Have you ever wanted to be special be able to see the future or something that sets you aside from the rest of humanity. Yes well stop wishing for that. Being different is not fun, it draws attention to yourself, attention you could have lived without trust me I know.

Many people think it would be so cool to have visions, to be able to see the future. Ha! Cool yeah right let me tell you I would give anything to be a normal human teenager. You think your life is boring and you say you hate it, well be thankful I would give anything to live a boring life and not have these visions. If I could I would trade you in a heartbeat, if I thought I could do something to take them away forever I would in a heartbeat.

Let me tell you visions are not fun. At all.

They are very painful and come at the worst times ever or maybe that's just me, but they suck majorly. I guess they might be bearable if I saw good things but no, ever since I was little I have been able to see the future. Now try to imagine extreme pain, I mean the worst thing you have ever felt in your life and then you will get a glimse of what visions are.

Maybe it's just because I see death and destruction and not what the weather is going to be tomorrow, I might be okay with just having that. Maybe. Visions bring unwanted attention to you and get the people you love killed. Hence the reason I always have to move.

And as if my unbearably painful death visions aren't enough of a curse some stupid idiotic scentists had to make me there ginny pig for an experiment that could have killed me during the process. Yeah they didn't mention that when they kidnapped me and knocked me out while walking to school one day.

My name is Isabella Marie Swan and I am a freak.