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Water... That's two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen… right? I hope I ace this chem test… Haruhi thought to herself as she studied in one of the lavish libraries at Ouran Academy. The large, mahogany grandfather clock ticked in the distance along with the sound of overly pampered girls gossiping. The large clock struck three o'clock.

Ding. Ding. Di—

"I'm late! Kyoya-senpai is going to kill me!" Haruhi shouted as she stuffed her books into her bag, dashed passed all the students who were staring at her, and ran out of the humongous library.

Ugh! Why did I think studying in the library farthest from the Host Club was a good idea?! She cursed inwardly and sprinted through the pink, marble floored halls of Ouran. She didn't stop because she knew that if she did Kyoya would only raise her dept more for being even later. If I keep being late I'll never be able to pay of my d--- Haruhi was so deep in thought while she ran she didn't realize the banana peel in her path (A/N what's with Ouran and banana peels??). Haruhi quickly put her arms over her face and braced herself for her inevitable collision with the floor. She waited, but didn't feel the cold, hard marble floor beneath her. Instead, she felt a firm, warm entity beneath her. She waited a second before she looked to see what she landed on.

Below Haruhi was Takashi Morinozuka. Without even realizing it, she had slipped and knocked Mori down with her. She landed on top of his muscular their faces only two inches away; they were so close together that Mori could smell the strawberry scent of Haruhi's shampoo. They stayed still for a few seconds, Haruhi felt the moist heat of her senpai's breath as she listened to his slow, steady heart beat. She looked up at his face and studied its features, his beautiful, full lips, smooth complexion and deep gray eyes that you could get lost looking in. His eyes were filled with shock and worry as he stared into her apologetic brown eyes looking for any sign of pain in her eyes or face.

"Haruhi, are you okay?" His monotone voice broke the silence and was laced with worry. He looked into her large, doe like eyes and studied the rest of her face, her brown hair was slightly disheveled, and his eyes lingered on her rosy, pink lips that contrasted from her creamy, white complexion. A pink tinge appeared on his face.

"Uhm...yea, I'm fine senpai, you kind of…padded my fall," a slight tinge of pink appeared across her cheeks, "I'm so sorry, are you alright?" I've never seen Mori-senpai show so much emotion… not even instances including Huni-senpai… She made sure to take note of this for future reference.

"Ah." Mori replied, his voice no longer sounded worried and his face returned to its regular stoic mask. As long as she is okay, I am fine…

Meanwhile as Haruhi's head started to clear from the shock of her fall, she felt a slight squeeze on her chest, she blushed. Mori's hands, which were trapped between their bodies, were pressed and squeezing her small breasts. Haruhi's blush deepened ten more shades when she realized where her senpai's hands were placed.

"Uhm… Mori-senpai..."

Mori looked quizzically at her face which had turned a deep shade of red, when he looked down he saw where his hands were. He blushed furiously, but didn't show any emotion in his face although he was completely embarrassed at his hand placement. What is she thinking? She must think I'm a hentai for not moving my hands earlier!… Mori's blush depended slightly as he cursed himself inwardly, and moved his hands slowly. Haruhi shuttered. He looked at her face, her eyes were squeezed closed and he detected a sign of pleasure. She started to tilt her head forward suddenly overcome by lust, Mori closed his eyes, and parted his lips slightly while reaching up towards Haruhi's lips. His hand cupped her cheek and their lips were almost touching…

"Oh Haruhi! There you--" The voice stopped and a Mori and Haruhi head a very audible gasp, "MORI SENPAI! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY DAUGHTER?!"

Mori and Haruhi snapped back to reality at the sound of Tamaki's voice and quickly stood up both blushing deeply and not daring to look into each other's eyes for the moment.

After waiting half an hour in Music Room 3#, Tamaki decided to go looking for his precious "daughter" with the rest of the Host Club only to stumble upon her and the much larger boy almost kissing. With that, Tamaki quickly lifted Haruhi of Mori and held her in a constricting hug.

"My poor daughter! Mauled by some perverted, over hormonal senior! It's okay! Daddy is here to rescue you!" Haruhi's annoyance towards her senpai grew as he kept ranting about his duties to protect his daughter from perverted, hormonal seniors. He began to rub his cheek against hers occasionally rambling about his duties as her father. Haruhi's anger just kept growing

"Wow, who would have thought," started Hikaru "That Mori-senpai" Kaoru continued, "had it in him." both twins finished. They looked at each other and shrugged in unison, then returned to their usual pose, Hikaru's right arm draped on his Kaoru's shoulder and Kaoru's left arm wrapped around Hikaru's shoulder, their spare arms placed on their hips.

"Takashi! What were you doing with Haru-chan?" Hani asked innocently while tightly holding Usa-chan and looking up at his larger cousin.

Kyoya just stood there watching the scene play out, this should be good. The corners of his mouth slowly turned upward.

Haruhi had finally had enough of the Host Club's questioning and Tamaki's meaningless ramblings. "Tamaki," Haruhi began with a calm, venom laced voice; a dark aura slowly starting to emanate around her, "you are not my father. Mori and I were not doing anything. And if you do not let go of me immediately you will wish with every fiber of your being that you had." She made sure to say it so every word was like a dagger to her idiotic senpai.

Tamaki's grip loosened ever so slightly, "But you're my daughter and---"

Haruhi slowly turned to look at him, her eyes so evil they seemed to cut through his soul. He immediately let go and turned a ghostly white and retreated to his dark corner, How could daughter be so evil to father… Father was only trying to protect her from over perverted, hormonal seniors...

"Is tono alright?" the twins asked in unison, "What did you do to him Haruhi?"

"It seems that Tamaki has bitten off more than he can chew." Kyoya smirked as he turned to write something down in his notorious little, black notebook. Tamaki got up and walked over to Haruhi while looking at Kyoya, "I was just trying to protect my daugt---" but before he could wrap his arm around Haruhi he was met by an evil glare from her, he quickly retreated back to his corner… "Haruhi is so evil just like Mommy sometimes…Daddy was just trying to help…" Tamaki mumbled in the corner

"For the record," Haruhi began, her dark aura slowly disappearing, "I was running to the Host Club when I fell on to Mori-senpai and knocked him down when all of you ran in and got the wrong idea." Haruhi looked up at Mori, she blushed and quickly averted her eyes.

"Ah." Mori nodded a slight pink tinge on his face; his one word answer reassured all the members of the Host Club. Well, all except Tamaki.

"That reminds me Haruhi, your dept has been raised 30,000 yen for being late and to make up for all the profit that was lost while we were looking for you." Kyoya smirked once again and began writing more information in his note book. He snapped his notebook shut and started to walk back to the third music room.

Rich bastard.… Haruhi thought. Her mind wandered off and started to think of before Mori-senpai and I were so close together, our faces only inches away. I could hear the beat of his heart and the heat of his breath. His muscles felt so strong under my body… and his eyes are so beautiful. The perfect shade of gray…I don't know what came over me I just wanted to kiss him so bad, I kind of still do… she blushed and shook her head to clear her thoughts and followed Kyoya back to the music room, along with Hikaru and Kaoru who were hand in hand, Tamaki who already recover and ran to talk to Kyoya about his newest idea for the club, and Honey who was hugging Usa-chan. Mori was the only one left behind.

Mori played back the incident with Haruhi as well, I never noticed how beautiful she really is… her, warm brown eyes and those beautiful, pink lips that stand out against her pale skin... the feel of her body on mine… our faces so close… we almost kissed, I wanted to so badly…it felt so... right… Mori stopped and blushed slightly, his heart skipping a beat just thinking about kissing Haruhi's soft pink lips, I think I might have feelings for her…

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