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For the Kink meme again-_-;; Character development, Oz and Gil working out some of their issues with Jack's help. Lots and lots of sex cause Jack and Oz just can't help themselves;)

Part 1

Gil peered uneasily through the darkness. He was really getting tired of these constant encounters with the Abyss. Oz had taken off in a wild rush, leaving his servant to follow as best he could. They'd lost the stupid rabbit almost immediately so there would be no assistance from that corner either.

"Oz?!" He called out in irritation. "Damn it, Oz! Where are you?"

As he wandered the gloom around him began to shift, taking on form and substance.

"Lovely, more illusions." He grumbled, recognizing the hedge maze he'd seen several times before.

"I thought you'd be happy to see me again, my cute little servant." A teasing voice called from behind him.

"Master?!" He'd meant to say Jack. He really had, but the bits of his memory he'd managed to regain came flooding in at the sound of that once beloved voice. Tears sprang to his eyes and he threw himself at the man just like a lost child.

"Shhhh. It's alright, Gilbert. Don't cry. Please, don't cry." He was aware of hands softly stroking his hair and back. He was disgusted at himself for being so emotional but those long forgotten memories were now so raw and fresh that he didn't know what to do with them.

"I'm sorry, Master. I'm so sorry." He had failed, utterly failed to protect this man and nothing he did could ever change that fact.

"It's alright. Please don't..."

"Hey!" An angry voice broke in from not too far away. "What's going on here?! Why is Gil crying? What did you do to my servant?" Oz stood there with his arms crossed, looking ready to call on B-Rabbit's powers and consign Jack to hell, fragment of a previous incarnation or not.

"Ahahaha." Jack released Gil and backed up a bit, laughing nervously. "Really Oz. There's no reason to be so touchy." His expression sharpened and his voice turned sly. "He was my was my cute little servant long before you even met him, after all."

The younger boy paused for a moment, in shock.

"Eehhh?" He whined, trotting forward and throwing his arms haphazardly around Gilbert's neck. "Gil~~! No fair! No fair! You have to tell me these things!" He tightened his grip, half choking the man with his theatrics. Anyone but Gil might have missed the tinge of hurt in those words.

"Oz..." He rasped through the strangle hold of the blond's arms.

Oz glared at Jack. "I don't care who he used to be, to you or anyone else. Gil belongs to me now and I wont let him go."

The dark haired man's heart beat like mad and not from Oz's ruff treatment. He flushed with embarrassment and pleasure at the words. He'd never heard his young master be so possessive over anything before.

"Oho?" Jack smirked, wicked expression almost a mirror of Oz's own evil smile. The older blond prowled closer on all fores, almost cat like. The comparison sent shivers racing up and down Gil's spine and he stared, wide eyed, as the other man approached.

Jack reached out a hand and traced a gloved fingertip down Gilbert's cheek. "What makes you think I couldn't steal him back if I wanted to? Hmmm, my dear, naive little Oz?" The words were directed at the other blond but his eyes never left Gil. That burning, sensual look was making certain portions of Gilbert's anatomy very uncomfortable.

"I... No... I wouldn't leave Oz." The servant panted, tugging at the smaller boy's arms to give himself enough room to breath.

"But Oz was just a substitute for me, wasn't he." Gil could feel Oz tremble against his back. "You latched on to him because you needed a purpose. Even if your memories were gone, there was something familiar about him, right?" Jack leaned in close, lips almost brushing against Gil's. "Something that reminded you of... me."

"Even..." Gil was shaking now too. "Even if that was true... it doesn't change what I feel for Oz."

"Your feelings? They're just reflections of the feelings you held for me, are they not? You loved me once with a child's devotion but you are no longer a child." His hands slid forward, tracing along Gil's inner thigh. Liquid fire crashed through his veins and he felt like his heart was being torn in two.


"Do you really want to cling to the coattails of a boy who no longer needs you? One who is doomed to walk in my footsteps and will likely get you killed all over again?" His voice was full of pain and regret.

"Stop it!" Oz unhooked his arms and shoved Jack away. The older blond stared in bemusement as the boy stepped forward. "I'm NOT YOU! I won't follow your path and I WONT lose the people I care about to ANYONE!" Oz fell to his knees beside Gil, shivering.

The servant wrapped his arms around the boy and pressed his lips to his forehead. "You are no one's substitute. You are my beloved Master... and I will stay by your side, whether you need me or not. Even if it costs me my life."

"Gil~" The boy whined, blushing. "I wont let anything happen to you." He squirmed closer, hiding his face in a rare moment of embarrassment. Gil flushed and ducked his head, tightening his grip on the boy.

"Well done, Oz." Jack whispered, moving to pet the younger blond's hair and back in apology. "You both needed that, but I pushed a bit too far, didn't I? You're so much stronger than I was that I sometimes forget you're still a child."

"'M not a child." He muttered, sulking.

"Oh?" Jack chuckled, draping himself so he and Oz were BOTH sitting in Gil's lap. The dark haired man shifted, uncomfortably. Honestly, neither of his masters had the slightest concept of personal space.

"So..." The older blond continued, playing with a bit of Gil's hair. "You didn't just throw a temper tantrum when I tried to take away your favorite toy?"

"Erk?!" Oz blushed harder and Jack caught his chin with gloved fingers.

Gil frowned. 'At least stop calling me a toy, damn it!' He couldn't quite bring himself to say it out loud. Not with these two.

"Really Oz, didn't anyone ever teach you to share?"

"Share?" Oz blinked, tilting his head in curiosity. Gil was starting to get a very bad feeling about this.

"I mean, it's hardly fair, now is it?" Jack glanced at the servant, playful fingers turning to sympathetic stroking. "Poor Gilbert has to share you with miss Alice all the time." He shot a mournful look at Oz. "How do you think that makes him feel?"

Gil shifted again. Those gentle touches were doing more than providing emotional support.

"Eh? Gil is jealous? But Gil knows he's just as important as Alice, right?" Oz asked, taken aback. He reached out a hand to touch Gil's face.

"Oz..." The dark haired man blushed and looked down.

"Hmmm..." Jack said, looking mischievous. "I'm not sure he believes you. Maybe you should show him."

"Show him?"

"MmmHmm..." The man purred, sliding a hand behind Gilbert's head and pulling him forward. "I'll help." Flashing Oz a wicked grin he licked up the side of Gil's neck, all the way to his cheek bone.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" Gil would have jumped about ten feet if not for the combined weight of the two blonds.

"Gil~" Oz giggled. "I'll show you exactly how I feel." His eyes were filled with unholy glee and the servant swallowed nervously.

Jack slipped around to hold the dark haired man from behind. Clever fingers, now free of gloves, removed Gil's jacket and went to work on his cravat.

Oz hurriedly shed his boots and vest before starting on Gil's own shoes.

"Wait... You can't..." Gil panted, feeling like the last threads of sanity were slipping through his fingers. It was entirely possible they were. This was still part of the Abyss after all.

"Why not?" Jack spoke right into the man's ear, making him shiver.

Gil heard the thump of his shoes hitting the ground as Oz tossed them over his shoulder. He winced.

"It's... Not right... Oz is..."

"What about me?" Oz looked up from unbuttoning his shirt. He decided to leave it on, hoping to hide the contract markings. He didn't want Gil turning into a mother hen in the middle of this.

"You're too young! You shouldn't be doing this sort of thing..."

Jack paused. "Really now, what a silly thing to say." He grabbed the smaller blond's hand and pulled him near. "Oz doesn't think he's too young, do you Oz?"

"Nope!" Oz shook his head, evil grin firmly in place.

"There! You see." Jack smiled but saw Gil still looked unhappy. "Well, perhaps you'll feel less guilty if I..." He leaned around the servant and pulled Oz into a kiss before either of them had a chance to protest.

It was a wet, open mouthed kiss that could, under no circumstances, be called innocent. Oz moaned low in his throat and lunged forward to participate whole heartedly. Obscene sucking noises could be heard as their tongues battled for dominance. Slowly, Jack guided Oz into something more refined but no less carnal.

Gil felt like his brain was going to explode and drip out his ears as gelatinous goo. That or he was going to come, now, in his pants, with no assistance what so ever. His petty, fumbling objections were blown away by the shear eroticism of the sight before him.

Jack's coat fell in a crumpled heap behind him and Oz was making quick work of the rest of the older blond's clothing. Jack slid his hands up the boy's chest, pausing to brush thumbs over hard, rose colored nipples. Oz whined, bucking into Gil's thigh, still trapped between the two.

Gil could feel hard lengths of flesh pressing into his leg from either side. Both blonds were unmistakably aroused. Watching Jack's fingers toy with creamy skin, he wanted to touch Oz so badly it stopped his breath. And Jack... Childhood admiration was swiftly turning itself to maddening lust. Caught between his two masters like this, he was sure he would lose his mind.

They broke apart, turning to look at Gil with almost identical smirks.

"Any more objections?" Jack asked. The dark haired man shook his head, unable to speak.

"I think Gil enjoyed that even more than we did." Oz quipped, sharp eyes honing in on the man's erection, easily visible through his close fitting trousers.

"Indeed." Jack reached down, cupping Gil's arousal and causing him to let out an undignified squeak. "Maybe we should help him with that. It looks painful."