It's My Birthday But I Won't Cry

It's my birthday, but none of my birthday wishes will come true.
OK, so part of it is my fault.
I did invite Mac, the sanctimonious, oh so innocent, pure as can be, martyr skank, Mac. I mean, it's not like I'm stupid.
I know whose bed my husband's keeping warm.
I just thought that if I pushed her and Chance together… well, I was wrong.
I mean, I want Billy to notice me, even if it's just for a few minutes.
And, even more so, I like Chance.
I mean, since when do I like the good guys?
Since when do they like me?

But that doesn't matter.

Because I see the interplay and I can ignore it.
Play it off.

Won't be the first time and I'm sure it won't be the last.

I can even pretend not to be hurt that he didn't go out and get me presents from 'Delia' the way I did him only a couple of weeks before.
Billy's not built to think like that.
And it doesn't matter anyway, right?
Because I don't have feelings to hurt.
Not Chloe.
Not the party girl.
Not the flake…

And most are buying it… well, except maybe Chance… for some reason, it's like he can see through me. And I can't let him. I turn away with a quick retort in place and a mask in place as Jill walks in and all hope is gone, because there's no way to play this one away.
HE's with her.
Katherine embraces him and Billy's marginalizes and I'm erased.

Funny, its Chloe's party and she won't cry because she doesn't want to, but it's clearly Katie Valentine's turn to cry.