Hinata was angry. No, livid at the situation. Three years. Three years of them going on missions and searching for Sasuke Uchiha. Hearing of him killing both his brother and Orochimaru. Done nothing to Konoha, actually aiding them with the deaths of these people and then he goes and kills Raikage's brother, Killer Bee. Supposedly he joined ranks with the Akatsuki that had just been eliminated. 'Why Sasuke?'

Hinata was drawn out of her musings by the sobs of Ino. She turned to the scene in front of her. Choji and Tenten were comforting Ino. While the rest of the Rookie Nine looked uncomfortable and tense at the situation. Hinata just wanted to disappear. She knew that Naruto would do anything to bring Sasuke back. Knowing him, he had already gone off to the meeting in the Land of Iron, perhaps to talk to Gaara or even the Raikage. 'I wish I could help somehow…'

Then the idea came to her. She looked quickly at her teammates who were talking to Neji. Hinata caught Neji's eye and made a motion that she was leaving and going to go on a walk. He made a curt nod and began to answer Shino's question. Hinata then back tracked to the Hyuuga district to gather up her supplies. She was going to the Land of Iron, because if her guess was right, Sasuke would be there too. And she was going to find him and bring him back to Konoha if it was the last thing she did.


"So. That's the plan? All of us are going to the Land of Iron to stop Naruto risking his life for Sasuke and then beat him and his band of merry men if he doesn't comply?" Kiba asked as the Rookie Nine and Team Gai stood in a circle.

"Basically." Shikamaru replied coolly.

"Awesome! So when do we leave?" Kiba answered enthusiastically.

"Kiba…" Shino muttered.

"What? I want this war to be over with! And if beating up Sasuke is the way to go, I'm all for it. I don't want another attack like this on Konoha. Our new Hokage is there too. The creep. Did anyone see him fighting when we were attacked?" Kiba threw his hands up.

"No, but why does it matter? There's nothing we can do about it but hope Tsunade–sensei wakes up." Sakura stated. "Let's all get our things together and meet in a half hour. We can't waste any more time."

"Right." Everyone echoed and darted off to newly made homes except for Neji, Kiba, and Shino. Neji held them back.

"Hinata went on a walk. I'll find her and inform her of what's happening." Neji stated. Shino nodded and Kiba waved that they understood his statement and took off.

Neji took off on Hinata's regular path until he noticed a kunai stuck into a tree. He reached up and yanked the kunai out, discovering a piece of paper attached. Neji unrolled it and began to read. He promptly began to swear loudly. He made it to the Hyuuga district in record time and gathered up his things to bring to the Land of Iron. Cursing at his cousin the whole time.

She had made it. Successfully avoiding the samurai that guarded the area, Hinata found a place to hide and activate her Byakugan. She scanned the area for the Sasuke's chakra. The area was fairly small and would not be difficult to scan. She was lucky the snow had stopped. She felt the burning of a huge chakra in the building she was next to.

'Naruto…' She hid the information in the back of her mind and swept the area. A large group of chakra signatures were focused North of her. She focused on the charka. 'The Kages meeting,' Hinata thought. A flair of charka sparked a mass of charkas and Hinata's eyes widened as she watched as pairs of shinobi jumped in front of their Kage as one pounded on the desk. Hinata tore her eyes from the scene only to come across a group of charkas. A group of four hidden behind a rock and Sasuke's was one of them. She quickly deactivated her bloodline and masked her chakra. Kurenai-sensei had taught her the importance of hiding her presence, especially when outnumbered. So with cat-like grace, Hinata Hyuuga approached the group to capture Sasuke.


"SHE DID WHAT?" yelled Kiba as the rest of the group stared in disbelief at what Neji had found from Hinata. "Gone to get him because otherwise Naruto wouldn't be happy…H.H." read the note.

"This is troublesome." Shikamaru rubbed his temple as he added this variable into the equation. Shino was silent on the issue of his teammate while Sakura and Ino just stood dumb founded at the information. Tenten wondered how her teammate was keeping his cool.

"So what is the plan now Shikamaru?" Choji asked.

"The same. She has almost a two hour start. She's probably already there. I don't know what her abilities are these days so let's just hope she doesn't die." Everyone nodded grimly. "Let's go."

The will of fire was about to be tested.


Incapacitating the girl was easy, followed by the guy with giant sword. One quick poke of a couple of charka points silenced them as she moved through the group only to be grabbed from behind by a crushing force. Hinata grunted as the force wrapped around her waist. She quickly tapped points on his arms to make the arms release her and quickly spun around and chose the points to bring him down. A flash of steel passed her vision and Hinata quickly jumped back to avoid the point. Sasuke Uchiha's eyes flared red and tomoe whirled around in eyes. He held his sword steady as Hinata slid into Gentle Fist.

"A Hyuuga? This is interesting." Sasuke stated and barked out, "Why are you here?"

"To stop a war between Konoha and Kumo," She simply stated. "By bringing you home to face the wrath of the ones left behind. And to make the one I love happy again."

"Hn. Who's the one you love?" Sasuke sneered. "The dope? Ha."

Hinata's eyes hardened. "Yes. I've almost died by Pein trying to protect him. I will bring you back to him to make him happy that finally kept his promise."

An eyebrow rose at this. "The dope made a promise. How weak." His eyes spun faster. Hinata glanced away to focus on his feet. She had to hit those points and not get caught by his eyes. She changed the subject to off balance him. Wasn't his goal not to be like his brother?

"So. It is true. You've become what you despised, Sasuke Uchiha. Congratulations." She sneered edging around slightly to get a better position while avoiding his eyes. "I'm glad you had your revenge. Was it worth it? Was it worth leaving Konoha and your friends?" She taunted hoping to make him strike out so she could take advantage.

"Konoha killed my family and made my brother do it. I swear no loyalty to a country that does that." Sasuke stated coldly. "You know nothing."

Hinata cocked her head. "So is that why you are here? To kill the Hokage?"

"Yes. It's just a bonus that he is one of the people who gave the order."

"Ah." Hinata saw her opening and took it. She quickly hit the points before Sasuke realized what was happening and hit the extra one to block his Sharigan. "While I don't like the new Hokage, I can't have you go and kill him." Sasuke fell to the ground, glaring. "Now will you excuse me as I find Naruto?"

And with that she darted off toward Naruto's chakra.


Naruto was mulling over the situation when a knock sounded at his door.

"Coming! Who is it?" Naruto opened the door only to come face to face with Hinata. "Hinata! What are you doing here?" He asked bewildered.

She blushed and looked down. Even though she confessed it hadn't helped. She wondered if he even remembered her confessing to him. It didn't matter because she had to get back before the numbness the group was experiencing went away. "I need you to come with me Naruto. Quickly." She blurted it out. "I found Sasuke."

"What? You found the Teme?" Naruto's eyes enlarged.

"Yes! Now come quickly!" Hinata grabbed his hand and dragged him out of the building toward Sasuke's team.


Neji rubbed his fore head as he saw the meeting place of the Kage's ahead of the group. They had travelled fast. He focused on trying to find Hinata's or Naruto's charka. As they approached the meeting place, he found them. Together of all things, he mused. They were moving quickly toward a rock structure.

"I found them! They are together and moving fast toward that rock structure!" Neji yelled to the group.

"Let's go before they do something stupid." Shikamaru said. As the team increased their speed toward where Neji indicated.


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