The last, and perhaps shortest, chapter.

Tony rolled over, yawning. He jumped a little when he saw who was next to him. Gibbs, the boss. The man he'd wanted for a long time—the one he needed whether he completely knew it or not. He finally got Gibbs. He'd confessed his love and he'd reached a point where it didn't matter if Gibbs shared the feeling or not. They could just have sex and spend time together and talk and laugh and Tony could get to touch and kiss his boss. It didn't matter what they called it. Of course, Tony could think only of 'love' now, when it came to Gibbs. It had taken a bit, for him to get his mind around the idea. To properly accept that he'd slept with his boss and that a repeat—at the very least a discussion—was in their future.

He doubted this morning would bring phrases like "caught up in the moment" and "didn't really mean it". They already had been doing that. No, now would be the time to figure out where this was going. The part Tony did the worst with, as history had shown to him time and again. Most times, he was in it for the sex and didn't really imagine things too far ahead. Or worse, Tony only saw the distant future of being happily settled and never imagined the constant effort and communication it took to get there. Tony sighed softly.

"Awake, then?" Gibbs was laying on his back and looking up at the ceiling. He hadn't moved, but Tony assumed the sneaky bastard had been motionless, conscious, and plotting a post-sex conversation for awhile.

"Yeah, getting there."

"How are you feeling?"

"Fine, shouldn't I be asking you? Oh shit, I just mean…well…" Tony spoke without thinking. It was just normally he was used to asking the girl or guy who had been fucked through the mattress, so to speak, how they were doing. He was surprised Gibbs asked and now the courtesy was slightly blown to hell with his careless remark.

But Gibbs rolled onto his elbow and squinted down at Tony. "I'm fine, DiNozzo. Appreciate your concern."

"Yeah, okay…just instinct." Tony squirmed slightly.

"Instinct?" Gibbs raised an eyebrow. Tony thought the boss looked a little amused.

"Morning-after instinct, boss…sir…Gibbs---boss."

Gibbs quirked a small smile. "Ah. It's good you have that kind of instinct."

"Oh, yes. Um…yes, boss. I agree." Tony didn't exactly agree or understand, but he followed along.

"But that instinct..." Gibbs reached his hand out and found the morning erection that Tony had woken up with. He squeezed it to the point where the pain started to join the pleasure of the sensation. "…will never ever be necessary in your life ever again, DiNozzo. Because if I have you watch you flirt with or love anyone else, there won't be anything down here to grab—for anyone. Got it, DiNozzo?"

Tony stared, he knew his eyes were widening in fear and slight arousal from the hand now moving up and down his cock. But confidence came through, his confidence in being at Gibbs's level finally. And Tony slid his right hand up to cup Gibbs's cheek and promptly kissed him. "As if I want to spend another morning after anywhere but with you."

Gibbs coughed and gave an embarrassed roll of the eyes, continuing to jerk off Tony. "Very corny, DiNozzo."

"Aw, you inspire me, boss!" Tony managed to grin, although the pressure on his cock was starting to take up all his focus.

"Don't call me boss in bed, Tony, it's weird."

Tony gasped as a particularly good twist brought him closer than he was comfortable admitting. "Good weird?"

"Wrong weird, DiNozzo." And suddenly, Gibbs let go of Tony entirely and rolled onto his back again. "Wrong because we both know you make a better boss here. So let's see it at work."

Tony took a moment, was Gibbs really letting this happen? Were they acknowledging their roles? Were they flirting in bed? Were they so calm and casual and normal about this relationship? They were, all the above. He grinned and pushed himself up on his arms so he could slip over and straddle Gibbs. "On it, Gunny."

Tony leaned down and used his hands to hold Gibbs's face still while he kissed him as deeply as he possibly could. Subconsciously, Tony was rutting against Gibbs as the kiss pulled them closer to where they wanted to be. He dragged his hands down Gibbs's sides, letting the nails scrape lightly across the warm skin.

Tony rolled over towards the lube, left on the bedside table, and quickly opened and poured it. He was so happy to be at this again. "We need to make this a regular activity."

"Yeah," Gibbs panted, "but quiet."

"You mean I have to be quiet NOW?" Tony feigned surprise and annoyance.

"I mean when at work, you idiot. The team, the agency…anyone finds out and your job is gone. Everything goes away for us, hear me?"

"Loud and clear. But right now, let me be as loud and touchy-feely as I want to be." Tony raised his eyebrows and began kissing up Gibbs's neck. "Get it out of my system."


After Gibbs had let Tony get "it" out of his system…repeatedly, they began the awkward process of sharing the kitchen. It was adorable, as far as Tony was concerned, pouring the orange juice and coffee or getting plates out for each other, leaving the fridge open when they saw the other one was on their way to use it. They functioned well together, just like the field. Breakfast was a discussion of work, just business, nothing about the two of them.

As they finished and realized they should probably shower rather soon, Gibbs heard the front door hit the wall as it opened.

"Gibbs! Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs…I need to talk to you!!" The panicked, overexcited cries of Abby could be recognized anywhere. It was clear she was bounding upstairs, still trying to communicate with Gibbs as if he would hear her no matter where he was or what state of consciousness he was in. Luckily, her voice carried enough that he could.

"I've been thinking about it all night, and it just got to me, you know? Well, you obviously don't know because I haven't told you yet—although you probably are completely aware already because you are Gibbs. So I was thinking about this issue with Tony and you. Not a work issue, well, sort of work related because I figured some stuff out at work. I was trying to help Tony figure out his own private life and I just have to talk to you about it. Now—what the hell? Gibbs, oh my goodness, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, what have you been doing in this bed?" The voice now screeched from Gibbs' bedroom upstairs and Tony and Gibbs exchanged a look. Tony was still unsure if Gibbs wanted him to leave to keep their new relationship a secret but the boss hadn't made any indication yet. Tony also wanted to stay to kill Abby for confessing her knowledge of this to Gibbs after he'd clearly sworn her to secrecy.

"You had sex in this bed, oh my god, I just know it. Don't think I don't know what a bed looks like after sex. Do you know what that means? Gibbs, where are you? We have to talk about this, I can't believe you'd do this after everything that happened with Tony." Abby was pounding down the stairs loudly, probably wearing her black platform boots. "This is so bad, she better be gone. Whoever she is. I better not find you two in the basement, I'll have to kill her—and I can get away with it too. Oh yes, this is going to have to be—" Abby stopped just as she was spinning around the corner, intending to go to the basement. In the kitchen Tony and Gibbs stood casually. Gibbs, wearing only pajama pants and an old marine sweatshirt and Tony in boxers and a white undershirt.

"Fucking hell." Abby breathed. She starred at the two of them, patiently standing in the kitchen. "Oh my…holy shit, Tony. Gibbs, you actually were….upstairs, that's Tony's doing. Wow, oh wow…"

"If you are done cursing us out, perhaps you'd like a cup of coffee? Orange juice?" Gibbs offered calmly. Tony just grinned stupidly. The grin widened as Abby began to grasp what had happened last night and started squealing and bouncing up and down.

"Abs, calm down." Tony patted her back awkwardly as she tried to continue bouncing and hug him at the same time. "Yes, you cleared things up for me—filled in the blanks in my head. I talked to Gibbs. Here we are."

Over Abby's shoulder, Tony smiled at Gibbs slightly. Gibbs returned the smile with a consenting nod. Tony swallowed and raised his eyebrows in a questioning manner. Gibbs smiled so wide he showed teeth and nodded again. Tony coughed and spoke again, staring directly into Gibbs's eyes.

"Yeah, here we are…together, Abs. Expect this to be us every morning for a long time. Just, you know, not so much with you being here."

Abby pulled out of the hug and huffed, glancing between the two. "Fine, just promise to start filming these things. You know, for posterity."

A/N: This is it. Thanks for reading all of this, it really means a lot to me. I would have liked to drag this out cutely, but my personal life just received a first-class delivery of drama that I can't ignore. I promise to write more Tony/Gibbs stuff, just not this plotline. Any requests, I'm listening.