Love Hina: Consequences

A Love Hina Fanfiction

By Snafu the Great

Snafu's Disclaimer: I don't own squat, with the exception of Chris Kurata. Ken Akamatsu owns the motley crew of Keitaro and the Hinata honies. This is the second dark fanfic I've written under Love Hina. This time, instead of bashing Naru, nearly all of the girls of the Hinata are going to be bashed in one way or another. This was an idea that came to me while I was working one day and I decided to put it on paper. This fic is basically one based on redemption (for some people) and forgiveness. Enjoy.

Part One: The Betrayal

It was a simple plan.

It was supposed to be one hundred percent foolproof.

The plan was devised by Naru Narusegawa and Mitsune Konno. Both girls were tenants of the Hinata Apartments, an all-girl dormitory that was currently owned by one Keitaro Urashima, the grandson of the building's previous owner, Hinata Urashima.

The plan was to have Hina herself eject Keitaro as manager.

In the two years that Keitaro had the run of Hinata House, the three elder girls - Naru, Kitsune and the Shimnmeiryu master kendoka Motoko Aoyama had tried to run Keitaro out of the dorm. All of their attempts had failed.

However, it was both Naru and Kitsune that had came up with the plan to forcibly remove Keitaro out of the dorm.

Hina was coming back to Japan to visit the dorm and her family. Thanks to Suu, who had given Kitsune several forged documents regarding a pregnancy in which Kitsune would name Keitaro as the father, Hina would demand that Keitaro would do the right thing and marry Kitsune.

Once Keitaro did as he was ordered to, Kitsune would then divorce him and demand the Hinata Apartments as part of the settlement, in effect leaving Keitaro homeless and the dorms under Naru's control.

Motoko's role was minor, but it was still an important role. She would turn Suu, Sara and Shinobu against Keitaro, which Motoko did with great success in the months before Hina's visit.

While Keitaro was away, visiting Kanako in the hospital, Naru and Kitsune confronted Hina with the doctored papers, claiming that Keitaro was the father following a drunken night of passion with Kitsune. Hina reacted as Naru had predicted. By the time Keitaro had returned, he was surprised to see his parents and Haruka present, as were Kitsune, Naru and Motoko.

What happened on that day was something that not even Naru and Kitsune did not see coming.


Hinata House, three days earlier.

"WHAT?!" Keitaro shouted as the news was dropped in his lap. He was inside the common room of Hinata House, surrounded by his parents, Haruka, his grandmother, and the three eldest tenants of the Hinata.

"You heard right, you pervert," Naru snapped, playing the role of the enraged tenant to the fullest. "You got Kitsune pregnant after you got her drunk!"

"Naru, calm down," Hina said, acting as the voice of reason. Turning to Keitaro, Hina looked at her grandson, disappointment evident on her face. "Keitaro...words cannot tell you about how disappointed I am. You abused your authority as the landlord." She looked at Kitsune, who was doing a very good job of acting as a woman under duress. "Miss Konno may have fallen on hard times, but that does not give you the right to force her to use her body to pay the rent."

"That's not true!" Keitaro objected. "SHE blackmails ME to keep from paying rent! On top of that she drained my life savings with her booze binges! I haven't even touched her!"

"Are you calling Hina a liar?" Motoko asked, her voice dangerous, her hand inching for the handle of her sword.

"Motoko, calm," Hina ordered. Once the kendoka backed off, Hina turned to her grandson. "There is only one way we can deal with this situation, Keitaro. You must marry Mitsune by the end of this week, and give her equal standing as landlord of the dorms."

"You're joking, right?" Keitaro replied. "If anything, she would make the dorms bankrupt with her drinking and gambling. I swear on the bones of Grandpa Urashima that I am innocent." He looked at the three elder girls of the dorm. "Ever since I showed up, they tried everything to run me out of the dorms. 'A male cannot run an all-girls dormitory,'" he said, mocking Motoko.

"Keitaro," Kitsune sobbed, "why are you doing this to me? I only want what's best for our child..."

"Nephew," Haruka drawled, "you need to do what's right and marry Kitsune."

"Haruka's right, Keitaro," Keitaro's mother said. "You have dishonored our family by not making it into Toudai not once, but three times. By refusing to take responsibility for your child - my grandchild - you are tarnishing our family name even more."

Keitaro's patience was wearing very thin. "Is anyone listening to me?!" he half-shouted. "I did not get Kitsune drunk, nor did I take advantage of her! How many times do I have to spell it out for you people?!"

"Just admit that you slept with Kitsune, Keitaro," Naru snapped. "Admit it and accept responsibility!"

Keitaro spun on the hyper-tempered redhead. "I wasn't speaking to you, Narusegawa," he replied, his voice taking on a steely hardness. "Do me a favor and shut up."

"YOU LITTLE - " Naru began, only to be restrained by Haruka and Motoko.

Hina sighed. "Keitaro, I love you as if you were my son," she said, "but you have to take responsibility for your actions. You took advantage of Mitsune while in her drunken state. She is pregnant with your child."

"But Granny - " Keitaro began.

"Do not interrupt me," Hina snapped. "You have two choices - either marry Mitsune...or surrender the deed to Hinata House and resign as manager."

Keitaro's blood was boiling. No one in his family believed him. Not even his parents or Haruka. The biggest betrayal was from Hina herself. Surely she would be the one to see reason, but it was no use. Keitaro had his back up against the wall.

He should have seen this sooner. None of the girls really cared for him. His Aunt had left him out to dry, as did his parents. And Hina...

"Keitaro, what is your decision?"

Hina's voice broke Keitaro out of his reverie. He leveled his gaze on his grandmother. The one person that he could count on to stand by his side, was siding with the girls.

"You can have this damned place for all I care," Keitaro stated flatly. "I quit. I would rather slit my own throat rather than be the whipping boy and scapegoat for a group of self-righteous, man-hating bitches for eternity." He glared at Kitusne, who squirmed under his glare. "And if you think I actually got that drunken, blackmailing whore pregnant, then all of you need to get your heads examined."

"Keitaro!" Hina admonished.

Naru and Kitsune both exchanged glances. This DEFINTELY was not part of the plan. By this time, Keitaro would have kowtowed to his family's demands. What they DID NOT know was that with every Naru-punch, Shimmeiryu ki-attack, and every con they had put Keitaro through, his trust towards the girls had went down to the point that he no longer trusted them.

And now, this little stunt of the three conspirators had pushed Keitaro over the edge, the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back.

"How dare you, Urashima!" Motoko shouted, reaching for her sword. "Apologize to Kitsune if you know what's good for you!"

"Piss off, kendo girl," was Keitaro's reply. When it looked like Motoko was going to attack Keitaro, he pulled out his trump card. "I got your sister's number on speed dial on my cellphone. Don't give me a reason to use it," he threatened. "Unless you want your precious kendo school to lose face when I give Tsuruko all of the details on how you assaulted an innocent man, then you better sit down and shut up, you samurai wannabe."

Keitaro's threat had gotten through to Motoko, who backed off. The last thing she needed was her sister, the 'Demon Blade of Kyoto,' Tsuruko Aoyama, at the Hinata's doorstep.

"Keitaro Urashima!" his mother barked out. "You will marry this girl, whether you like it or not! If you don't then I will disown you where you stand!"

Naru and Kitsune both exchanged glances. This was getting out of hand. They wanted Keitaro gone, not this.

Hina tried to diffuse the explosive situation between her daughter-in-law and her grandson. "Now, wait a moment! Keitaro, everyone please calm down before someone says something that can't be taken back!"

Keitaro leveled a cold glare at his mother before turning on his heels and storming towards the front door.

Hina tried to stop him. "Keitaro, wait!"

Keitaro had reached the front door, Without turning around, he addressed his grandmother. "We have nothing else to discuss, Hinata Urashima." The cold formality that Keitaro used to address the matriarch of the Urashima family surprised even the three co-conspirators, as Hina stepped back as if she was slapped.

"I told you that I was innocent, that I did not have sex with Kitsune," Keitaro continued. "It's not my fault that she is an alcoholic sleaze who is one step away from spreading her legs to the first man who would pay her bar tab." He turned to the three girls. "My congratulations to the three of you. You got me out of the Hinata, but my resignation comes with a heavy price."

The ronin turned to his family, anger evident on his face. When he spoke, his voice was ice-cold. "You took their side over mine. In any case, that makes you no better than them."

"Keitaro..." Hina began.

"Save it," he snapped. "You just lost a grandson. I want nothing more to do with this place, I want nothing to do with the Urashima name, and I want nothing to do with you. As far as I'm concerned, I never want to see any of you ever again. I hate you all."

The tone was calm, but the anger in his voice was evident, as it chilled the offending party to the bone. Keitaro then departed from the house, slamming the door behind him, leaving his family and the three girls in a state of shock as what Keitaro had done finally settled in.

Keitaro had renounced his family name, effectively making himself ronin.

Hina managed to shake herself out of her stupor and ran after her grandson. "Keitaro! Keitaro, wait!"

"Keitaro!" Haruka shouted. "Keitaro, stop! Please!"

Keitaro ignored them as he continued to walk down the stairs, ignoring the calls and cries of his now-former grandmother and aunt.

Soon, he was gone.

Hina sank to the ground, sobbing uncontrollably, while Haruka and her elder brother tried to console her, but with no success.

Naru, Kitsune and Motoko had watched the entire debacle play out. So far, everything had gone according to plan...until Keitaro renounced his family name and left the apartments in a rage.

All three girls were thinking the same thing, as their realized that their scheme had backfired in the most extreme way: 'What have we done?'

[End Flashback]

Three days had passed since the explosive confrontation inside the Hinata Apartments.

Since then, Keitaro Urashima was not seen anywhere in the town or at the cram school where he was studying for the next entrance exams.

Hina and Haruka found out later that Keitaro had withdrew from the school. Haitani and Shirai, Keitaro's friends were of no help either. Keitaro had told them everything and that he was leaving Tokyo as a result of this betrayal, which explained their open hostility towards Haruka and Hina when they questioned the two ronins.

Haruka suspected that they knew where Keitaro was and threatened bodily harm if they did not tell her where her nephew was hiding. Haitani and Shirai raised Haruka's threat by threatening to call the police unless they left their apartment. Only when Shirai had the police on the line did the two Urashima women realized that the two were not bluffing and left without any further incident.

The only two people that were actually on Keitaro's side were his stepsister and the Okinawan watermelon fanatic. Kanako Urashima was in the hospital getting her tonsils removed, effectively neutralizing her from being a factor to keep Hina from making any judgment in Keitaro's favor. Mutsumi Otohime was in Okinawa visiting her family when she received word about what has happened. Despite her ditzy demeanor, Mutsumi suspected that Naru, Motoko and Kitsune had a hand in Keitaro leaving the Hinata the way that he did.

Since then, Hina had locked herself inside her room, refusing to be consoled by anyone. Even Naru was forbidden to enter Hina's room through the hole in her room, on threat of eviction by Haruka, who was made the acting landlord by Hina.

One night, as everyone was fast asleep inside the Hinata, the three elder girls were holding an emergency meeting inside Naru's room.

"This scheme of yours has gone too far, Naru," Kitsune hissed. "I didn't want this to happen to Hina!"

"What's done is done," Naru said firmly. "That baka pervert is gone, and Hina is back as the landlord."

"This plan of yours did not take into account that Keitaro would actually renounce his family name and disappear!" Kitsune whispered furiously. "We didn't take into account about how Hina would take this! Keitaro's been gone for almost a week and Hina's gonna worry herself sick!"

Motoko nodded. "Indeed. Urashima has shown his true colors and has turned tail and fled like the coward that he truly is. Narusegawa is right. What's done is done. The purity of Hinata House is finally restored."

"You're in it as deep as the rest of us," Naru reminded her. "All of us."

"The plan was to force Keitaro into marrying me so that I could get the Hinata when we divorced," the fox snapped. "This plan is fucked up because we did not see this coming! What happens if Keitaro dies out there? What then?"

Motoko sniffed. "The world would be better off without a spineless pervert like him."


Motoko did not see Kitsune's hand until it was too late. The kendoka's head rocked to the side as Kitsune backhanded her. Motoko cried out, not in pain but in surprise as she fell to the floor. "You're just a poser like the rest of us, kendo girl. You talk a big game about honor, yet you're no better than the rest of us. Pride and honor my ass."

Kitsune stood up and strode towards the door. Naru, however stopped her by blocking her from exiting the room. "Just remember, Kitsune," Naru reminded her. "You agreed to this plan. That makes you just as responsible for driving him away. Don't worry about Haruka and Hina. As long as they don't know the truth, so much the better."

Kitsune knew that Naru was right. She was just as responsible for driving Keitaro away.

"We made a promise, the three of us," Naru continued. "We will not speak of this to anyone. We will carry this to our graves, if needs be."

Kitsune shoved Naru to the side. "You're just as bad as she is," she sniped, gesturing to Motoko, who was nursing her bloodied lip. "But don't worry. I won't say anything. But if Keitaro does die out there, then his blood is on all our hands."

Kitsune exited the room in a huff.

Naru turned to Motoko. "Are you okay?" she asked.

Motoko nodded. "I am fine. For someone who lacks control, Kitsune has a mean backhand."

"We should keep an eye on her for the next couple of days," Naru replied. "She may end up telling Hina about what happened."

"I agree."

In the next couple of days, the would find out that Kitsune would be the least of their problems.