Updated July 2016.

Hey readers!

It's been about 10,000 years since I published this and even longer since it was any form of relevant. But I'm back (temporarily, anyway) and I have GOOD news!

This story has been a bit of a...stain on my personal writing accomplishments. I was an ANGSTY little brat when I wrote this originally, and so now, six years later, I'm here to fix my mistakes. It might have made sense for me to just delete the old copy and republish the new, but instead I'm going to go through and revamp them chapter-by-chapter because I want all the current/previous followers to be able to know about the update.

I'll be putting the stamp "Updated July 2016." on all the chapters that are current and up to date. If you're still interested keep an eye out-one by one they'll be updated. As of today, I decided that I'm going to COMPLETELY DELETE the old chapters and just add the new as I go. So if you're here looking for the old chapters, you're wasting your time and I'm sorry for the inconvenience. My reason behind this is just that the story is going to be changing and changing A LOT. So bear with me here; this is going to be a completely new Storm.

If you haven't already, check out chapters 1 and 2! 3 is just about done, but those two are already posted so SCROLL ON OVER THERE.

Thank you for everyone who stuck with me through this rollercoaster-thank you all for your reviews, for your follows and favourites, for the critiques in the far off past and especially for the new activity. And please keep it coming!

Oh, and additionally, the sequel to Storm, called Reconcilliation, will remain up. I have yet to decide if I'm going to revamp that one (despite its incomplete status) as well after I'm done here, but I'm open to suggestions if anyone has one they'd like to throw out there!

Also, if there are any objections to this one's T rating, please leave a comment letting me know you think it needs to be raised. I've been considering it, especially given that this is a generally younger reading base.