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Stacey POV

The buildings around us sparkle and glow from the beautiful lights that flow and hang across them as Jacob and I walk down the sidewalk hand in hand. Luscious wreaths and holly hang on doors of stores and the sound of bells fill the atmosphere. Crimson red and forest green are everywhere in sight and somehow the snowflakes falling from the winter grey sky shine the traditional whimsy colors. I've always had an appreciation for this time of year. Christmas is sacred even if the meaning means something different to everyone.

This holiday is supposed to make a person look back on their year and be appreciative for what all has occurred. Some would say that I did not have a lot to be appreciative of this year. The beginning of this year was rough. The boy I loved went missing and it felt like I had died inside. But a miracle did occur when Porsha and I found that boy and he was brought back to me.

The latest event of my treacherous life would make anyone stop believing in life and just give up, but something extraordinary happened and I was blessed to witness another miracle. Jacob was truly brought back to me, and we both survived an event that was traumatic. I smile as I remember Jacob and I lying in the hospital bed and the moment that he told me he loved me. It was the first time I felt whole in a while. I feel invincible and that nothing can stop me from living the life that I want. I also know now that anything is possible. Jacob, Trevor, and myself should not have survived that evening. I'm beginning to think that we all have nine lives like a cat and that we have used a couple in the past year.

That brings me to Trevor. Trevor still has not woken up by himself. The trauma to his head was so substantial that the doctors after about a week and a half decided to put him into a medically induced coma. Obviously this hinders Trevor's ability to wake up on his own but it is what is best for his health. The coma gives him protection against more harm and a better chance to recuperate. We all have asked if Trevor will ever wake up on his own and the doctors say that they are almost positive that he will given time. The aspect of if Trevor will be the same after he wakes is still very much unknown. No one knows if he will have the same personality or even have the ability to walk and talk.

After all the bad things that have happened in the past year, I have gained something good. Hope. I have hope that Trevor will recover. That's one thing I have learned. When you have nothing else to hold on to, there is always hope. Porsha thinks that too. I think she tells Trevor's doctors that at least three times when she visits which is quite often.

Porsha visits Trevor every chance she gets. She loves that kid. She sits next to him and talks to him about all the latest happenings. She took the whole situation kind of hard but after a while she too realized that there is hope. Trevor's parents even invited Porsha and her father over for Thanksgiving last month. I believe Trevor's parents are grateful for Porsha and her love for Trevor.

The carolers on the corner blurt out a verse of "Silent Night" as Jacob and I turn the last corner before the hospital. Christmas is a week away but we wanted to give Trevor our present before we left. Jacob's parents invited my mother and I to Colorado for Christmas. They figured it would do us some good to get out of this town for a while. Of course my mom told them it was too much and that she didn't want to burden them during the holidays. But after my mom and Jacob's mom talked about me and Jacob's relationship she crossed over to their side. I think they all finally got that me and Jacob are meant to be together. I hate the word fate but it would seem fate as stepped in along the way. And plus they realized that they might be in-laws one day which in turn made them all motherly in-laws all of a sudden.

So tomorrow morning Jacob and my mother and I will board a plane for Colorado. But we had to make one last stop before our trip. Jacob and I thought and thought about what to give Trevor for Christmas. I know he won't be awake for the holiday but when he does wake up we want him to know we thought about him for Christmas. Trevor isn't a materialistic type of person so we didn't want to give him anything that was a fad or something he wouldn't like. After a while we finally thought of what to give him. A crystal cluster rock. My crystal cluster rock. It has helped Jacob and I through so many obstacles. I could always count on it when I needed it. It gave me strength when I couldn't produce it on my own. Trevor needs that strength now and he rightfully deserves the special rock.

"Do you think Trevor will like it," I asked Jacob walking beside me.

He looked down at me and smiled, "Of course he will."

I smiled back and walked up the stairs that led to the lobby of the hospital. Jacob opened the door for me and I shook my head to get rid of the snow that had fallen on my head. I started to unbutton my jacket when Jacob grabbed my arm and pulled me into his chest. I stared back at him kind of annoyed. He laughed and his eyes began looking up. I followed his eyes and found the object his was staring at.

A mistletoe.

"I love you Stacey Brown," he said lowering his head to mine.

"I love you too Jacob LeBlanc," I said as he kissed me.

Times may be difficult but for some reason I feel as though everything will be okay. I have hope for the future and am excited that Jacob and I will forever be…connected.

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