iThought You Wanted To Be Mine

Author's Notes: I don't own iCarly. This is a short what-if story based on that quote from "iFight Shelby Marx".

"I thought you wanted me to be your wife?" Carly asked, surprised.

Wow, Carly thought. Has he really moved on? Has my Freddie moved onto some other girl?

"Could that happen?"

"Yes it could," Carly replied in the same tone. Then she suddenly covered her mouth.

"What?" Sam was surprised.

"What?" Freddie sighed romantically.

"Yes," Carly managed to say. "I-i-It could."

Sam and Freddie exchanged shocked looks, then looked back at Carly.

"I-I-I mean in an alternate universe, where everything is alternate, and… universe."

"Please tell me this is a joke," Sam said.

Carly sighed. "No, it's not."

"Come on," she said, still not convinced. "You've been rejecting Freddie ever since what, the start of 6th grade? And now you expect us to believe that you're all-over-him just when he's hitting on somebody new? Or are you just doing this so he won't stop begging and you can keep turning him down?"

Freddie stared at her with confusion. "You do worse than that everyday! How would you know anything about that?! Let me guess, 'you've had a crush on me too' meeehh."

"Eew! Gross. Heck no. But I know Carly. And this seems too out of the blue and sudden-"

"But it's not!" Carly stood up. "It's not sudden. Or out of the blue. I have been in love with him, since the day he first asked. The only reason I turned him down was because, I was afraid he would change his mind, and I didn't know the words to say."

"Hey sit down," Sam was too busy paying attention to the TV. "The fight's about to start."

Carly sighed and sat back down.

"Is that true?" Freddie whispered.

She nodded. "Yes. Promise."

He opened his arms and she put her arms in his, having the first real long hug.

"Oh, quit being mushy and watch the show!" Sam ordered.

"Go Shelby!" Freddie and Carly said together.

"Wanna go to dinner tonight?" Freddie whispered out of the corner of his mouth.

"I'll pick you up at 8," Carly whispered out of the corner of her mouth.

iThought You Wanted To Be Mine