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Chapter 1 Edward POV

I will not have sex with the virgin, I will not have sex with the virgin, I will not have sex with the unbelievably hot, sexy, sweet smelling, soft, voluptuous, wonderful…

"Hellooooo, Edward…. Are you in there?" Jasper was waving his hand in front of my face.

"What? Oh, yeah, we ready?" I couldn't stop thinking about Bella's mouth, her perfect, erect nipples in between my teeth, her fucking wonderful smell as I inhaled her last night… but mostly, I couldn't stop thinking about the fact that she was still a virgin.

That shit just is not what I expected.

I tried to make her understand that I still wanted her. Bad. I mean, I wanted her so bad I couldn't fucking see straight. However, I didn't know if, you know, if I was the right guy for Bella's… deflowering. I'd been with a lot of girls. She may want it to be something a little more… special. Ya know?

I stuffed the last of my clothes into my backpack and headed downstairs with Jasper.

Bella and Alice were hugging Jasper's parents goodbye, or, "Man" and "Woman" as they liked to call each other. Bella gave me an odd look and then headed out to the car with her bag. I wondered if she was already second guessing herself about kissing a man whore.

Probably. Dumb ass.

Carmen and Eli each gave me hugs goodbye and handed me a cooler full of good food to eat, so we could avoid the crappy seven-eleven type food we'd been munching on throughout our road trip. They had a twin cooler to hand to Jasper for his car too.

I left him there to say goodbye to his folks while I packed the car up and threw the cooler into the back seat. When I slid into the driver's side, Bella was there in the passenger's seat, biting her nails.

"You okay?" I asked.

"Huh?" She looked over, like I'd just interrupted her thoughts. "Oh, yeah, fine."

Yeah, she was definitely having second thoughts. This was gonna be a long fucking drive.

I was staring idly out the front window when Jasper banged on the car's hood and yelled "Let's go! Time's a wastin!". I jumped and Bella laughed, and I was kind of glad she did, because it was getting really fucking awkward up in this joint.

I started the car up and we were off.

I kept trying to keep the conversation going for a while, asking her to pick some music, which turned into a conversation about our favorite bands, what concerts we'd been to, and I knew most of her's, because we'd gone together with Alice to several.

"I cannot fucking believe you like New Kids on The Block".

"Just that one song, Edward, I didn't say I liked them, I said I liked the fucking song, Jesus."

"If you like the song, ya like the band."

"Says who?"

"Says the law."

She laughed hard and loud. "The Law? What fucking law?"

"The fucking law that says you're not allowed to like boy bands where the boys are 40 year old men. That law."

She shook her head, giggling ferociously.

I smiled and breathed in deeply. At least we were fucking talking again. Maybe my charming personality would make up for the man whore-ness that is Edward Cullen.

Who the fuck was I kidding. Bella deserved better and I knew it.

That doesn't mean I'm not gonna try though.

Just then, she twisted around to the back to get something out of the cooler, and the way she was reaching caused her shirt to rise up in the back, giving me a perfect view of the red thong that she was wearing.

Shit, hell and fuck me.

I licked my lips as I leaned and glanced over to get an even better view, when she popped back into her seat and screamed "Holy shit Edward watch out!"

Panicked, I looked to see what she was yelling about and I had swerved into the other lane, and was about to hit a car.

I pulled the wheel back the other way, making the car spin out of control, and I hit the brakes with both feet. We slid over onto the soft shoulder and came to an abrupt halt, facing the wrong way and my hands were both on the wheel, held out directly in front of me.

Bella was holding on to the dashboard, eyes shut tight and breathing heavily.

I was in shock, I'm not gonna lie. I couldn't believe we'd just lived through that shit.

"Fuckin A." I said, catching my breath.

"What the fuck Edward?!" She finally yelled.

"Sorry… I …"

"Was trying to sneak a peek at my ass!? Jesus Christ! You almost got us killed!"

Shit, she saw me.

"Yeah, but on a positive note, you have one really nice ass." Now that the drama was over, I could laugh at it. That's how I roll. Sue me.

She let out a nervous laugh and said "You're such a fucking perv." And slapped me on the arm.

By now, Jasper had pulled over in back of us and he was running to the car with Alice.

"Holy shit dude, are you guys okay? What the fuck happened?"

I blurted out the first thing that came to mind. "Deer… jumped right the fuck in front of me, didn't you see it?" Bella creased her eyebrows.

"A deer." He said.

"Yeah, big fucker too."

"I didn't see any deer." Alice chimed.

Luckily Bella decided to back me up and not embarrass me, for reasons I did not understand, but was grateful for.

"Yeah, I totally saw it. Edward actually has really good reflexes; we'd have hit it if he hadn't been paying such good attention."

Alice and Jasper continued to give us looks of disbelief, but they left it alone finally and went back to their car.

"Thanks," I breathed. "You could have totally embarrassed me with that material though, why'd you pass that up?"

She shrugged, smirking. "I figure it might be good blackmail material sometime, you never know."

I narrowed my eyes at her. "Blackmail huh?" She just looked out her window. But I could tell she was smiling.

The rest of the drive was uneventful, thank god.

We arrived at college, signed in and started making our way to the co-ed dormitory we were all going to be living in. I carried Bella's bag for her and Jasper somehow managed to handle his own bag and all of Alice's.

I shook my head and laughed. He had it bad.

Inside, we found that Jazz & I were bunking. Yes! And Alice and Bella were in the same room with each other, but on a different floor than us. Bummer, but we could work around that small problem.

We dropped mine and Jazz's bags off first, since we came to our floor first, and then headed up to the girls' floor. At their door I heard a very familiar, very fucking annoying voice call out from down the hall.

"Bella? Sweet! We're on the same floor! Hey, Bella!" Mike Newton screamed from the opposite end of the hallway and was running toward us through the sea of freshmen.

"Keep moving, maybe he'll go away" I murmured, shuffling Bella into her dorm room.

Alice and Jasper quickly threw Alice's bags into the doorway and took off down the back stairway. We however, were not that fast.

He reached us just as we were about to close the door.


"Hey, Mike, I didn't know you were going here." She answered him all unimpressed and kind of nervously to tell you the truth, she didn't like the idiot any more than I did. She was looking around the room, trying to enjoy her first moments of college life without being too rude to the idiot at our… I mean her door.

He of course pushed his way into her room to look around also. Did he not see me standing there?

"Wow, you guys got a huge room, ours sucks, and I'm with some dude I don't even know. How'd you and Alice get assigned together?"

She shrugged. "We requested it."

He laughed "You mean I could have requested you and gotten some action at least?"

"That's not fucking funny asshole." I blurted out. FINALLY he sees me.

"Oh, hey Cullen. Didn't see you standing there."


"Look Newton, Bella's had a long trip." I put my hand against his chest and started pushing him out the door into the hallway. "She needs some fucking peace and quiet, so why don't you run along now and get settled in with your bunk mate." I made the final push and shut the door, locking it.

I turned to Bella to see her standing there with her hand over her mouth, trying not to laugh.


"Control freak, much?" She said.

"He's an ass, but if you want him to come back…" I started to open the door.

"No! No!" She grabbed my arm, and just her touching me like that made my dick twitch.

She stopped laughing.

So did I.


Not good, danger Will Robinson, the virgin is getting horny. Abort Abort Abort!

"I um… should probably get back to my room and un-pack." Lame, Cullen.

"Oh, yeah… okay." She said, with a tinge of regret in her eyes. I'm an ass. I know this. But she's better off. Right?

God she's so beautiful, even when she's sad. I could just kiss that wrinkly above her eyes away, and… settle down Cullen… just… step away from the virgin.

"Okay, well… hey we'll catch up later right? Big night! Classes start tomorrow!"

She twisted her mouth to one side and nodded, looking down at the floor.

Okay now I'm more than just an ass. I'm a dick.

"Hey." I took her chin in my hand and lifted her head so she was looking at me. Then I kissed her forehead.

This wasn't going to be as easy as I thought.

She smiled a tiny smile and said "I'll see you later Edward." God, when she said my name like that. I'd like to hear her say my name while she's encompassing my dick with her hot… wet…

Shit. I'm leaving, god…

I walked down the still crowded hallway to the stairwell, passing Mike on the way. He gave me a smug look and watched till I was gone. God I hoped he hadn't gone back down to Bella's room. That was the last motherfucker she needed to deal with right now.

Back in my room, I started putting shit away, and since Jazz hadn't stuck around long enough to pick a side, I did it for him, and took the side that had the window.

I put away all the shit I'd brought and set up my laptop on the tiny desk the college had afforded us. Then I set up the wireless modem I'd brought from home.


As soon as my internet connection was working, I heard the "ping" from my laptop, and looked to find an instant message waiting for me.

From Bella.

What the fuck, I just left her upstairs…

I sat down to read what it said.

IMS2009: You suck.

It was sitting there, blinking at me, waiting for a response. Well that's not very nice is it? "Okay, I'll bite, game on Bella."

EAMC1990: And why, pray tell, do I suck Isabella?

I knew she fucking hated it when I called her that.

IMS2009: left me high and dry… what happened to last night?

Shit. I should have known this was coming. She didn't want to talk about it upstairs. Probably feeling like I'd rejected her or some shit.

EAMC1990: last night rocked my socks off.

IMS2009: then what's the problem?

I breathed in a deep breath before answering that.

EAMC1990: Bella… I'm a man whore… don't you think your first time should be with someone more… your speed?


Great. She was pissed.

Now what?

EAMC1990: Bella?


I waited for her to respond, surely she wasn't that pissed.

Then there was a knock at my door. I got up to answer it.

I hadn't even gotten the door open when Bella pushed her way in, knocking both of her hands into my chest with all her might, which was a lot for such a little person by the way.

"What the fuck, Edward?!" I'm good enough to want to fuck when I'm just any other girl but when you find out I'm a virgin from your big mouthed, pain in the ass sister I'm suddenly untouchable?"

Shit, she was a little more than pissed.

"Bella, I…"

"No, fuck that Edward." She was hurtling toward me again and I backed up, but tripped over Jasper's bag and fell onto my bed. Then Bella, who was so out of her mind at the moment that she didn't see the reason for my fall, also tripped over said bag, and fell right on top of me.

My hands went to her waist and she didn't wait for me to say anything else. She crashed her lips to mine, while her hands fisted into my hair. That shit hurt like hell, but it also felt fucking great.

She opened her mouth just a little and my tongue found hers. My hands moved from her waist, up her back and I rolled us so that I was hovering over her small frame while her legs wrapped around my hips and she grinded herself into my very erect, very noticeable hardened dick.

I slid my hand down her side, coming to rest on her thigh, my thumb rubbing the inside, barely grazing her crotch, and she sucked in a breath.

I pulled slightly back from our kiss momentarily, to look her in the eyes. She had fucking glorious eyes. Chocolate Brown, and perfect for getting lost in.

"Bella, I…"

"Edward, if you fucking say anything having to do with me being a virgin and you not wanting to spoil my innocence, I will smack the shit out of you." She took a breath and added "I mean, if this has nothing to do with that, and you've just decided… you're not interested, then I understand…"

I fucking love it when she babbles.

I smirked and kissed her again, cupping her jeans where I could feel how hot she was, massaging her right where I knew she would feel some pleasure, even through her thick ass jeans. I could only imagine how wet she must be right now.

"Mmmmmmm. Edward, can we shut the door?" She murmured as I kissed her neck and was about to get up when we heard someone clearing their throat at the doorway.

I spun my head to see who the fucking asshole was that was interrupting this excellent moment between Bella and I. It was a very tall, very bitchy looking blonde standing at the doorway, arching one of her perfectly manicured eyebrows at me.

"Yeah?" I said, irritated as shit.

"I'm Rosalie Hale… Your floor monitor?" She said it like a question, I don't know if she thought I'd know what the fuck that meant or not, but it still pissed me off. Then she added for good measure "Step away from the girl. Dorm meeting in five. Be there." She taped a piece of paper on my door and was gone.

What the fuck.

I jumped up off of the bed, adjusting my pants a bit, and snatched the piece of paper off of the door.

It gave us details about the meeting and a note written in orange highlighter that said "No fraternizing with members of the opposite sex after 10pm."


Bella was sitting herself up and straightening her clothes. "I guess we better get going, she looks scary, I don't wanna piss her off our first night."

I grimaced, screw her. But Bella was probably right.

"Yeah, let's go."

Jasper and Alice were already there in the gathering area, saving us seats. I had to admit, taking everything in, this place was pretty cool. The couches were comfortable. Not any of that cheap shit you get from warehouse outlets; real leather, ranging in sizes from love seats to full out sectional sofas. Even the chairs looked like something I could fucking fall asleep in if I had to.

Apparently one of the freshman's parents had donated a bunch of shit to the dorm he was staying in. And the rest of us reaped the benefits.

The "law of the land" as Rosalie put it, was a list of ten do's and don'ts… mostly don'ts that were to be strictly followed in the dorm we were living in.

The one that stuck out in my mind most was number 1. The same one she'd written in orange highlighter on my meeting announcement.

That was going to pose a problem. But I could work around it.

By the time the meeting was over, we'd mingled with our floor monitors, had some munchies, and been introduced to some of the other people on our floors. There were five floors to our dorm, a floor monitor on each floor. Each floor monitor's room was strategically located right next to the stair ways.

I was already trying to calculate ways around those rooms without getting caught passed curfew.

It was almost, you guessed it, 10:00pm when people were disbursing. So Jasper and I said goodnight to the girls and watched them walk off.

Mike Newton caught up with Bella and started talking to her as they ascended the stairs. She looked back to me as they disappeared around the corner of the stairwell and mouthed "chat" as she air typed and I nodded that I understood.

"Well this situation sucks," Jasper said as we headed for our room.

"Yeah, but I'm thinking there's gotta be some ways around that curfew shit."

He laughed "Well if anyone's going to find a loophole of some sort, it's you Edward."

When we got to the room I sat at my desk and waited for Bella's instant message to pop up, but it never did. Jazz started anal retentively arranging his clothes in the closet and I picked up one of my pre-med books and started flipping through it while I lay on my bed, to get myself a little prepared for my first class tomorrow.

After 10 grueling minutes, she finally fucking pinged me. I heard the blip on the screen, threw my book down, and pulled my laptop to my knees.

IMS2009: Hey, you there? Sorry bout that.

EAMC1990: What's going on

IMS2009: Mike stuck around for a bit, he's so fucking nosy

EAMC1990: Ass… what'd he want

IMS2009: To know if you and I were "seeing each other"… lol

Why was that funny?

EAMC1990: Why's that funny?

IMS2009: well because it's not like you've even asked me out on an official date yet, wouldn't want to "deflower the virgin"

EAMC1990: You're forgetting the lake, and the tractor, and the horseback riding. ;)

IMS2009: nice try Edward.

I hesitated, and bit my nail. Of course I wanted to ask Bella out on an official date, date. And she was right. I was being such an idiot about all of this. I liked her, it was simple, I should just follow my gut. Which, by the way, was whispering perverted shit to my dick because it was growing hard just fucking thinking about her again.

IMS2009: Hello? Jesus Edward, don't have a cow, I'm just giving you a hard time.

EAMC1990: Bella.

IMS2009: … yeah?

EAMC1990: Would you like to go out with me?

IMS2009: Edward, seriously, don't feel obligated

EAMC1990: Bella

IMS2009: What?

EAMC1990: Shut up.

IMS2009: fuck you Edward

EAMC1990: Do you want to go out… or not?

IMS2009: NO

Jesus H. Christ what was her fucking problem?!

EAMC1990: Please?


EAMC1990: Bella, I'd hate to get suspended on our first night here, so don't make me come up there.

Still nothing.

EAMC1990: BELLA! You're fucking killing me here.

After a few more agonizing minutes… finally she responded.

IMS2009: Fine.

EAMC1990: Really? Sweet! I'll pick you up tomorrow after class.

IMS2009: Where are we going?

EAMC1990: It's a surprise. I'll see you at 5

IMS2009: OK

EAMC1990: hey… good luck tomorrow!

IMS2009: you too Edward. ;)

EAMC1990: night Bella.

IMS2009: night.

I logged off before she could change her mind on me, and lay in bed the rest of the night, thinking about where I'd be taking Bella tomorrow, and how ridiculously happy I was at that moment in time. I'd have to get a hold of Em on his cell phone and ask him for some cool ideas.

I was taking Bella Swan out for our first actual date in less than twenty-four hours.

And I was nervous as fuck.

My feet were tapping nervously on the bed, and I was drumming on my knees while I lay there thinking this all through.

"Dude." Jasper said, interrupting my thoughts. He was smirking at me.


"You've got it bad." He was shaking his head and arranging his shoes in a very OCD kind of way on the floor next to his bed.

"What the fuck are you talking about Jazz?" I averted my eyes so I was staring at the ceiling.

He just giggled. "Night Edward."


The next day was fucking rough as hell. My pre-med classes were all one right after the other in the morning. I'd coordinated it that way, so I could get the hard stuff out of the way, before heading to golf after lunch.

I wasn't done with my last lesson until 4:35, which left me not a whole hell of a lot of time before picking Bella up at her room.

I took the fastest shower in the history of the universe and threw on my black jeans, with my grey pullover Northwestern sweatshirt I'd picked up at the bookstore earlier, and my Chuck Taylor's, because they fucking rock.

When I arrived at Bella's door, a huge dude was leaning up against the door jamb like he fucking belonged there, and I wasn't liking the way he seemed to be eying Bella up and down, who looked… fucking spectacular. She had her hair down which I always love, faded blue jeans, with that tight, perfect shade of blue sweater that I fucking adored all through high school, and yep, you guessed right, Chuck Taylors. The girl's got class.

She saw me and fucking lit up with a smile that would put the Mona Lisa to shame.

Take that ass wipe.

"Edward! This is Felix, my floor monitor, Felix, Edward, Edward, Felix."

I didn't like him.

"Sup." I said, nodding slightly.

"Nice to meet you, Edward." He said, with a smugness I really didn't like. At all.

I tried to shake off the eerie feeling I got from the mammoth, and concentrated on my date with Bella. "So, ready to go?" I may have seemed a little over eager.

She raised her eyebrows and showed her teeth, sucking in a breath.

"Yeeeeeeah, about that."

Fuck, that didn't sound good.

Felix clapped me on the back, grabbing my shoulder and said "Hall meeting tonight Edward, they're mandatory, sorry, Bella's not gonna be able to play with you after all." He smiled and I swear to fucking god I wanted to punch him in the face. I almost think he made that shit up on purpose, so I couldn't take Bella out. But that would be ridiculous, right?

I know my face fell, but I tried to spin this around.

"Well, that's cool, I'll come get you after."

She grimaced. "Can't, I have a ton of homework already, there's no way I can go out and get it all done that late."

Felix looked a little too happy about that if you ask me.

I eyed him. "Do you fucking mind, dude?"

He laughed through his nose and said "sure thing kid." Kid? "Bella, see you in a bit" and he fucking winked at her. Winked!

"I'm really sorry." She said.

"It's not your fault." I said, watching Felix walk away. "I don't like that guy."

She pushed me in the arm. "Felix?" She laughed. "He's harmless."

"Doubtful." I said.

"Jealous much, Edward?" She scoffed.

"It's not jealousy, Bella, I just… get a bad vibe about that dude." She still wasn't taking anything I said too seriously.

I breathed in a nice deep cleansing breath and raised my hand to the side of her face. "You keep your tazer handy, right?" I thumbed her jaw.

She rolled her eyes. "Now you sound like my dad."

I pulled her into me and kissed her, my other hand slid around her waist and grabbed a hold of her tightly. Her lips parted to allow my tongue full access and I tilted her head to the side so I could taste her deeper.

I could kiss Bella forever. Seriously.

When I pulled away finally, she sighed a satisfied sigh, and said "I'll ping you when the meeting's out."

"Okay, I'll look forward to it." I smiled and started to leave, but not before checking down the hall toward where Felix had gone. He was standing by his door. Three down from Bella and Alice's room by the way.

Staring at us.

And fucking smiling.

No. I didn't like that guy at all.

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