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"Are you all here for Mrs. Haruhi Fujioka?" the doctor asked while standing in front of the Host Club.

All of the Host Club members silently nodded their heads, afraid if they spoke they would lose the small amount of composure they had mustered up.

"Ah, very well. It seems that your friend had received a slight concussion from her collision with the floor," the doctor began, he tried to keep his voice very calm and stead after noticing the fragile state all of the teenagers were in, "We put her under common anesthesia, and gave her six stitches to wound she received."

Mori sighed and let some of the stress roll of his shoulders. Haruhi will be alright, I think... everything will be alright...hopefully…

"So how long do you think it will be before she will be okay?" Kyoya asked while he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his long, slender nose; his voice was now very calm, his composure fully restored.

The doctor to a small breath "Well---"

"Yes!! When is my poor, fragile daughter going to recover from such a life threatening trauma?!?!" Tamaki said while making large hand gestures and practically yelled in the doctor's face.

The doctor took a step back from the highly dramatic teenager and began again, "Actually, it's n--"

"So Haru-chan will be alright?!" Huni exclaimed in an innocently happy tone, he was hugging his beloved Usa-chan and smiling.

"Yes, but--"

Hikaru and Kaoru's head's perked up when they heard the word but. "But what? Is there--" Hikaru began

"still something" Kaoru continued

"Wrong with her?" the twin finished simultaneously as they walked over to the poor doctor who was trying to tell them what was wrong.

"Enough. Let the doctor speak." Mori's face was hard, his tone was cold. He was very frustrated and anxious and just wanted to know what was wrong with Haruhi so he could see her sooner and make sure that his love was truly okay.

The Host Club members immediately silenced, all very intimidated my Mori's seriousness, all except for Kyoya. I wonder what is up with Mori-senpai… He has all of a sudden seemed to care for Haruhi a little more than usual… hmm… he kept thinking to himself of the current situation between Haruhi and Mori.

"Well what I was trying to say was that your friend will be fine and be back to normal in a week or sooner." The whole host club, except Mori, sighed in relief. There has to be some sort of catch…what isn't he telling us?… "But," he we go, "It seems that your friend does not have any financial support, therefore she cannot stay here for the rest of her recovery. If any of you have a private doctor or small clinics in your houses it would be best for her to stay there. I will leave you here to decide who will take on said responsibility." With that the doctor bowed to the teenagers, turned around, and went back inside of the clinic.

"Daughter should stay with father so daddy can take care of his poor little girl!! She needs me more than anything right now and I appreciate you all for understanding!!" With that Tamaki smiled and began to walk to the clinic doors before he was dragged back by the Hitachiin twins.

"Nobody said that you can take care of her!" the twins yelled at their king.

"Well I am her father so naturally I should be the one to take care of her!!" He rebottled and began to walk back to the clinic doors and was dragged back by the twins. Again.

"Well we are in all of her classes! We can help her with her school work while she's recovering." The twins looked at each other and smiled feeling that they had won the battle.

"I would NEVER let my daughter stay at you two perverted hooligans' house!

"Who are--" Kaoru began, his tone slightly annoyed.

"you calling--" Hikaru continued his voice obviously more annoyed than his brother's.

"perverted hooligans?!" both twins ended, and with that all three erupted into a huge battle over who had the right to keep Haruhi at their house

Kyoya sighed and turned to face Huni and Mori, Huni was now situated on his larger cousin's shoulders preoccupied by the fight ensuing between Hikaru, Kaoru, and Tamaki.

"I can take Haruhi to my home, as an Ootori I have unlimited resources to medical equipment and highly trained doctors." Kyoya said calmly, he opened his black notebook and started to write something in it.

"No!" Mori blurted out without thinking, immediately he blushed but did not change his stoic expression. Kyoya looked up from what he was writing and lifted one of his brows. That is very uncharacteristic of Mori-senpai to do; he never just blurts something out like that… how very odd…

"Is something wrong Mori-senpai?" Kyoya asked suspiciously

"…" All of a sudden Mori was lost for words (A/N no pun intended) he couldn't think of any good reasons for Haruhi to stay at his house instead of Kyoya's. Kyoya looked at him impatiently, waiting for an answer from the usually calm and collected senior. Then he thought of a good reason, "I think Haruhi would prefer a more homey and quiet place to rest and recover. I have and extra bed room and expert doctor employed at my home."

"Yes, that is a good idea Mori-senpai. Then she shall stay at your house." Mori was relieved that Haruhi would be staying at his house, he sighed before turning his head away, the corners of his mouth raised into a slight smile. He just missed the smirk that graced Kyoya's lips. Just as I thought, he does have feelings for her…interesting… Kyoya looked back down and his book and continued writing in his black notebook.

"So Haru-chan is staying at your house Takashi?" His expression was innocent and slightly curious.


If my suspicions are correct, I believe Takashi likes Haruhi… It would make sense of all his weird behavior… I'll make sure that no one gets in the way of his happiness!... With that Huni smiled at his cousin. It seems that he's up to something... Mori thought, all too aware of his cousin's previous antics.

Soon the doors of the clinic reopened and the doctor came back out. The twins and Tamaki came rushing back to see the doctor, each trying to sabotage the other in order to get there first. Kyoya and Mori walked over to where the doctor was standing as well.

"Have you decided who will be in charge or Haruhi's wellbeing for the next couple of days?" the doctor asked rather quickly trying to make sure that he was not interrupted this time.

"Ah. I will be." Mori stated calmly with a hint of seriousness in his voice.

Tamaki opened his mouth to protest but was met by an evil glare from Huni which made him take refuge behind Kyoya. Mori sensing a change in the atmosphere looked up at his cousin who just smiled innocently.

"Very well then, if you would please follow me." The doctor began to walk back into the clinic shortly followed by Mori. The doctor showed him to Haruhi's bed. Their lying in the small cot was a more stable looking Haruhi compared to what she looked like when she first arrived at the clinic. There she is. All in one piece… Mori thought to himself.

Haruhi's hair was now neatly combed by one of the nurses; the stitches on the back of her head were skillfully hidden by hair. Her skin was still slightly pail; the pink coloring of her lips was almost fully restored. Her Body was still slightly limp but not as fragile looking as before. All in all she was in good shape, she just needed to rest and recover. Mori looked down at his love admiringly and carefully scooped her in his arms. He slowly walked out of the clinic, the Host Club was now gone, convinced by Kyoya that they should return to their guests and explain that Haruhi would be fine and be gone for a few days to recover. He slowly walked down the empty halls of Ouran to his limo. He skillfully laid Haruhi down on the row of seats and laid her head on his lap. He quietly watched her steady, deep breathing; she stirred a little in her sleep and unconsciously wrapped her arms around Mori's waist. He froze and blushed. Mori looked down at the sleeping girl and ruffled her hair slightly.

"I will love you always."

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