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Chapter 1 – Always Expect the Unexpected

Going running as a pack was annoying, especially when two of our pack couldn't get their thoughts of their very young imprints. Claire this, Nessie that. Pair of pedos the both of them.

Hey, we don't think about either of them like that, Jacob protested having heard my comment and I snorted when Quil added.


God this was so painful. I had to spend my afternoon running with the Pedo Twins, my baby brother and Embry, the resident orphan.

I have a mom Leah, Embry inserted into my thoughts, his tone sharp. I turned my head to look at him haughtily at the challenge in his voice. He was nearly as big as Jacob, gray like me only darker with black spots on his back.

Aww…are you going to go tell your dad I was mean to you? Oh wait, you don't know who he is, I sneered forcing my voice to be pleasant and Embry snarled at me.

Shut it Leah at least my dad is still alive, he retorted and I growled in response threateningly. Bringing up my dad was low.

Can't you two give it a rest, for one pack run? Seth whined and Embry and I sniffed at each other but gave in to my brother's request.

It was Seth's birthday and he had requested a pack run before the party tonight. Since it was his birthday he got his wish and we had all promised to be as civil as possible. After running for a while we decided to return back to La Push to have a couple of hours to rest before Seth's birthday party.

Leah you coming? My brother asked as they all began to head back towards La Push.

Naa, I'm just going to hang around here for a while, enjoy the peace and quiet, I replied and Seth shifted uneasily scoping out the surrounded forest. Even if I was a shape shifter I knew he didn't like the thought of me being out alone in the woods. My silly overprotective brother, didn't he know the scariest thing out here was me? I'll be fine Seth, seriously.

Okay sis, Seth agreed nudging me affectionately with his nose and I shoved him off me, annoyed by his protectiveness. I wasn't some helpless, dainty girl who needed a man to protect her. Leave that to the imprints.

See you, they chimed and darted into the forest.

Once I was sure they were gone I phased and pulled on a dress. I didn't bother with a bra or underwear, it was kind of unnecessary since I would be phasing in a bit to go back home. I looked up at the sky; it was a nice clear day, something that wasn't very common in Forks. I lay down on the grass and closed my eyes sighing deeply. Having time like this to myself was rare without my pack brothers all up in my face or inside my head. It had been about two years since the Volturi had come for Renesmee. The Cullen's were planning on departing soon for places unknown since Renesmee was growing so fast. She looked about seven now, and her mind was advanced.

There was concern in the pack that Jacob would leave with them but he hadn't said what he was doing either way yet. We knew he would leave, it was inevitable; Renesmee was his imprint and he had to be where she was. I would miss him so much when he was gone. He was a good friend to me, he was my Alpha, my best friend; we were close. These past two years had really made us grow and become more mature. He was one of the rare imprinted people I could stand because while his thoughts rested on Nessie a lot, it wasn't consuming him. He still hung out with the pack, he took me to see movies that I wanted to see, he took me shopping when I wanted to go, and he spent nearly every second night at our house. He visited Nessie at least once a week, sometimes Seth went with him. I was glad he wasn't an imprint zombie like the others. Not for the first time I wished that Jacob imprinted on me instead of Nessie, Jacob was a great guy. Bella was crazy for choosing Cullen over Jake, in my opinion anyway. Jacob was the perfect living specimen of perfection. Bright smile, handsome face, built body, tanned skin, and he walked around half naked most of the time. Thinking about sexy tanned bodies…I sat up and looked around curiously.

How long had it been? Maybe he wasn't coming, I thought to myself with disappointment as I got up reluctantly.

Impatiently I started to tug off my dress preparing to phase.

"Where do you think you're going?" a male voice queried and I felt warm hands spin me around.

I came face to face with Embry, and he had a sexy grin on his face. He backed me up and pinned me against a tree his lips tracing their way down my neck. I moaned relaxing against the tree as Embry's lips reached my cleavage. His hands were running up and down my body and I moaned a little with desire. I grabbed his face roughly and brought his lips to mine. In one swift movement he hitched me up and sat me on a low branch so that when he stood his face was directly between my legs. I whispered his name and Embry needed no further encouragement. He slowly pushed my skirt up to my hips, his warm hands trailing up my thighs making me shiver. He bent his head and kissed his way up my thighs and I sighed when he started to pleasure me expertly.

Embry Call knew exactly what I wanted. It all started about six months ago, Embry and I had been fighting as usual when out of the blue he had sworn like a sailor then he had grabbed me and kissed me. I had been so shocked and secretly turned on that he found me so desirable when I was being such a bitch that I had responded eagerly. It started from there. When we were phased we fought with each other, focusing on how much we hated another. When we were human, we met in the woods at least two to three times a week for some stress relieving, no strings attached sex. Embry had been a virgin his first time with me, I was more experienced having been with Sam a couple of times, but Embry was a pro now. He had been an eager learner and I was happy to play teacher. We were so in sync with the other, I knew what he loved and he knew what I loved. My breathing became shallower as I felt myself coming closer to an orgasm and I started moaning with pleasure. I grabbed Embry's head with my hands, running my fingers through his hair. He and Jake had decided to grow their hair again; both had hair down to their shoulders. My soft moans became louder and I came closer and closer until a sickly sweet scent filled my nostrils. Embry smelt it the same time as he pulled away from me wiping his mouth discreetly while I jumped down from the tree pulling down my dress.

Edward Cullen strolled through the trees into view and I felt my face flush red against my will. I placed my hands on my hips in annoyance to cover my discomfort at his presence.

"Hey pervert," I called to him, my embarrassment making me more rude than usual. Not that I was ever nice to any Cullen…well maybe except the mother but she made damn good strawberry tarts.

"My apologies, it sounded like something was dying over here and I came to investigate," Edward Cullen replied politely his eyes on me in an unnerving way. I folded my arms across my chest defiantly.

"That, mind reader, was the sound of a woman being pleasured, I'm not surprised you didn't know; I can't imagine your wife makes that sound very often," I retorted grinning cruelly but Edward barely registered my sniping. He was glancing from me and then back to Embry who had remained silent suddenly realizing what it was he walked in on. I don't quite know was Embry was thinking at him but Edward looked surprised.

"Does Jacob know?" Edward asked, his honey eyes watching me and I rolled my eyes.

"Why would he care?" I snapped in annoyance, wondering why Edward was sticking his nose into pack business, "Look, this doesn't affect our 'patrol work' and since the only bloodsuckers nearby are you and your stinking family I'd say we are pretty safe."

Embry placed an arm around my shoulders possessively and I fought the urge to push him off. I belonged to no one. Edward pursed his lips then nodded his head at us.

"Very well, I shall head home, good night Embry, Leah," Edward said his farewell and then disappeared swiftly through the trees. We both watched him go and then turned to each other, smiling a little shyly. Nothing like a vampire turning up and killing the pre-sex entertainment before it gets good.

"We should probably head back for the party," I said a little awkwardly and Embry nodded, seeming a little distracted.


I sidled up to him, kissing his lips lightly as I ran my hand down his bare chest. I heard Embry's breath quicken at my touch. I felt a little smug at the power I had over him.

"Meet up after?" I murmured to him, glancing up at him through my thick lashes and Embry smiled pecking my lips back.

"Whatever you like," Embry agreed and we grinned at each other before stripping off our clothes preparing to phase when I caught sight of Embry's tanned body glistening in the sun. The party could wait. I ran and tackled Embry into a passionate kiss and all thoughts of the party drifted from our thoughts.


I arrived at the party alone since obviously I couldn't arrive with Embry. Then people would start to think we didn't hate each other. It was being held at Sam and Emily's place since their house was big enough to hold both packs and imprints. While we weren't part of Sam's pack anymore Emily was still family, so she let us use their house for parties. I think she was mainly doing it to get back into my good books since we still weren't really speaking; I think Emily was hoping we would go back to best friends but I didn't really want anything to do with her, she was just another person to me now, another girl that I passed in the street. Having the party at Sam and Emily's was the perfect plan because Seth and I could run off and not help clean up since it wasn't our house. I entered their quaint little house, which was the same one Sam used to promise that he and I would grow old in together, and my eyes found Jacob who was standing by the door like he was waiting for someone. His face lit up into a genuine smile when he saw me and my heart felt warm and started pounding.

"Lee," Jacob greeted me wrapping me into his enormous arms and clutching me to him and I laughed and smacked his shoulder.

"I can't breathe you giant oaf," I wheezed and Jacob laughed squeezing me once more for good measure before putting me back on my feet and I glanced around the party. Emily tried to wave and catch my eye but I ignored her. Everyone else sort of cringed from my gaze, "Where's Nessie?"

"At the house with Bella and Edward," Jacob said dismissively and I frowned a little.

Jacob used to bring Nessie everywhere, even to our pack meetings. For the past twelve months or so he had barely brought her around. I was starting to miss the little punk actually. Jacob wrapped a lazy arm around my shoulder as we walked into the throng of the party. No one really paid us much attention, well used to seeing us together. Some of the imprints waved shyly at me and I gave them weak smiles back. Some of the other pack greeted us warmly. Others, like Paul, grimaced, and I flicked him the finger. He smirked at that, I think Paul pissed me off merely for amusement.

"Did you get Seth's present?" Jacob whispered to me his warm breath on my neck making me shiver. His arm was still around my shoulders.

"Of course," I retorted giving him a nudge and Jacob grinned.

"Did you sign my name?"

"Yes you lazy sod, and you owe me fifty bucks," I reminded him poking him in the chest and Jacob reached into his pocket and handed me the money. Excellent. I pocketed the fifty then handed him the wrapped present to give to Seth. Jacob and I went joint presents for every pack member's birthday.

"Happy birthday Seth!" Jacob finally released me and engulfed my brother in a hug, before handing him the present. I leant over and kissed Seth's cheek as well ruffling his hair lovingly.

"Hope you like it," I chimed in and Seth grinned happily before ripping oven the wrapping paper to reveal a dart board and darts.

"Awesome! You guys want to play?"

"Right now?" I asked looking around the party. Truly, no one was really paying attention to us. The party was for Seth, but the other pack just seemed happy to be hanging out with each other. Quil was babysitting Claire who was five years old now running her around the room saying she was superman. Claire was giggling happily.

Seth shrugged and Jacob and I followed him out to the back yard. Seth busied himself with hanging the dart board on a nearby tree and Jacob and I sat on the grass together.

"You look pretty Lee," Jacob said absently taking a tendril of my hair and twisting it around his fingers. I had started growing my hair again; I wanted to at least look more like a girl instead of a feminine boy.

"Thanks, you don't look too bad yourself," I replied looking him over appreciatively. Jacob Black looked absolutely gorgeous. He was wearing a white collared button up shirt, rolled up sleeves and the shirt was quite tight so that his muscles stood out. He was also wearing nice jeans, and a white bead necklace.

"Hey guys," Embry greeted us coming to sit on the other side of me. I immediately felt bad that I hadn't noticed him yet, although now that he was beside me it was kind of hard to imagine how I could have missed him. He looked gorgeous as well. I was sitting between two gorgeous men; fate must have been giving me a break. About damn time.

We ate, played darts, ate more, played more darts then we decided to head back to mine and Seth's house for a private pack party. Basically we paid Billy Black to buy us drinks and we were going to get trashed at the house. A couple of months back my mom moved in with Charlie Swan, so Seth and I had the house to ourselves. It was brilliant. Billy figured there wasn't much mischief we could all get up to, we turned into giant wolves, anything else that we would possibly do would just pale in comparison. If we did somehow manage to get drunk, our shape-shifter healing capabilities cancelled out our drunkenness in about an hour. So if we wanted to get drunk and remain drunk, we had to steadily and continuously drink. We could do that easily.

Quil had even dragged himself away from his precious Claire to take part and we had some tag along's that weren't exactly part of our pack but we didn't mind having them along. Except Paul, I minded Paul being there. He figured since he was imprinted on Jacob's sister that made him part of our pack by imprint and he wanted the free beer. Colin and Brady who idolized Seth were also there, they were underage but that didn't stop them, in fact on many occasions they had out drunk all of us. They had tried to join our pack officially a couple of times but Jacob kept sending them back to Sam. I reckon a couple more tries and Jacob would give up and let them join the pack. I wouldn't mind some new members; it got boring hearing all the same thoughts day after day.

Embry and Jacob sat Seth down in a chair as we all crowded around him. Embry disappeared from the room only to appear moments later carrying the biggest glass I've ever seen.

"Now its time for mine and Quil's present Seth, say hello to the yard glass," Embry introduced Seth to the glass slamming it down on the table.

"Holy shit," Seth gasped eyeing it in shock. I think we were all wondering how Seth was going to drink that. Jacob and Quil started pouring bottles of beer into the yard glass.

"Yeah bro, you have to scull all that," Embry answered Seth's unasked question slapping him on the back and Seth's mouth dropped open, then he rubbed his hands together in anticipation.

"All right, let me at it," Seth announced grabbing the yard glass and then he tilted his head back and drunk and we cheered him on.

"Scull, scull, scull!"


I was lounging on the couch in the living room watching over Seth. After sculling two yard glasses he promptly passed out; Embry and I volunteered to watch him in case he was going to puke. We were listening to Jacob, Paul, Colin, Brady and Quil singing the Holy Grail in the kitchen when Embry reached over and pinched my leg. I glanced over at him and he winked at me then jerked his head to the door.

It's a short song but it's a hell of a story, when you spend your lifetime trying to get your hands on the Holy Grail

We exited the house and then Embry took my hand and led me into the woods. I felt my heart start to pound in anticipation. Embry turned to face me and I waited expectantly for him to kiss me but instead he smiled shyly and looked at the ground.

"Leah, I want to try this for real," Embry blurted out and I gaped at him. Of all the things I was expecting Embry to do to me out here, talking was definitely not one of them.


"I want to go out in public with you, I want this, I want us to be for real," Embry explained reaching for my hand but I pulled away from him horrified. No, no, no!

"Embry are you insane?" I whispered harshly, my heart pounding again, but not from excitement, it was from dread. I had been happy the way things were.

"No, I'm in love," Embry said, his brown eyes staring into my hazel ones as he gave me a charming smile, "With you in case you were wondering."

He was so sweet; he would be the perfect boyfriend. If only he wasn't a shape-shifter whose fate was tied to a supernatural impulse called imprinting.

"Embry…I can't, you will imprint one day, I just…I just can't…lets just keep things the way they are, uncomplicated, no strings, so that when you do imprint, it won't hurt me," I whispered to him, coming forward to placed my hand on his cheek willing him to understand and Embry grabbed my hand holding it there.

"That's not enough for me Leah, its not enough," Embry's voice was deep with intensity and I started shaking in his arms. Just the thought of being close to him in any way except physically was frightening. I couldn't let him close to me, I couldn't.

"Embry," I started shaking my head and Embry took my face between his hands and kissed me briefly, lovingly.

"You don't have to answer me right now, just think about it okay?" he asked pleadingly and I looked up into his handsome face. He was so hopeful and sincere. His eyes were shining as he looked at me like I was the most beautiful woman in the world. I had to smile; it had been so long since someone had looked at me like that. I couldn't make myself say no to his request, I couldn't loose him.


"We better get back."

Embry kissed me once more and then we returned to the house where the boys were bringing the song to the end.

I'm still here; I'm still a fool for the Holy Grail.


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