Chapter 3


It wasn't until I walked out of the store with my food did I notice that I smelled like pickle juice. Worth it, absolutely worth it. I'd take a bath in the stuff if it meant I got to stare into those beautiful chocolate pools every day.

Bella Swan was by far the most beautiful person I had ever seen. She had such an innocent beauty. You could put her next to Carmen Electra and I would choose her every time. Sure Carmen had the rack and the legs, but Bella had these eyes that you could literally get lost in. And her blush… If you could bottle that, girls would be lining up around the block to get some. That was by far the sexiest thing I had ever seen. I would take her eyes and blush over a set of double d's any day. Not to take anything away from her body. The Safeway uniform and apron is not the most flattering thing in the world, but I could still make out curves from where her apron tied at her waist. Everything was in proportion, which to me is better than silicone parts that are out of proportion. The only thing left to my imagination, other than what was underneath the clothes, was her hair. It was covered by a hairnet. Definitely not flattering at all, but even Bella could pull it off.

I pulled into the driveway and shut off the engine. I knew Emmett and Jasper would see my face when I got inside and know something was up. So I sat in the car for a little while longer wanting to keep the memory of Bella to myself for a little bit longer. I almost felt bad for objectifying her body the way I had been, but another part of me didn't see it that way. More like someone would recall the Mona Lisa, with graciousness and awe that they were in the pictures presence.

Grabbing the bags out of the back seat I went inside grudgingly. I walked to the kitchen to begin putting groceries away. Emmett and Jasper must have heard me come in because they were in the kitchen shortly after. I appreciated my roommates, they always helped out. Calling them roommates didn't sound right. We had all grown up together in Chicago and moved here when my dad got a job at the hospital here. I had moved with my parents because I wanted to be close to them, and Emmett and Jasper just followed. They told me that I was family and we stuck together. We called ourselves the Three Musketeers. They were more like brothers. Just with different last names.

I was trying to hide my face in the fridge or pantry so the interrogation wouldn't start. I thought I was doing rather well since no one said anything.

"Edward met someone!" Emmett burst out suddenly.

"How do you know that? You haven't even seen my face!" I had really thought I was doing a goo job. My nose was getting cold from standing in front of the fridge for so long. I knew they hadn't seen my face.

"That's how I know. You're basically giving yourself frostbite trying to hide your face. Why else would you try to hide your face? So who is she? Where did you meet? What does she look like? Where are you taking her out?" For as big as Emmett was you'd think he'd be nothing but 100% man. However, the guy could gossip like a school girl. He was a walking oxymoron. Emphasis on the moron.

"Emmett, let Edward at least warm his face up before he answers all of that. He looks like Rudolph." Jasper always had my back, not that Emmett didn't. But someone had to protect me from Emmett.

"Let me finish putting this stuff up, then I'll tell you. It really isn't that big of a deal." I tried brushing it off, although I knew my attempt was futile.

"Edward, you haven't dated anyone since you found out Tanya cheated on you when we moved here two years ago. You having any sort of interest in the opposite sex is ground breaking." I winced; I hated it when Emmett said her name. Still felt like salt in an open wound.

I looked over at Jasper waiting for him to chime in to rescue me again; he knew what I was waiting for. "Sorry man, I agree with Emmett on this one. It's been too long since you've had that goofy grin on your face. I'm grateful to whoever put it there."

"Alright well this is what happened…"

I replayed the"pickle story" as Emmett called it now to them. I knew I had the big, goofy grin on my face because my cheeks hurt from smiling so much. I couldn't quite bring myself to care. All I could care about was when I would get to see her again.


It was raining when I clocked out. I didn't care. I practically skipped the whole way home. I tried telling myself it was because I was anxious to see Clint, and of course I was, but I knew that wasn't the reason behind my sudden jovial mood.

Edward Cullen. Even the name was sexy. He was sexy. For 2 years Jake was the most attractive thing in my world. And he really was. Even when I would see other guys they never had anything on Jake. Edward Cullen shattered that record like I shattered a jar of pickles. He should really carry around a warning sign with him or something. Do not operate heavy machinery when in close proximity or something. I swear I mopped up pickle juice and a big puddle of Bella drool on aisle 5.

I approached my driveway quicker than what I thought. I should have a daily dose of Edward if it gets me out of the rain faster. I hung up my raincoat in the foyer and strolled into the living room. There was my little man playing with Charlie and Sue on the floor. My chest tightened. He was perfection. I don't know how but he came out looking like me. He had my brown hair, instead of Jake's black. He had brown eyes, but so did his dad. But he was pale. Not like me, but he definitely didn't have the dark russet skin of his father, something that Jake was still upset about to this day.

I collapsed on the floor next to Clint, and he crawled over to me immediately. I love that he knew exactly who I was. It made me feel so complete. I picked him up in the air over my head. I pumped him up and down a few times until he started laughing. That laughter could remedy anything.

"How was your first day kiddo?' Charlie's nicknames were never going to stop were they?

"It was ok. I only spilled eggs. But I managed to drop a jar of pickles right before I clocked out."

"Well that isn't too bad. It could have been a lot worse."

That was the truth. His question had made me think of Edward again though. So my mind went to jelly for a few seconds.

After I regained composure I asked dad if I could invite Alice and Rosalie over for dinner so I could tell them about my first day. I really wanted to get them alone and gush about Edward. I felt like his beauty was too much for one person, and I needed to spread it around. Or else I would risk combusting under pressure.

They came by around 7 with boxes of Chinese food. Bless them! Clint got his own little box of white rice while the rest of us devoured shrimp fried rice and sweet and sour chicken. Dinner was finished right around 8 and Alice and Rose helped me give Clint a bath and put him in bed. I really did have the best friends in the world.

Once Clint was laid down, with baby monitor in hand, we walked outside to the porch swing.

Alice started in on me first. "Bella who did you meet today? You've had this look on your face all evening! I've wanted to ask all night but I didn't want to bring it up in front of your dad."

I smiled. I knew they would be able to tell. "Well remember how I said I dropped a jar of pickles today? I dropped them because I saw him…"

Alice gave me a huge hug when they left. For someone that little she was a mean hugger. Rosalie gave me a hug and a knowing smile.

"I'm glad you are so taken with someone other than Jake. It's healthy, and I'm happy for you. I hope it leads somewhere. I'm sure you'll see him again soon, Forks is a small town after all." Rosalie was always so calm with me, but she always knew EXCACTLY what to say. For that I loved her.

"Thanks Rose. Night girls. I'm going to need ya'll back over here tomorrow night. I'm supposed to meet with Jake tomorrow after work to hash out custody and child support."

"We'll be here. Night Bells!"

That was the first night I dreamt of Edward Cullen.