"So these are the infamous pillows?" Gaara asked. He was leaning back against the bed frame of Sakura's bed, piling the pillows behind his back with half his body immersed within the sheets.

"Yes they are," Sakura replied, buttoning her vest. She was running late for Hinata's check up this morning. It was all thanks to the haughty redhead lounging lazily in front of her.

"They are rather comfy," he admitted, wriggling back into his feathery support.

The pink haired medic chuckled and looked for her trousers to one side of the bed. Gaara had been rather impatient in removing them the previous night. Despite him having arrived at the Palace a few days before, he was still as intent as ever whenever it came to undressing Sakura. She didn't begrudge him this; after all, she was just as impatient when it came to removing his own garments.

"When do you think we'll be able to leave?" the redhead asked. He crossed his arms behind his head, giving Sakura a rather enticing view of his impressive arms.

She knew it was all a ruse to try and get her back into bed. Sadly, it wouldn't work this time. Not when one of her patients was waiting for her and in need of her attention. It was just one of the many lessons Gaara would have to learn when it came to sharing his life with her.

"By next week, most likely," Sakura replied. She had finally found her trousers and was pulling them on.

Gaara scowled as he lost sight of her panties. "Alright. And how long will it take for us to get to South City?"

"Naruto should provide us with some kind of transport so around three days at the most."

He nodded.

"I'm still unsure about your sister letting you go so easily," she admitted while putting on her boots.

"She didn't have much of a choice," Gaara said with a snort. "I didn't ask for her permission, I just informed her I was leaving."

Sakura sighed. She should've known it was bound to be that way.

"Temari has no reason to complain, though. She's gaining another experienced fighter in exchange."

That was true enough. Tenten was a skilled warrior and would be a great asset to the clan. Even so, Sakura wasn't sure she was at the same level as Gaara. But if Temari was willing to accept the whole scenario, the pink haired medic wasn't about to mention this little details to the Chieftain.

"Besides," Gaara said after a moment, "it's not like I'll never see her or Kankurou again. Knowing my sister, visits will definitely be arranged."

Thoughtful emerald eyes turned towards him as he said this and she walked over to sit on the bed. "Are you sure about all this?" she asked.

The cheeky grin she both loved and hated appeared on his lips. He lifted his hand and caught her arm, pulling her down towards him.

"You're what I want. I told you nothing ever comes in the way of what I want. If this is what I have to do to get it, so be it."

She smiled into his eyes and lowered her lips to kiss him. He let her kiss him; he let her fill his senses with an overwhelmingly thorough kiss. Her heartbeat started racing despite herself and she pulled away before he got any ideas.

They were in this position when the door to their room slammed open and a boisterous blond walked in.

"Sakura, what the hell is up? Hinata's waiting for you!" Naruto exclaimed, hands on his hips.

The medic squeaked and got up right away, slipping from Gaara's grasp. "I'm sorry! I'm all ready to go."

"Don't you know how to knock?" the redhead asked angrily.

Naruto turned arrogant sapphire eyes towards him. "I'm the King. I'm way above the need for knocking."

"You were interrupting," Gaara countered bitingly.

"Bah!" the blond replied, waving his hand in dismissal. "Nothing surprises me anymore. Besides, it's not like I haven't seen Sakura naked before."

"WHAT?" the redhead exclaimed, sitting up abruptly.

The pink haired medic slipped out of the room, making her way hurriedly down the corridor. Despite her rush, she heard Naruto's answer her lover's jealous question.

"Well, yeah, we did grow up together after all. There was this one time we went on this expedition when we were around sixteen and we could only wash in a river and..."

The rest of his sentence became inaudible as she rounded the corner and drowned his voice with her own lively laughter.

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