Title: Puzzle

Author: Effie

Disclaimer: I do not own CSI nor BTVS or Angel.

Fandoms: Angel and CSI

Characters: Illyria, Gil Grissom

Summary: Illyria bides her time on earth exploring what humanity has to offer. Gil Grissom finds a crime scene that captures his attention for a less than noble reason.

Word Count: 426

Illyria looked at the bright lights of Vegas with a smile she knew was expected of a new arrival. In reality Illyria saw no real value in such gaudy and pathetic light show. The City of Sin was really nothing more than another cesspool of humanity waiting to die out. She could feel the tendrils of time on the edges of reality; she could see a faint ghost of the city's future if she tried. The city would be a ruin eventually but it would grow and prosper in a span of time humans would call long.

Illyria's powers had begun returning, slowly but surely. Illyria was certain her shell would be able to adjust to the power this time. It would adjust to the gradual increase of her power, until she was as close to her true form as possible. Until then Illyria would bide her time.

Although Illyria was still...disgusted, that was the closest word to her feeling, something humanity would not be able to truly comprehend, with humans but she also had to admire some of them. Humans like Charles and Wesley. Illyria would learn about humanity, adapt them to her own will until she could fight the Wolfram and Hart.

Now in Las Vegas she was about to experience what humans saw as sinful and fun. Winifred had no memories of Las Vegas and Illyria was eager to explore the city. See what, if anything, separated this city from another one.

In the late night wanderings attracted the attention of human filth, perverts and muggers. Illyria dealt with them as Wesley would have wanted. When the man with the gun had shot her when she had adopted her truer form, she couldn't tolerate the insult. She killed him, violently but quickly. She left the body without a second thought, exploring the city's present and glimpses of the future she could catch.


Gil Grissom didn't know what had caused this damaged. It was intriguing him and although violent there was something different about it. There was no lust, no sadism, no evil just the act itself. The man had been literally torn to shreds as if he were nothing more than an insect.

As Sara began gathering evidence, Grissom wondered what they'd find on the perpetrator. A man who could do this kind of act in this manner was someone he didn't want to meet but study. Grissom did want this person caught, removed and punished but he did not lie to himself. He wanted to solve this puzzle of a man.