Disclaimer: I am not writing this as my own. All characters and ideas belong to Laurie faria Stolarz

Stacy POV


I slammed my finger in the door of our dorm room. I walked over to our mini fridge to see if there were any eggs to put on my now swelling finger. But of course the fridge was empty of all things eggs. I'll just have to deal with it.

I sat on my bed waiting for Amber and Janie to come back from the bookstore with our chemistry books. The two of them have become good friends since last school year which has made living in this room easier. Tonight the whole gang is going to Anthony's Italian Bistro to eat dinner before classes start tomorrow. I got off the phone with Jacob about ten minutes ago. I told him about tonight and he seemed hesitant but he said he would come.

He moved here from Colorado about a week and a half ago. For the past week it seems like something is bothering him, but then I remember what he went through here. After I went to Colorado to visit him over spring break six months ago, he decided to attend college here at Beacon. Things were strange the first couple of days in Colorado because he had a hard time remembering me, or us I should say. As we spent more time with each other the connection that we once had somewhat reappeared.

Since the day I found Jacob I haven't had a single nightmare. I guess going through what I went through was in itself my worst nightmare. Over the summer we tried to talk on the phone at least twice a day. I've realized long distance relationships are difficult to keep up, but he is definitely worth it and hopefully I'm worth it to him. I guess his memory couldn't cover up what his heart was telling him. During my stay in Colorado, I told Jacob everything I could about his life before the accident to help him remember. I even got him to remember Amber and PJ, which is a good thing since him and PJ are roommates here at Beacon.

I decided I was going to call Amber's cell to find out how much longer they would be, but before I finished dialing she and Janie burst through the door.

"The duchess is back," Amber said as she walked through the door.

"Duchess? Why wouldn't you want to be a queen or a princess?" I said.

"Because queens and princesses have to marry old guys. And excuse my French but this face and this body is too hot for an old rich guy who most likely isn't going to be worth anything in bed."

I laughed and Janie rolled her eyes and sat the bag down on the floor that contained our chemistry books.

"We're all set for classes tomorrow. Isn't it exciting starting a new school year," said Janie.

"Yeah I'm not going to miss the late night parties, the hot boys, and all the greatness of summer vacation. Well that stuff is still going to happen, never mind," said Amber.

"You know what I mean. New classes, new teachers, new people. I've already met a new guy and it could turn into something."

"As long as I don't walk in on you straddling him like you did with Hayden I'm okay with it," I said, "But I do think we need to keep the same rules we had last year about the boy situation."

"Okay that's fair," said Janie.

Janie sat on my bed next to me and we both looked up at Amber to hear her response.

"Fine! I won't bring PJ here without telling you guys," said Amber, "Gosh! You guys were fine with my blow up buddies!"

"That's because they didn't talk and go through our drawers," said Janie.

"She's got a point," I said to Amber.

We spent the next couple of hours cleaning up our room and deciding what to wear tonight. Around 6:00 Amber finally made a decision on what she was wearing.

"I think the purple top, the jean skirt, and the pink leggings are the outfit," said Amber.

"It took you almost two hours to decide that?" Janie said sarcastically.

"Well I had to wear an outfit that would match my purple smiley face nails."

" So what time did PJ say him and Jacob were meeting us?" I asked Amber.

"He said they would meet us at 6:45 at the main door of our building. Oh and he also said that you Stacy dear need to show some skin tonight for your man."

"That sounds like PJ, well the skin part at least."

"Stacy why don't you dress up for Jacob?" said Janie.

"Yeah, I mean PJ said Jacob has been acting weird. Maybe he needs a little eye candy and a little loving to make him feel better," said Amber.

"You sound like Drea. Plus I never got all dressed up for him before and things are different now. He's probably just stressed out about school starting and everything," I said.

"Stacy we're not talking about a prom dress or anything. Just wear that black top Drea gave you with your new pair of jeans. It's casual but sexy," said Janie.

I ended up giving in and just putting on the black top with my new dark wash jeans while Amber and Janie went to the bathroom to freshen up. I then brushed my long hair and dabbed a little blush and lip gloss on. I turned to look into Janie's full body length mirror to see what I looked like. What I saw was shocking. The black top Drea gave me perfectly fit my upper body. The jeans were the perfect color and actually made my hips look smaller. My brown hair looked beautiful against the black and my skin was….glowing.

"Wow! Who is the sexy lady in my room!" said Amber as she walked back into the room, "I hope you have a whip!"

"You look incredible Stacy!" said Janie, "You should dress like this more often."

"Thanks. I'm shocked I look like this too."

"I guess all those years of living with Drea finally rubbed off," said Amber as she slapped my butt.

"We have fifteen minutes," said Janie as she plopped down on her bed.

"Why don't we just grab our coats and go downstairs," I said, "Maybe they'll show up early."

Amber and Janie both looked at me.

"Yeah, well, maybe not. But still let's go downstairs and wait. It's not that cold out and plus there's a big cloud of hairspray floating around in here."

"Okay," said Janie as she got up off the bed to get her coat, "I can't wait to see Jacob's face when he sees you Stacy."

"You should be looking forward to see PJ's face when he sees Stacy," said Amber as she grabbed her coat, "Personally I can't wait to hear what phrase he comes up with about Stacy."

"It's going to be one for the books," I said as I grabbed my coat and opened the door.

All three of us then headed downstairs to wait for the boys and the always entertaining PJ comment. But what I didn't tell Amber and Janie was what I was looking forward to. I couldn't wait to see Jacob and his slate blue eyes and see what the new Jacob would think about my dressed up appearance.