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Sticky white grazed Gilbert's face and hair and splashed onto Oz's chest.

"Well, well," Jack teased, fingers still busy playing with Gilbert. "Looks like Oz was the one lacking in 'stamina'"

Gil paused, turning his head to look at the older blond.

"Isn't saying things like that about Oz the same thing as mocking yourself?"

Jack blinked.

"Of course. Wouldn't you love the chance to torment your fourteen year old self?" He asked as though it were the most natural thing in the world.

"... No." Gil turned away muttering. "Sadist."

"What was that?" The blond asked, twisting his fingers sharply in Gil's body.

"N-nothing." Gilbert squeaked, focus snapping back to Oz as the boy's awareness returned.

"Uh...?" Green eyes blinked up in confusion.

"Feel good?" Gil asked, warmth spreading through his chest at the look of pleasure on Oz's face.

"Sorry, Gil. I couldn't..." The boy blushed.

"Don't worry about it Oz. You've never done this before." Gilbert told him, soothingly.

"But... I'm your master. I should be taking care of you." He tried to sit up, hands reaching for the dark haired man.

"Relax." Gil pushed him gently back to the ground. "I'm not through with you yet, Young Master."

The fingers still inside Oz began to move. The boy gasped.

"What! You can't be serious..." He broke off with a moan as his body began to react.

"Ah, the joys of being a teenager." Jack quipped, peeking over Gil's shoulder to look at the younger blond. "Quick recovery time is great, huh?"

"Jack~!" Gilbert whined, shifting his hips as Jack's fingers continued to torment him. "Stop touching me like that! It's distracting."

"Oh all right." The older blond sulked, pulling his hand away. "But hurry up will you. I'm getting bored and Oz is more than ready."

Indeed, it took only a few moments for Oz's erection to return. It hung there, half hard as the boy's oversensitive body tried to process pleasure that was almost pain.

"Gil... Please... Just..." Oz panted, shivering from head to toe.

"My, my, I never thought my cute little servant could have such a sadistic streak." Jack purred.



"Would you please..."

"SHUT UP!" Oz yelled, eyes wild. "And stop interrupting! If Gil doesn't do something right NOW, the two of you are going to drive me stark raving MAD!"

Jack blinked in surprise. "Oh dear..."

"As you say, Master." Gilbert smiled gently at the boy and pulled his fingers free. He shifted Oz's hips into a better position and finally, FINALLY, pressed his length against the blond's body.


"Take a deep breath Oz. This is probably going to hurt a little."

"Or not, depending on your..."

Oz never heard the rest of Jack's comment because Gil chose that moment to slip part way inside him. He sucked in a breath. It didn't hurt. It burned.

Oz froze in shock, unable to move as internal muscles spasmed involuntarily around the intrusion. Fire seared the inside of his skin. He'd never felt anything like this before, a vicious heat that sank into his bones and spread all the way to his toes, making his hair stand on end.

Gil kept sliding forward, caressing the blond's hipbones and whispering soothingly. He buried himself in Oz before the boy's body and mind had a chance to catch up. Oz's nerves were so on edge, stretched between pleasure and pain, that Gil hoped this would prove easier on him. He sank fully into the blond and stilled his own movements, holding Oz close as he twitched and jerked, letting out small whining noises he probably wasn't even aware of making. Gil clenched his teeth, branding this image of Oz into his brain and using all his willpower to hold himself there.

Oz could feel the pain melting into him, merging slowly with the pleasure he felt before. His body relaxed against the intrusion and his mind drifted back to it's proper place. He stared up at Gil panting, drowning in golden eyes that held so much emotion he almost couldn't bare to look at them.

"Lovely as this moment is..." Jack interrupted, taking the chance to drape himself over Gil's back. "I fear I'm the one who will go mad if I have to wait for you two any longer." With a quick calculated movement he thrust into Gilbert, forcing the other man deeper into Oz's body.

"Jack..." Gil whined

"The hell..." Oz squirmed at the weight pressing him into the ground, unaware of the torment he was causing his ever faithful servant.

Gil was trapped between the two. With no leverage, he couldn't move his hips to relive the pleasure assaulting him from both sides. It was the most delicious kind of torture.

"Jack! Move. Please move. Jack please! You have to move!" Gil begged, mind going hazy with pleasure as the small involuntary thrusts of his hips got him nowhere.

"I do?" Jack asked, evil smirk plastered to his face as he moved back just slightly. He began thrusting. Small, shallow thrusts that did nothing to appease the fire raging inside Gil.

Oz felt those thrusts in turn as Gilbert moved like a puppet to Jack's every whim. Gil's erection slid in and out, dragging against his insides and causing his inexperienced body to shake as pleasure spiraled through him, coiling tight in the pit of his stomach.

Jack's thrusts increased in tempo and force until Gil was nearly screaming as he tried not to claw bloody marks into Oz's skin where he held him.

It was all to much for Oz. With a high pitched whining cry he came for a second time. Pleasure rolled through him in waves. Hot, white seed splattered against Gil's belly and Oz's muscles clamped down like a vice.

"Mine." Oz chanted. "Mine forever. I won't let you go!" He dragged Gil's head down for a fierce kiss that was the man's undoing.

With those sweet words ringing in his head, orgasm slammed into Gil with the force of a solid object. Pleasure soared through his veins and he was dimly aware of Jack's own release spilling into his body before the world went white and he knew no more.


Gil blinked sleepily, wondering where he was.

What happened? The last thing he remembered... His eyes shot open and he flushed bright red. He moved to sit up but a heavy weight over most of his left side prevented him. He looked down into Oz's sleeping face and the blond snuggled closer to him, mumbling something.

It sounded rather like 'Gil' and then 'Next time, I'm on top.' but the older man decided not to pursue the thought any further. It could have embarrassing consequences... And honestly, he'd had more then enough of that for one day.

Gil looked around and realized they were back in his home. Someone, probably Break, had pulled them out of the Abyss once more. They were, thankfully, fully clothed and Gilbert prayed to every power he could think of that they'd been that way when Break found them or he would never hear the end of it.

A small tug on his right sleeve made him glance down, over the edge. The stupid rabbit was sleeping beside the bed. She was sprawled awkwardly, as though she'd started out in a sitting position and gradually slumped over. As he watched, she pulled harder on his arm, bringing it down to use as a pillow.

"Mmmmm... Meat." She nuzzled her head against him.

Gil stiffened. If that damned rabbit started chewing on him, he really was going to shoot her.

With a yawn, he settled back into the pillows. He'd deal with it, all of it, later. He was still so very tired and he was actually quite comfortable, even with the drooling rabbit and bed hogging Oz.

Just before he drifted off he felt a faint brush off lips against his forehead and heard Jack's voice whisper in his ear.

"Sleep well my cute little Gilbert... and be happy."

Gil smiled.

The End