or twice, but it didn't compel them along. He liked to think sometimes that perhaps Kyle may have respected him, but that was a long-shot. More than anything it just was.

Ephram felt Kyle's hand grab his as he put his coffee back. Ephram gripped back, and the last hour of their trip they just rode like that. Ephram dropped Kyle off in front of his house, and the two went back to their day to day lives, catching just a few stolen moments here and there, planning their next night away.