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Prologue: The Prophecy

An old man sat at a desk preparing to write about his vision. He was a most famous soothsayer, but in his old age, people started to think he was just becoming senile. No one listened to his preaching in the village square anymore. Nobody headed his word when he warned about the rise of Jinnchurikis and the ethical issues it caused. Nobody listened when he talked about the split between the local tribes, even though it had just happened and each tribe was creating different nations. He warned about war and bloodshed, but no one cared anymore.

But this last one, he had to make sure people knew about it. This one led to the apocalypse, and if they weren't ready, they would surely die. So he wrote down what he saw quickly.

The next day he ran to the first Hokage's office and handed him the prophecy. The first quickly read:

Five Ladies from another world

Each of hidden power.

One is Fire

One is Water

One is Wind

One is Earth

One is Spirit

Each with creatures to help their cause.

They come to help these chosen

Five men of strength and wisdom.

One is Sand

One is Beast

One is Shadow

One is Manipulation

One is Sight

These ten will help the one of Nine

To defeat the darkness soon to take hold of the World.

But these actions must first be completed

Otherwise we are doomed to fail.

Fire must melt Sand

Water must capture Beast

Wind must intrigue Shadow

Earth must vex Manipulation

And Spirit must heal Sight

If the battle is won

These ladies will reign and be prosperous for many years.

If not

Darkness will enslave the Earth

And all things good will disappear.

"Please tell me you understand," the soothsayer begged. The Hokage shook his head. The soothsayer could tell he was about to be dismissed, so he pleaded a second time, "Save this prophecy for a Hokage who will understand this. It is very important that this is saved. I can feel it will be important!"

The Hokage looked at the old man with pity. Seeing the desperateness in his eyes, he replied, "I will save it." The soothsayer smiled and went back to his home. That night he went to sleep. The next morning he did not wake up to hear that his prophecy had been sent to the archives.

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