Edward let me go inside the piano room, it was gorgeous. I was like a little kid on the first day of school. I ran up to the piano and ran my finger along it; it's been so long since I have played on a piano. I sat down and looked at Edward who was staring at me like I was the most amazing person in the world though I could be imagining it also.

"May I?" I asked running my hands across the wood.

"Of course." He said simply and sat down next to me.

I grinned and slide the protective bar back. I closed my eyes and ran my hands over the keys and started to play my favorite song. I instantly felt calm and at peace like nothing could touch me, like I was normal.

"Bella you're not even looking at the keys." Edward said in awe.

"Edward do you know how many times I have played your song." I said not opening my eyes. I have played his song so many times that I could do it with my eyes closed which I was.

"Bella you're amazing." Edward said with awe and compassion in his voice, but that could just be because I was playing the piano and tend to imagine things.

The song came to an end and I got a song in my head, I had to play it. I use to just sit at a piano and a song would just come to me. I opened my eyes and starting playing the song I heard in my head. I was slow and simple but then got complicated. I opened my eyes and moved my hands gracefully over the keys.

"When did you write that?" Edward asked staring at me.

I shrugged and said "Just now." Then the song came to and end and I placed my hands in my lap.

"You wrote that just now." He said shocked.

"Geez you would think vampires would be able to take shocking news well, but then again you are the worst vampire ever." I said teasingly looking at him.

"I am." He said placing his hands on the keys and playing a slow soft melody. While still staring at me.

"Yes you are." I said memorizing the keys he used so I could replay it. Like I said music is my everything the only thing I love well except my new family.

"Care to elaborate on that." He said still not looking down at the keys, but I was the kind of complexity he was using hasn't been heard of since Bach or Mozart.

"Uh…sure well first off you go to school with your food; I mean come on what kind of vampire goes to high school." I said still memorized by his song and then he missed a mark, it was slight but I caught it. "Sorry did that make you uneasy."

"What?" He asked confused.

"Well you haven't missed a mark this whole time and you just did then." I said and the song came to a graceful end. "May I?" I said.

"You think you can replay that just by looking at it once." He said with disbelief.

"I know I can, it's something I haven't seen in a while but if I can replay a song almost perfectly from a dream I am pretty sure I can do it just by memorizing the keys you hit." I said simply going over the keys again in my head.

"Be my guest." He said and I put my hands over the keys and started playing just like he did it was a slow beautiful loving song that reminded me of Esme.

"Edward did you write this song for Esme." I asked.

"How did you know?" Edward seemed amazed and awed by me replaying a song that I studied him play before me, it's not that amazing cant everyone do that?

"The tempo, the complexity, it reminds me of her and the sound reminds me of a mother and love. It's beautiful." I said not looking up at him.

"You caught all that from just one time of me playing it." He said in complete awe. O kio

"Music is my life Edward ask your father he knows." I said very simply.

"Just like our little Eddie." Emmett yelled from downstairs.

Edward growled and I said "Why do you let them get to you, they only call you that stuff to get on your nerves."

He looked at me and relaxed again "Try living with it for about ninety years."

He had tried to get me to mess up but it didn't work, Aro tried the same thing but said a thousand "That's not going to work Edward." I said smiling.

"What isn't going to work?" He said innocently.

"Trying to get me to mess up I only ever messed up once." I said simply.

"Yeah and when was that." He said curiously, it sounded like he really wanted to know.

"The first time I played your song." I said simply.

"You heard it in a dream." He asked bewildered.

"No actually I heard it in a vision, it was the weirdest vision I ever had, it was dark and all I could feel was pain and fear and then a melody filled the air and everything was calm, peaceful almost there was no pain nothing, just by your one beautiful song the fear and pain vanished and I was at peace, I wanted to stay there and listen to that song all the time but it faded and I knew I had to recompose it." I said in awe and the added "Edward your song got me through more hard times and unbearably painful visions than I can even count."

"Really?" He asked both shocked and flattered as the song came to an end.

"Yes." I said staring at him in his golden eyes they're so different from the black ones I saw these feel like you can stare at them forever and never find an ending. Now I know how Carlisle feels I could stare into Edwards eyes for hours and never find an end.

"Bella you said you had to replay it one time inside your head." Edward asked staring into my eyes.

"Yeah I can replay anyone of my visions anytime I want to, you would think that after having so many you would forget some, but no I remember all of them every single one I can relive them anytime I want though I don't want to because they are horrible but I can and there crystal clear every time just like the first time I had them." I said

"You mean you remember everyone of you visions." He asked in shock and angry for some reason.

"Yes." I said simply.

"Wow." Was all he could say, I mean what are you suppose to say when someone tells you they cal relive horribly painful visions at any given anytime they want.

"Will you play your favorite song for me?" I asked him.

He smiled and nodded. A melody so beautiful filled the air so peaceful, better than the other one he wrote. I wonder what inspired this one, it is amazing. My eyelids became heavy and I leaned against Edwards shoulder and closed my eyes. I let the music drift around me it was like a complex lullaby almost.

I woke up in the same room as I woke up in last time, the one with the CDS in it. I wonder whose room it is and why am I here and not in Alice's. I sat and looked over to my left. Edward is sitting on a black leather couch and has his head phones in his ears and his eyes closed, if I didn't know any better I would say he was sleeping.

I sat up and tucked my knees under my chin and just stared at him, he looks so peaceful I wonder what he is listening to anyway. I sat there staring at him for a couple of seconds until Edward looked over and saw me staring at him. I blushed and smiled slightly.

"What are you listening to?" I asked curious.

"You." He said simply, holding up my I-pod.

"Ah and am I good." I said leaning back on the headboard.

"Yes, you are amazing better than me even." He said without a trace of jealously in his voice, he merely looked peaceful.

"You looked very peaceful I didn't mean to disrupt you." I said still looking at him, I couldn't come up with the will power to look away from him and I didn't want to.

"It's not a problem." He said smiling.

"Can I ask you something then?" I said a little nervous.

"Yes of course ask away." He said taking out the other head phone and rapping it around my I-pod.

"Whose bedroom am I in?" I asked looking at the CDS again.

"Oh… You were supposed to sleep with Alice but she was umm… full…so I brought you in my room." He said nervously. See what I mean about worst vampire ever I mean come on what vampire gets nervous.

"No problem, just merely curious you have a lot of CDS." I said looking at the wall full of CDS.

"Yeah well I guess we have music in common." He said composed again.

"Guess your right." I said and the there was a knock on the door.

"Yes Alice?" Edward said and I looked at him confused, he seemed to get why and tapped his head.

"Oh right the mind reader. Got it." I said and then Alice cam bouncing in and jumped onto the bed.

"Hi Bella." She said excited.

"Hello Alice." I said smiling at her.

"How was your sleep?" She asked and then looked at Edward.

"I feel bad that I made Edward give up his bed." I said guilty.

"I'm sure Eddie doesn't mind, do you Eddie." She said over excited.

I looked at him and he relaxed and this time didn't growl I smiled at him "Not at all." He said smiling back at me.

"Really I am sorry Edward I wouldn't have if I had…umm…been awake I guess." I said embarrassed again.

"It's fine really Bella, not like I need a bed to sleep in anyway." He said smiling at me.

"Oh…well…thank you." I said and then added nervously "It was really comfortable."

"Glad you liked it." He said smiling a crocked smile. Wow he was gorgeous it should be illegal how does he not have a mate yet.

"I'll right well I will leave you two alone for awhile." Alice said and hopped off the bed and danced toward the door.