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"Why are you here?" She pulled her jacket tighter around her, trying to keep out the cold rain, but it was all in vain. She was completely drenched from head to foot, dripping, and from the looks of it he wasn't fairing any better.

"Why are you?"

She couldn't believe him. "Gee, I don't know, maybe—I live here, dumbass!"

He smirked, bemused. She was always hot-headed, and this was a bit explosive even for her. But it wasn't her fault—for three days she'd been confined to silence, to solitude, and he could tell by the way she was shaking and twitching that if she didn't do something about her…addiction soon, she was going to crack. Even considering, he was himself, and he enjoyed every moment spent pushing her limits. "You live under a tree? And here I was, mistaken that Flora was the one with the nature complex."

She flexed her fists and glared at him. "Did you come out here just to throw jibes at me and my girls?"

"No." Still wearing that incredibly smug smirk that was ever present on his face (when there was no scowl, that is), Riven stepped closer to the tiny blue-haired fairy. Musa glared at him, but somehow her bouncing foot pointed that she was no real threat.

"Leave," she hissed, her teeth chattering together. The last time she'd seen him, she'd promised herself she never would again. And now, here he was, breaking that promise. She almost didn't seem to mind, seeing the way his dark magenta hair was falling in his face, drenched with rain, seeing the dangerous glint in his violet eyes. His shirt, as well, was skin tight against his muscled torso and she wanted nothing more than to jump him—err, make him leave. She meant she wanted nothing more than for him to…leave. Yes, leave.

"Are you going to make me?" He was dangerously close to her now. She leaned up to him, as if to kiss him, but then spun around and stomped away. Five steps, then she turned back. Riven watched, bemused, as she shook her hands out and her knee bounced. Her eyes were wide and they looked anywhere but at him. He chuckled. "Withdrawal?"

"Shut it." He was right…

Riven held up a thin chord, headphones, and swung them around with a grin, mocking her. Ever since Techna had hidden her music players, she would do anything for music.


Musa's mouth fell open and she stared and without accord her feet moved forward slowly. Only one thing was running through her mind—Riven.

No, music! Not Riven…

With each step she took towards him, towards her fix, he backed up slowly enough for her to not notice and grinned wider—enough that one who didn't know him might mistake the emotion show for a smile.

"Do you want it, Muse?"

At the use of the nickname, Musa halted. She realized what he was doing. How could he do this? Her eyes widened and she shakily stepped back, her muscles tight in resistance. Her voice shook as much as she and he could see the want in her eyes. "N-no."

He considered it for a moment. "Too bad." He stowed the music player in the back pocket of his jeans, and with a wink in her direction, slowly walked towards his bike.

Musa was conflicted. Here she was, presented a fix for her addiction—well, two addictions—from which she was estranged from at Alfea, so her problem arose; take it, or go inside out of the rain? Thunder split the sky above Cloud Tower, and sent light cascading over the entire grounds. She saw every line in Riven's back, every stream of water that hit his face.

She needed it.

Riven felt her behind him, coming closer. He could feel the heat from her body, and hear her soft breath. As a hero, he was trained to do this. But it was more than that—he could smell the soft scent of her hair, of her subtle perfume. He could hear the inaudible humming that was always present when she was around, like tiny wings against still air. The fabric of her jacket rustled as she reached her hand out and…

He caught her wrist without even looking at her just before she grabbed the device from his pocket. She froze, still as a statue, and a strangled whimper escaped from her throat. Riven couldn't hold back his grin. He had her exactly where he wanted her.

Musa's throat constricted and her tongue ran across her teeth. She was shivering still, but this time not from the rain. With his hand still wrapped around her wrist, he turned to face her, an alarmingly hungry glint in his eyes.

She felt her heart drop into her stomach. "Just one song?" She stared up at him, her deep blue eyes wide and pained.

He smiled, a wicked smile that sent shivers (more, anyway) down her spine. "No." And then his lips crashed onto hers, not gentle in the least. The kiss was hot, wet, full of desire, lustful, and unrelenting. He pulled her against him, and without a second thought, her legs wrapped around his waist. She wanted to be closer to him, as close as she could be, yet at the same time, flashing red lights were going off in her head.

'Stop this, Musa,' her subconscious was screaming.

Yet she couldn't find the power in her to listen…

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