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Ashleigh's Point of View

I missed Demetri terribly but I hadn't allowed myself to talk about him much in the last few weeks. I had discovered that everyone, Emmett in particular didn't like Demetri at all. I had no idea why but from the reaction that Emmett had every time Demetri's name came up in conversation I guessed that it would be wise to not say anything further.

It had started on the drive back from the motel three weeks ago.


''So do I get to ask any questions? Or is it just your turn?'' I laughed as Emmett pouted, he had already asked me 123 questions and he was upset that I was getting a turn to ask 1?

''You and Rosalie?'' I let it hang.

''Are mates? Yes'' He answered without hesitation.

''How did you two meet?'' I asked wanting more information.

''It was when I was still human, Rose was hunting and came across my scent. I was being attacked by a grizzly bear and I still to this day have no idea how she did it but she killed the grizzly and saved me. She carried me all the way to Carlisle and begged for him to change me.'' He looked down at me grinning but it didn't reach his eyes.

I was confused.

''Why do you look so sad?'' I asked, surely this was the beginning of their happily ever after?

''I'm sad because it was the day that I lost you.'' He waited for that to sink in.

''Wait...I was there?'' I was surprised. I didn't remember anything. Only my slight hatred towards bears.

''Yep, we were camping and I went off to get more fire wood. Thank god you didn't come with me! And that's when the bear came. I've always remembered your face, how terrified you were watching me from behind the trees. I was never able to put a name to that face until now. But even when most of my human memories faded your face was stuck inside my brain.'' He finished with a smile, trying to lighten the mood.

''Oh'' was all I could say, my mind was too preoccupied sifting through my human memories, trying to find what Emmett had just described. I didn't find much.


''So your whole family is paired up? Esme and Carlisle, you and Rose, Edward and Bella and Alice and Jasper?'' I asked after a few minutes of silent driving.

''Sure are. We kind of all fit together perfectly" He said with a smile, he was always smiling!

''Jasper doesn't like me very much.'' It wasn't a question and I frowned because it was true.

''Give him time, he'll come around. It's in his nature to be wary of people. Especially people from the Volturi. He just doesn't know you yet.'' He smiled down at me, winking his right eye.

''And you do?''

He looked at me with one eye brow raised and I continued.

''How can you be so sure of me? How can you trust that I won't try to kill your entire family?'' I wouldn't, but he had no way of knowing that.

''Because you're too much like me. And even though you are one of the guard I know that you desperately want to be a part of a real family, my family to be more exact.'' He smirked.

I looked up at Emmett. We had only known each other for a short period of time but he already knew me so well. Everything that he said about me was true. I desperately wanted a family to be a part of. I wanted something that was worth fighting for.

I smiled slightly and started thinking about Demetri. I started dangerously thinking about how he would go fitting in with the Cullen family, adjusting to their lifestyle. I must have let the emotions travel to my face because Emmett got curious and started asking questions again.

''So do you have a mate?'' He asked, quite seriously now. I laughed, it was too late for him to play the protective big brother role. I was already deeply in love with Demetri.

''Yes'' I said with a smile.

''Well, who is he?''

''I...It's Demetri.'' I said, looking up at Emmet. He was frowning.

''Hmm" His hands gripped the steering wheel tighter.

''What? What does hmm mean?'' I asked raising my voice slightly. What was so wrong with Demetri?

''I just was hoping it wasn't going to be him. You do realise you chose one of the strongest Volturi members to go into a relationship with?''

''Yes, but I don't care. It's good that he is strong. That way we can go on trips together.'' I said trips instead of missions but I had still said too much.

''Trips? What kind of trips?'' He asked, raising one eyebrow.

Ugh, well he was my brother, I could just tell him a little more. It wasn't like anyone was going to find out that I had told him information about the guard's business.

"Emmet, it's part of our responsibility to keep every one of our kind under control." I stated slowly, letting him figure out what I meant by trips.

"So, he lets you get into dangerous situations?'' Emmett asked, obviously talking about Demetri.

"No, when I get sent out Demetri always comes with me. He has yet to let me go out into the world without being by my side." I sighed, there was one exception...now.

"I...whatever...you obviously don't want to talk more about it." Emmett glared out at the road, where was all of this hostility coming from?

"I'm not supposed to talk about this stuff Emmett. Why are you criticising Demetri?" I asked him.

He didn't answer me and was silent the rest of the drive.


Emmett carried my bags and placed them, somewhere, I didn't bother to follow him up the stairs.

Instead I was greeted by Esme who started showing me around her house. Jasper followed close behind, always making sure to be close in case I started ripping people to shreds.


Edward was the one to start up a conversation with me later that night. I was sitting on the porch out the back, watching the sun slowly set over the horizon.

"What did you say to Emmett that made him so mad?" Edward slightly chuckled. He thought it was funny!

I mentally relayed the conversation with Emmett in my head for Edward.

"Ah" He nodded, understanding something that I didn't.

"Why was he acting so...so...Immaturely?" I asked.

"He thinks you can do better than Demetri. He doesn't want you to be involved with him" Edward stated calmly.

"It is really not his decision. Demetri is my mate and I'm never leaving him." I sighed, I was away from him now.

"Emmett is just a little angry. Remember he has had weeks to picture you as his sister. All he seems to think about now are the moments he missed with you."

I looked up at Edward. Ugh, he was right. Emmett was just trying to be my protective older brother.

We were silent for a few moments, both lost in thought. Edward started talking again.

"Why do you think they chose Demetri for...the experiment?" Edward asked me.

I sighed.

"It was probably Caius' idea. I haven't treated him very well in the past. Aro would always make excuses for me and calm Caius down whenever I did something to upset him. I think this is his way of getting back at me." I moped, thinking of how much I hated Caius right now.

"Oh, you have really caused some trouble there haven't you?" Edward laughed, reading my thoughts.

"Yes" I smiled, thinking of all the things I had done to piss Jane, Zoe and Caius off.

It only caused Edward to laugh harder as he saw the images in my head. I had to laugh too, remembering everything that I had done.

"It was so hard when Demetri told me he had to leave. I refused to believe it at first, I didn't know why they would choose a person that already had a mate. I was heartbroken. But I tried to tell myself that it was as bad for him as it was for me. No, that sounds bad. I mean, I try to convince myself that he isn't ...enjoying it" I looked down at my hands and traced the scar on my right arm. Three bite marks scarred my skin, reminding me of how Demetri had saved me on our first mission.

"He wouldn't be enjoying it Ashleigh. He would be missing you as much as you are missing him." Edward stated, trying to comfort me.

"Thanks." I smiled slightly at his attempt at making me less depressed.

Footsteps came from behind us and two seconds later Bella was standing next to Edward. She looked down at me and smiled. I smiled back.

"Edward told me what happened in the clearing. It was very brave what you did. I just wanted to say thank you. You helped save all of us, you helped save our daughter." She smiled as Edward wrapped his arms around her waist and lowered her down to sit on his lap. It was nice that she was acknowledging me as a person rather than a threat.

"And I wanted to apologise for the way I acted earlier. I shouldn't have been so hostile" Bella apologised, looking down at the ground.

I huffed.

"Don't be silly Bella. I completely understand the hostility. You don't have to apologise for wanting to protect your family" I said looking up into her eyes I saw that she really felt ashamed of her actions.

"Thankyou" Bella said only slightly agreeing with me, she still felt bad. I decided to change the subject.

"How do you like being a vampire? You seem pretty controlled" I smiled noticing how her eyes were still red, so she shouldn't be as calm as she was being now.

Edward laughed, "Bella is a natural at being a vampire. On her first day as a newborn she was able to stop herself mid hunt from attacking humans" Edward smiled proudly at Bella and judging by her slightly annoyed expression he enjoyed telling this story often.

"That is amazing! I don't know of anyone who would be able to stop mid hunt, and it was your first day after the change? Wow!" I was amazed, there were probably one percent of our population that might have the ability to do what Bella did.

I heard a howl in the distance and stiffened automatically. Edward noticed my worries and answered my thoughts.

"We thought it best to send the wolves away. They were too worked up."

I sighed, thank you so much! I could have laughed if I wasn't in such a bad mood.

I heard a fluttering heart beat coming from behind me. I glanced around to see Renesmee holding onto Esme's hand in the kitchen just behind us. She was pointing her hand towards her parents when she looked up at Esme. Who laughed and released her hand.

I was surprised to see Renesmee walk over to her parents, each step was filled grace and I loved the way her little shoes clipped as she stepped across the floor. She placed one hand on Edward's cheek and the other on Bella's. They both nodded and watched as their daughter turned towards me.

Renesmee's smile grew when she stopped just in front of me. Because I was still sitting down she was a few centimetres taller than me. Her tiny hand reached out and touched my cheek and I gasped as I saw images of Bella. But it was human Bella. I was slightly confused but then Edward explained.

"She wants to show you her story" I could hear his proud smile in his voice.

I saw Bella lying on a table covered in blood, I saw Rosalie as she took Renesmee out of the room. Next I saw Jacob and the rest of the family as they all met her one by one.

I saw her frustration when she wasn't allowed to go to Bella when she was a vampire but then how relieved she was when her mother was finally holding her. I saw her talking to all of their witnesses and how worried she was for her family's safety. And then Renesmee showed me how scared she was when she saw the guard in the clearing.

I saw my face, she was letting me know that she made the connection, she knew who I was. Then she showed me how I reached out and touched Marcus' back. I laughed at that. I had thought no-one had seen me.

Renesmee finished with an image of her family as they realised they were finally safe.

She pulled her hand away from my face and I opened my eyes, not realising that I had closed them. She patiently waited for me to say something.

"Wow. You are very smart aren't you? And you noticed when I saved you huh? When I convinced Marcus to save your family?" I said smiling at Renesmee.

She giggled and nodded her head. Her laughter was like music.

"Thank you for saving everyone!" Renesmee shouted and turned around to look at her father. I was curious to what she was asking but then Edward nodded and Renesmee ran and jumped on me, wrapping her tiny arms around my neck. I hugged her back, being very careful not to squeeze too hard. I wasn't really used to hugging little humans as a vampire. I noticed Edward smirk at my comment.

Edward pulled Bella up into his arms and stood up. Bella looked at him confused, but Edward just shook his head. As he walked away he explained.

"Renesmee wants to have a private conversation with our guest." Bella nodded and turned back to look at Renesmee.

"Be good." She warned, only slightly serious she was smiling at her daughter's eagerness to make new friends.

"I will" Renesmee sang in her musical voice.

"So, what would you like to talk about Renesmee?" I asked her as she positioned herself on my outstretched legs. She was sitting on my knees with her legs crossed and I leaned back on to my arms.

"How did you get here?" She started. And I laughed at her eager expression.

"By a plane, I went to the airport and picked a random ticket and ended up here!" I explained.

She seemed to think about my answer and then moved onto her next question.

"Do you like being a vampire?" She asked me. I was taken aback by her question, she was so intelligent even though she was only close to being a year old.

"Yes definitely. I like running fast and seeing things clearly. My senses are heightened which is also fun. But the best part is that I get to be sitting here talking to you" She smiled as I said the last bit.

"Daddy runs fast, Uncle Em gets mad when he looses in running races." She laughed and I heard almost everyone laugh from inside the house.

"Does he? That would be funny to see. What is your favourite part of having a family full of vampires?" I asked, feeling at ease talking to her. The conversation just seemed to flow and I wanted to keep her talking and laughing cause she was just too cute.

"Ummm, I always feel safe. But what I like the most is that they will never go anywhere. My family is permanent" Once again I was surprised at the intelligent responses that Renesmee kept coming out with.

"Hmm, that's good. Family is very important." I said to her.

"Do you have a family?" She asked, tilting her head to the side slightly.

"Well now I have Emmett. But other than him and a few friends in the guard that is it." I sighed, it wasn't much of a family.

Renesmee leaned forward and touched my cheek again. She showed me Felix's face first and leaned back waiting for my answer.

"That is Felix and he is one on my best friends in the guard." She nodded her head and stretched out her hand again. Showing an image of Jane. I made a face and shook my head.

"No, she is definitely not my friend." I stuck my tongue out and made a gagging noise which only made Renesmee laugh harder.

She then showed me a picture of Demetri and I smiled.

"His name is Demetri and he's my mate."

"Like my Mum and Dad?" She asked.

"Yes, exactly" I smiled happily comparing mine and Demetri's relationship with Bella and Edward's.

She nodded her head and put her hand on her chin. Keeping silent for a few moments before she started talking to me again.

"Can you show me your powers?" Renesmee asked almost jumping up and down.

"Okay. What do you want me to do?" I was excited about what she would ask me to do.

"Umm, surprise me." And then she opened her eyes wide and waited. I smiled and concentrated. I looked at her aurora it was an aqua colour, very pretty and bright. I pulled at it and after three tries it came away.

"Okay Ready? Try and use your powers." I told her watching her face carefully.

I started to doubt my decision when she placed her hand on my cheek and her face started to crumple up in frustration. I hadn't planned this very well, she could easily get freaked out because I had taken away her powers. But after a few moments she opened her eyes and smiled.

She started clapping and bouncing slightly on my knees. I used her power and reached my hand out, very slowly so she had time to realise what I was doing. She closed her eyes and met my hand half way. As soon as I felt the warmth of Renesmee's cheek I concentrated and thought of the first time I had seen her. I showed her how I instantly wanted to protect her as soon as I saw her face. And then I imagined me hugging her and then I pulled my hand away.

She quickly opened her eyes and dove into my arms again. I laughed as the force sent me backwards, knocking into the floor.

She was just so cute and with her parent's permission she sat outside with me for the rest of the night talking. Renesmee had successfully made me forget about Demetri's situation so I could focus on being happy and I was thankful for that.

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